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Roony: CBS hatred drove Bush hit, Voters are morons

Andy Ronny admitted what everyone knows is true.

Rooney Admits CBS's Hostility to Bush Drove Forged Documents Hit

Speaking at Tufts University on Thursday night, CBS's Andy Rooney attributed the motivation behind CBS's hit on President Bush based on forged documents to the political agenda of CBS News staffers. "There's no question they wanted to run it because it was negative towards Bush," the Tufts Daily's Keith Barry quoted Rooney as revealing during his remarks.

Then in true liberal form, he calls voters morons.

..."Rooney also attributed voters' reliance on religion in the recent election to ignorance" and "said Christian fundamentalism is a result of 'a lack of education. They haven't been exposed to what the world has to offer.'" In addition, "Rooney said he also could not understand how 'men who work with their hands voted for George Bush,' and again attributing the phenomenon to a lack of education."

If you voted for Bush you're stupid. Therefor it is up to CBS to produce forged documents to save you morons from yourselves. If only you were more educated, CBS would not have to stoop to these levels. But when dummies like you have the right to vote, they have to do something.

And these same people call FoxNews biased.


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Comments (20)

Rooney also proves once aga... (Below threshold)

Rooney also proves once again that the Democrats won't have a snowball's chance as long as they keep embracing hateful jerks like himself.

Hey, we've got to encourage... (Below threshold)

Hey, we've got to encourage the MSM to do things like using forged documents that are easily exposed, using quotes that the newspeople never heard, running stories that are half-baked, and going on college campuses and revealing their left-wing ideology.

..."Rooney also attributed ... (Below threshold)

..."Rooney also attributed voters' reliance on religion in the recent election to ignorance"

The polls said that issues of morality swung the vote. So religious people are the only ones with moral issues? I know a lot of non-religious, or at least non-Christian (I think he's using those words synonymously here) people who considered moral issues when voting -- those moral issues were sometimes different for each, sometimes the same. The MSM wants so badly to blame this on the Christian Right, they are basically saying that all but conservative Christians have no morals!!!

Well, either that or intell... (Below threshold)

Well, either that or intelligence and morals are mutually exclusive....

This Thanksgiving,let's all... (Below threshold)

This Thanksgiving,let's all take a few seconds,and give thanks to:Andy Rooney;Michael Moore;lame political cartoonist Ted Rall,and the rest of Lefty LOSERS who contributed so much to a fabulous victory of TRUTH-JUSTICE-and THE AMERICAN WAY.
Oh...and please keep it coming !!!

Rooney, in spite of his cur... (Below threshold)

Rooney, in spite of his curmudgeonly facade, has always been a knee-jerk liberal (not to mention a preening ass).

The true morons are ... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

The true morons are those students (and their parents) who allow their mandatory fees to be pissed away to left-wing speakers like Rooney.

Andy Rooney is a sweet, tho... (Below threshold)

Andy Rooney is a sweet, thoughtful man. What most of you don't realize are those push-broom sized eyebrows of his are actually space aliens that have latched onto his face and are controlling his brain. He can't help it.

It's sort of scary that the... (Below threshold)

It's sort of scary that the liberals think that education somehow erases morals... especially since THEY are all supposedly educated... hmmmmmm...

I 'm stupid. I work with my... (Below threshold)

I 'm stupid. I work with my hands. I don't want health insurance even for free. I don't want a job.
And I don't want bombs going off in my neighborhood. It could effect my investments.I have a car that gets great gas milage, I recycle, I bake bread and I'm almost a vegetarian. I ran almost 500 yards today. I think Ronald Reagan was our greatest president. Every democrat I know can not give me one reason to vote democratic or could even put together two sentences to support their choice.

I'm surprised anyone reads ... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised anyone reads or listens to Rooney's senile comments. Why doesn't he just retire and get out of the public arena. Incidentally, the next time he goes for a
haircut, he should have the barber cut his eyebrows. Maybe then he could see what is really going on in the world.

Everyone but CBS would put ... (Below threshold)

Everyone but CBS would put someone senile in rest home. Its such a pity to see the mentally ill make an arse of themselves.

When is this religion-hatin... (Below threshold)

When is this religion-hating piece of furniture going to retire and give someone who is not awaiting a social security check a chance at comfy employment?

"There is no God but Allah.... (Below threshold)
John "Akatsukami" Braue:

"There is no God but Allah. There is no prophet but Muhammed. There is no religion but Christianity." (Islam, in Rooney's estimation, is evidently something between a fraternal order and an educational institution.)

Rooney always does this. He... (Below threshold)

Rooney always does this. He will make one statement that seems honest and contrite (it was a hit piece and we hate Bush). He will then follow it up with an irrational insult of voters. So, is it senility or does he not even realize what is wrong with his statement that the media hates Bush and they tried to deliberately influence the election?

Andy Rooney and his looney ... (Below threshold)
Joe Inscore:

Andy Rooney and his looney crowd still don't get it. I have a college degree. I work for the federal government. I voted for George Bush. I'm not stupid, I'm not a redneck, and I don't work with my hands. But money isn't everything, and I know a good man when I see one. Nuff said.

Apparently Andy Rooney isn'... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Apparently Andy Rooney isn't capable of research, as seems to be a typical shortcoming among the MSM blatherers.

In 2004, those without a high school education voted:

Kerry 50%
Bush 49%

a 10 point increase over 2000 for Bush. Does that mean the least educated are getting smarter or dumber?

The best group for Bush, by education, was those with "some" college...54% to 46%.

I wonder if these "educated" media fools will ever figure out why they lost. (Hint: Starts with a K and has two r's.

ALERTRather announ... (Below threshold)


Rather announced he's stepping down in March 05. Article at cbsnews.com 11/23/04, here.

I don't like it. It's not enough. His praises are already being sung by Heyward.

He doesn't see how "men wh... (Below threshold)

He doesn't see how "men who work with their hands" voted for Bush?
This coming from a guy who can't even clean off his desk?

He has nerve to insult "men... (Below threshold)

He has nerve to insult "men who work with their hands" when it's obvious he can't get his own personal grooming under control. He and Michael Moore obviously skipped junior high health class or something. So much for their "educations."






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