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Dems Heckle, Throw Things at Republican Candidate


Hecklers Disrupt Tauzin News Conference

NEW ORLEANS -- Two hecklers took the spotlight Thursday during an endorsement announcement in the congressional runoff between Charlei Melancon and Billy Tauzin III.

As Tauzin took the podium at the Airport Hilton to thank 13 Republican legislators for their support, two hecklers shouted and tossed campaign materials at him before walking out.

"This is major desperation on the part of the Melancon campaign to send somebody to a press conference like this and throw something at the podium," said Rep. Jim Tucker, R-Terrytown. "How childish and immature is that?"

"Maturity is not a function of age," Tauzin said.

For those of you confused, yes it is still election season in Louisiana. We have an open primary system BUT the winner must get a majority of the votes to win. David Vitter got 51% of the vote over 4 Dem challengers so he did not have to face a run off for his senate seat.

Tauzin was the leader on Nov 2 but only got 38% of the vote so he and the #2 (Charlie Melancon) will face each other in a runoff in December.


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Are we sure that these heck... (Below threshold)

Are we sure that these hecklers were Democrats? Tauzin pulled some nasty tricks in the primary directed at fellow Republican Craig Romero, and Romero said he didn't think he could endorse Tauzin to continue the race. It could have been Romero supporters.

In the words of talk radio ... (Below threshold)

In the words of talk radio legend Bob Grant, "It's sick out there, folks, and it's getting sicker."

Tauzin pulled some nasty... (Below threshold)

Tauzin pulled some nasty tricks in the primary directed at fellow Republican Craig Romero...

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