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Neat writing foils prescription forgery

Good penmanship is a curse...

THUNDER BAY, ONT. (CBC) - A man convicted of forging a prescription in Thunder Bay, Ont., made a fatal mistake, a court heard this week: He wrote too legibly.

Gerry Arnould pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of uttering a forged document.

The man's neat handwriting drew the suspicion of staff at a Thunder Bay pharmacy when he handed over a prescription in June.

They also balked at the large amount of Percocet pills spelled out in the prescription, so they alerted the police.

After joking that Arnould might want to practise scribbling, the judge handed him a 30-day sentence.


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Comments (4)

- Reminds me of the asshat ... (Below threshold)

- Reminds me of the asshat back awhile ago in a midwest state who held up a bank by handing a note to the teller that said:

"Attention, this is a holdup. I am armed. Place all your money in a paper bag and no one will be harmed. Charles Young, 5433 E. Stanhope rd."...

- The teller picked up a phone and called the police who quickly picked the man up as he was arriving back at his house with the sack of money. When he was questioned about signing his name he said...."Well I tryed to hold up the bank down the street, but the teller just laughed at me and told me to leave. So I left and went to the other bank. I made a mistake by pulling the "test" version of the holdup note out of my pocket and giving it to the teller". The cops were still puzzeled as to why the first effort went south so they called the bank and talked to the teller from the first bungled "heist" ....Turns out the reason she laughed and sent him on his way is she noticed he was pointing his weapon at her in plain sight. A deadly ball point pen....Charles got 5 years for robbery giving him plenty of time to plan his next job more carefully.....

The criminal mentality is u... (Below threshold)

The criminal mentality is usually genetically linked with stupidity... fortunately. lol

Or what about the guy who p... (Below threshold)

Or what about the guy who put "Rob bank" on his to do list and left it on his fridge for the cops to find?

I only have one question: W... (Below threshold)

I only have one question: When is Dan Rather going to jail to for trying to lie to America with forged documents?






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