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Nanotechnology Will Make You Long And Straight

I saw this on one of those Captivate idot boxes that they're puting in elevators these days. From USA TODAY:

Sometime in 2005, start-up company NanoDynamics plans to sell a nanotech golf ball that promises to dramatically reduce hooks and slices for even the most frustrated of weekend golfers.

That will be a hint of the future of sports.

NanoDynamics says it's figured out how to alter the materials in a golf ball at the molecular level so the weight inside shifts less as the ball spins. The less it shifts, the straighter even a badly hit ball will go.

"It's all about controlling the physics of how the ball spins," says CEO Keith Blakely

There's lots more potential nano sporting gear in the pipeline, sure to appeal to guys who want bigger, better, and farther. In the future, equipped with my nanotec driver and nanotec golf ball, I'll be hitting 450 yard drives right down the middle on par 5's. Until they invent nanotec putters I'll still be 3 putting the holes though...

Maybe they should skip the sporting gear and focus nanotec research on providing men with endowments worthy of the Vice President.

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They came up with a special... (Below threshold)

They came up with a special golf ball a few years back that did flew straighter and further than any other and now it is outlawed in pro. golf. This "nano" ball will never make it any further than the driving ranges if you ask me. Plus the only other application of this technology that I can think to be practical would be hand grenades that can be thrown farther..

Nanotech is very exciting, ... (Below threshold)

Nanotech is very exciting, and down right scary at the same time....

When they perfect nanotech...
There will be no more pollution.
There will be no need for money as we know it; production of merchandise will be so cheap money will become useless.
There will be no sickness, there will be no natural death causes, Nanotech can be used to keep cell homeostasis, attack and destroy invading organisims(Viral or Bacterial), repair damaged DNA(By comparing it to healthy DNA), and repair damaged cells.
Perhaps even allow non-invasive corrective surgery(of anything you can think of) if they are programmed properly.
Not to mention having the genome mapped out, we could even change our eye, hair, and skin color... Possibly with the push of a button, that's nifty.
Regeneration of nerve cells, Regroth of limbs and organs are easily possible.
Cancer, AIDS, Diebeties, and every other disease you can think of will be easily fixable.

Unfortunately as helpful as all the above is, the Technology of nanotech is also unbelievably scary at the same time.
Microscopic robots that can dismantle long chain carbon molecules(Organic matter, such as you and I), to use a phrase from one of my favorite authors Ben Bova, "gobblers"

It will be the most amazing and scary discovery of our time, once they get it to work properly.

I for one hope that I see widespread nanotech use within my lifetime. I think it is entirely possible that I will. Humanities knowledge is expanding in an incredible rate, not sure what it is anymore, but I heard about 10 years ago, we were doubling up every 5 years and that the rate was increasing due to technology leaps and bounds... That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Jealous?... (Below threshold)


>"gobblers" So, we... (Below threshold)


So, we're one more step towards the most virulent and uncontrollable biological weapons of all time. Very Frankensteinien.

I wonder which will get more funding, the weapons projects or the aids projects?


I hate that Bob Barker.


Are we still talking about ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Are we still talking about the Dick Cheney picture here?

(It is seared, seared in my mind)

Maybe they should skip t... (Below threshold)

Maybe they should skip the sporting gear and focus nanotec research on providing men with endowments worthy of the Vice President.

Kevin...YOU BAD! Heheheheheheh....

"Doc, after this nanotech t... (Below threshold)

"Doc, after this nanotech therapy, will I be able to play golf?"


"Great! I never could before!"

The weight inside is said t... (Below threshold)
David Hamilton:

The weight inside is said to shift less as the ball spins.
This must be incompetent reporting, since the shifting
of mass (not weight) won't happen at all if the material
is solid.

Long and Straight, huh? Ma... (Below threshold)

Long and Straight, huh? Maybe they should use that technology on men who want to be long and straight and forget the golf ball altogether. I think that's the point you were making. Hope I got the joke.







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