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Two Major Races Still Not Decided

Certainly there are other races around the country that are not yet determined, but who will be the new Governor of the State of Washington and the mayor of America's seventh largest city (San Diego) is still up in the air.

In Washington, Republican Dino Rossi is leading by 261 votes over Democrat Christine Gregoire in the race for Governor. A recount, as required by state election law, is all but certain due to the closeness of the race. If the margin falls to a 150 vote difference and less than 1/4 of one percent of the vote then a hand recount is required.

In the race for mayor in San Diego, incumbent Dick Murphy leads write-in candidate Donna Frye by 2,358 votes with 29,000 provisional ballots to count. Of course it's also possible that he trails Frye by 886 votes, since there are 3,000 or so write-in votes that have problems. Sounds like their going to have one of those Palm Beach ballot inspection sessions, where they attempt to determine the "will of the voter." The San Diego Union Tribune has the rest of the story.

Update: Rossi wins by 261 votes, and the Secretary of State orders a mandatory machine recount.


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Comments (10)

I'm in San Diego, and I STI... (Below threshold)

I'm in San Diego, and I STILL can't believe what a mess we've got here.

Mayor of San Diego? Give m... (Below threshold)

Mayor of San Diego? Give me a break

Now, the North Carolina state Commissioner of Agriculture, that's another story.

They might have to hold another election: New statewide election possible because of computer voting problems Down East.

I am ecstatic to see Rossi ... (Below threshold)

I am ecstatic to see Rossi ahead. Yessss.....

It also states on the Secretary of State's website that in the history of all the recounts in WA, none have changed the outcome of an election.

I live in Spokane and voted... (Below threshold)

I live in Spokane and voted for Rossi, Who says 1 vote is not important. We were a kerry state, so it would be good to get a repulican gov to balance out our two dem senetors. Our state by the county is actually mostly red. King county where seattle is lopsides the vote for dems. F'en liberals. It must make people insane to live in big cities. Or maybe all they see is man made things and they lose touch with God, then go crazy.

- Thats how Murphy has been... (Below threshold)

- Thats how Murphy has been able to claim a lead...by the set aside of those write-ins...As a staunch San Diego Conservative I have to say this is one time I can't back the Repubs...Word around is that the reason they're fighting so hard to keep Frye out is because of a number of ongoing investigations into shady city retirement funding shortfalls and several construction deals including the new ballpark...If she gets in they lose al control of things...This one is going to be an epic...Possibly even calling for a runoff which the Conservatives are scared witless over.....

Yeah, if by "a staunch San ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, if by "a staunch San Diego Conservative" you mean "One of those pesky independents the right and left relentlessly pursue" (your website). Or maybe even"one of those endlessly annoying independents who loves the attention from both sides, but declares to be a staunch conservative when criticizing conservatives because, oh I don't know, I get some sick pleasure out of it."

Are you the lowest common denominator of homo sapiens, because it sure looks like it.

- Ad hominem attacks fall f... (Below threshold)

- Ad hominem attacks fall flat with me... But I'll show you a lot more courtesy and respect than your impuning post afforded me....

- My position politically is generally 95% Repub...However I do reserve the right to think for myself....If you have a problem with that then all I can say is deal with "your" problem. If you'd followed my posts for some time you'd be aware of that instead of taking uncalled for pot shots...

- As far as the local mess is concerned I'd hardly want a asshat running our city....But it does no one any good to ignore duplicity and wrong doing no matter what party it happens to be....Hope that answers your "questions"..... Oh...and lighten up a little....Our side won remember.....

Sigh. When will America lea... (Below threshold)

Sigh. When will America learn to stop messing with our elections?
Unless we really have a clear, simple plan, change is only going to make it worse.

- Update in San Diego - Tod... (Below threshold)

- Update in San Diego - Today the Womans league of Voters filed in court to get ballots not marked in the "ball" beside the written in name of Candidate Frey's name all counted....misspellings and any "reasonable facsimile" of her name will be accepted but the ball fill in issue is still be decided by the court....the estimated "thosands" of ballots with this lack of marking would most likely put Frey back in the lead....Some 450,000 ballots will have to be checked if the suit is allowed...The wording of the suit maintains that:

"The intent of the voter could not be more clear because he or she has taken the affirmative step of writing in the name of the qualified candidate in the proper space and has not voted for any other candidate."

- The beat goes on.....

holy frey is the one from G... (Below threshold)
DR. Dixon:

holy frey is the one from God...






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