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Sometimes I have evil thoughts, Part 23

They just announced on the radio that today is the official grand opening of the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.

Wouldn't it be fun if Chelsea Clinton showed up for the ceremonies in a blue dress and beret?


(Off to take a shower -- I feel SO dirty now...)


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Comments (24)

I watched the coverage of t... (Below threshold)

I watched the coverage of the Clinton Library on ABC news (yes, I know, my wife makes me watch it) last night.

Looking at the "exhibits" in the library all I could think was: This is a blatant attempt to re-write history in a favorable light for Slick Willie.

And all I thought we had to worry about was some leftward members of the NEA...

This morning, Mike Gallaghe... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

This morning, Mike Gallagher was on FNC and asked if the library was going to have Monica's dress prominently on display.

All should right itself eve... (Below threshold)

All should right itself eventually. Even the NYT hints as much:

After the keys to the Clinton library are handed over to the National Archives on Thursday, the federal government will take control of its message. It is unclear what the federal archivists will do with the impeachment segment, but it is likely that it will evolve over time.

"It's a fine line that the federal government walks when we accept a presidential library," said Ms. Cooper, the archives' spokeswoman. "The luxury of time and the luxury of being able to look back is very different from creating an exhibition for a president who just left office. It's the difference between history and current events."

It's a huge Mobile Home!</p... (Below threshold)

It's a huge Mobile Home!

How about one of you clever... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

How about one of you clever folks photoshopping Arafat wearing a blue dress and beret? Didn't that creature hang out at the White House a lot? Did Arafish smoke cigars? Inquiring minds want to know.

Why bother with Arafish or ... (Below threshold)

Why bother with Arafish or Chelsea...why not have Monica Lewinsky herself show up?????

Inquiring minds want to know....heheheheheheh!

The problem I saw with Slic... (Below threshold)

The problem I saw with Slick Willie's library is that it only has one book in it, and it's already been colored in.

Crud, I was jes' fixin' to ... (Below threshold)

Crud, I was jes' fixin' to pen a satire piece on the event for my blog, but my thoughts were not near as good as most of these comments. Thankfully, I still have plenty of ammunition stored in my tear ducts. J/K ttfn

- Visitors to the "Blue Dre... (Below threshold)

- Visitors to the "Blue Dress" wing will be in for a special treat when every hour, on the hour, the debonair and suave white-suited Mr. Roarke will appear with his man servant Herve Villechaize as the diminuitive "Tattoo", smoking an expensive "Cuban" and exclaiming ... "De stain! De stain!" ....

and knee pads.Don't ... (Below threshold)

and knee pads.
Don't forget the knee pads.

And isn't it interesting how the whole place looks like a double-wide trailer?

The trailer trash president gets a monument befitting his history. There is justice, after all. I wonder if he has the wit to see it.

Funny I never took you for ... (Below threshold)

Funny I never took you for someone with a
Chelsea fetish?? I'm sure the impeachment exhibit will be just as impressive as the framed resignation of Nixon in the Nixon library or the halogram of Bush (the elder) saying read my lips no new taxes in the Bush (the elder) library. Or the room with nothing in it in the Reagan library because he forgot what was supposed to go there.

It is raining here today fo... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

It is raining here today for the Clinton Lie-brary opening. THe rain has been in the forecast for some time. For the last three days, the local media has pounded away that one of the rules for the ceremony is:


I happened by a TV that ws turned to the ceremony and I noticed that the entire front of the crowd, i.e., the rich folks and celebrities, all have umbrellas.

The Democrats really are the party of equality and the little man.

- Seemed weird watching Lur... (Below threshold)

- Seemed weird watching LurchKerry standing casually in the crowd like an ordinary citizen...(Don't these people know he's a gen-u-whine war hero?)....He had an umbrella in hand instead of just flattening out his hair.....Tah-rayyy-zahh was nowhere in sight...No way she's going to stand with that trailor trash crowd....Watching the Army guy singing "march me boys, march" brought back visions of Andy Kaufman doing his "Mighty Mouse" parody on SNL.....

As to:"Wouldn't it b... (Below threshold)

As to:
"Wouldn't it be fun if Chelsea Clinton showed up for the ceremonies in a blue dress and beret?"

It would be more interesting if 'Hillary' showed up for the ceremonies in a blue dress and beret.

Spit vs Swallow is one of t... (Below threshold)

Spit vs Swallow is one of the exhibits, I hear...

- Watching Clinton sitting ... (Below threshold)

- Watching Clinton sitting on the dias this morning all I could think was...."Well theres `ole Bill....surrounded by Bush as usual......"

I understand that the displ... (Below threshold)

I understand that the display of Clinton's porn collection is quite popular.

Hunter...my side hurts from... (Below threshold)

Hunter...my side hurts from laughing so hard.
Brutal brutal people. Oh...I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it...it's brutal is all.
Both Billy boy and Hilly are pond scum leaches.

I am soooooo sick of the ne... (Below threshold)

I am soooooo sick of the news coverage today. The Libs in the MSM were getting their underwear wet talking about Clinton -- and that's the male Libs. They behave like little girls when they're near that flim-flam man.

Do you suppose they have a ... (Below threshold)

Do you suppose they have a section dedicated to books on how to remove common stains? ;-)

Hey, why is everything in t... (Below threshold)

Hey, why is everything in the periodical section have plain brown wrappers over the covers?

Sign on the door: "Y'all c... (Below threshold)

Sign on the door: "Y'all come now, hear?"
(Well, maybe is ain't spelled that way.)

Shakespeare section: "Out, damned spot!!"

what the hell is Roy doing?... (Below threshold)

what the hell is Roy doing? Somebody reel that guy in....

ok, now I just look stupid.... (Below threshold)

ok, now I just look stupid....
Roy's comments (or should I say long list of ad links) diappeared right after I said my last. Now, no one knows what I'm talking about..
(typical day for me hee hee)






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