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Rather Lame

I've spent a fair portion of the afternoon on the phone with reporters. One of the frequently asked questions is something along the lines of:

Is their a sense of accomplishment?

[Depending on the interviewer the bold word changes to happiness, relief, joy, celebrations, etc..]

I've formulated my answer thought the day. It's something to this effect:

Not really. Todays announcement that Dan Rather is retiring in March is anti-climactic.

The CBS 60 Minutes II Bush ANG memo episode was, perhaps, the pinnacle of the mainstream press attempting to tip the election to John Kerry. There were countless other lesser remembered incidents, but the Rathergate affair was the climactic moment.

The real moment of satisfaction was November 3rd, when is was clear the President Bush had won re-election. That was the day that I knew that Rather and his CBS co-horts had been defeated. They set out to destroy the President in the waning days of the campaign, and in the end (ironically enough) they had mostly destroyed themselves.

There's still work to be done in holding CBS accountable, but by exposing their intense partisan hate of Bush, decades of goodwill toward CBS News was erased. History will write this as Rather's folly.

Todays "retirement" is just the opening act in CBS's Perfect Storm. The confluence of desperately sagging ratings, an aging anchor exposed, and a network void of leadership meant that Rather walked the velvet-lined plank today, so that others might survive.


The portion of the blogosphere that worked day and night on the Rathergate story is decidedly unimpressed:

More reaction roundup at Instapundit (and here).

Update: Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice has an excellent roundup of reaction from bloggers and media observers.


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Comments (8)

This is still no news. And ... (Below threshold)

This is still no news. And it's still not good.
It's really tiresome hearing about the arrogance of entities as cbs.

Then I remember the arrogance of PanAm, and where are they today?

Outsting Rather on the sly.... (Below threshold)

Outsting Rather on the sly.... no mention of replacement...giving him until March and then he will quietly disappear...hhmmm....I've smelled cow dung that was sweeter than this. (ewww) It absolutely wreaks with the stench of a coverup to save CBS.
I want accountability as well. This can't be allowed to be swept under the rug. Memogate was an attempt to destroy GWB and for that Rather needs to be accountable to the American people (those of us who actually care that is)
Inquiring minds want to know..Details about the memos please....ALL the details...how why when who..
Friggin coward..Blather needs to held accountable and so does CBS

The pinko bastard doesn't d... (Below threshold)

The pinko bastard doesn't deserve such a sweet escape. I wrote CBS that I would no longer allow their programming in my house until Rather and his producer are fired or they admit unequivocally on the prime time news that they had an agenda to smear Bush and that the dubious National Guard "documents" were rushed to air because they fit the agenda.

I grew up admiring Mr. Rath... (Below threshold)

I grew up admiring Mr. Rather for how he stood up to Nixon. I will never forget those confrontations as the nation waited anxiously every news report he made. Lets not loose sight of his contribution in that era...Z

Ironic, isn't it?F... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Ironic, isn't it?

For Dan so loved Bill Clinton that they both leave the same legacy?

So, did CBS shove Rather be... (Below threshold)

So, did CBS shove Rather because of unethical conduct, or was it because he failed to prevent the re-election of President Bush.

I commented about this topi... (Below threshold)

I commented about this topic a couple of hours ago at " No Left Turns"... As I said there, I would normally be glad at something like this happening, but the nostalgia in me fosters a resistance to things changing.

Perhaps that's one reason why I'm so conservative...

Rather left a long time ago... (Below threshold)

Rather left a long time ago. Sad thing is, CBS never noticed.

Unless CBS makes self reflective revisions and pretty much rebirths itself, I don't anticipate Rather's "retirement" resulting in much of anything except Rather gets more time in shorts.






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