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It's That Time Of Year...

Time for bad holiday music. This year there's a new entrant:

Hung for the Holidays

He's got a long way to go if he wants to top Kathy Lee Gifford on the suck-o-meter though...


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Sacrilege!... (Below threshold)


- I hear Pantheon is releas... (Below threshold)

- I hear Pantheon is releasing a Hung/Nimoy Christmas duets album (Sponsored by the NRA) titled "Shebangs Santa"...Look for it in your neighborhood "Big Joes Pampered Pets" shop...

His 15 mins have been up fo... (Below threshold)

His 15 mins have been up for a long time!

If he were a Republican, he... (Below threshold)

If he were a Republican, he'd be "hung" all year long, not just for the holidays. ;-)

This is horrible. Do peopl... (Below threshold)

This is horrible. Do people actually buy this?

I suppose that there is a market for gag gifts, so this may be a possibility.






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