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The most wonderful time of the year...

My, oh my, it's been a grand month, hasn't it?

* President Bush wins re-election

* More importantly, John Kerry goes back to being an absentee Senator

* The Red Sox finally win the world series

* Flagrant thuggery is finally smacked down in the NBA

* The NHL is locked out, further reducing the incidents of flagrant thuggery

* New Hampshire dumps technocrat and all-around louse Craig Benson from the governorship

* As of the last update, Yassir Arafat is still dead

* Tom Daschle is now a lame duck

* The toll of dead dirtbags in Fallujah is well into four figures, while our own casualties are less than 5% of that

* The United Nations, already plagued by corruption charges in the oil-for-food scandal, faces new accusations of sexual misconduct by it's peacekeepers, and it's staff votes no confidence in Kofi Annan

* I saw both The Incredibles and Team America: World Police in the theatres

* I now own all seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD, as well as the original movie

* Dan Rather has finally read the writing on the wall (just before said wall fell on him) and is hanging it up this spring

I'm so happy right now, I think I'm gonna refer to this month as "Yesvember" for the remainder of the month. That's "Yes" as pronounced by Meg Ryan in that infamous deli scene from "When Harry Met Sally."

And if I die any time soon, they undertaker's gonna need power tools to get the smile off my face.

Just please, dear god, do NOT let Dan Rather's letter of resignation not have been faxed in to C-BS from a Kinko's...



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Comments (15)

Wow -- what a great summati... (Below threshold)

Wow -- what a great summation of the last several weeks -- thanks!

Come on now, there's a time... (Below threshold)

Come on now, there's a time and a place for thuggery, and Hockey is it. Actually, thuggery is alive and well, since minor league hockey fights make those in the NHL look like tea time at The Ritz.

Minor league hockey is ALL ... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

Minor league hockey is ALL ABOUT the fights!.... lots o action!!... a great night out with the guys [and gals]!

It is a month worth celebra... (Below threshold)

It is a month worth celebrating.

I knew you and I think very much alike but, now
that I find out you like Buffy too, that is almost
too weird!

The Incredibles was fantastic. It was non-stop
action and the boy and I loved every minute.
The rendering quality has raised the bar for
animation. My wife and daughter claim to be
unimpressed but I am skeptical of their claims.
I can't understand how that is possible. I think
they are in denial over a great movie.

I told a friend that I was ... (Below threshold)

I told a friend that I was suffering from Post Election Trauma...he was shocked thinking I was a closet democrat...I told him no no no...nothing like that...Since the election I can't stop smiling...it keeps getting bigger and bigger. My jaws are killing me.

Sweet, sweet November. So ... (Below threshold)

Sweet, sweet November. So much to be thankful for.

And to think, we still have pumpkin pie to look forward to!

I know I am off topic but I... (Below threshold)

I know I am off topic but I was interested in writing for sportsblog.org and I tried emailing [email protected] but have not gotten any respone. Do you know who I can get intact with? Thank you

Now if George W. would only... (Below threshold)

Now if George W. would only nominate Ken Starr to the Supreme Court.

I was thinking this was an ... (Below threshold)

I was thinking this was an especially happy month myself, but was incapable of naming the phenomenon appropriately. "Yesvember" strikes exactly the right note. Happy Yesvember, J! (On Thursday, can we celebrate Yesgiving?)

Oh, and on this topic, I have an exclusive scoop on Dan Rather's replacement!

"Rather to retire, replaced by insane left-wing robot"

it would be a total yes-vem... (Below threshold)

it would be a total yes-vember if the NHL lockout would come to an end with an apology from the owners and players for not starting on time and therefore all tix will be half price.

a couple of other wishes while I'm at it:
Peter Jennings citezship is revoked and he returns to Canada.
Micheal Moore is captured by terrorists and forced to watch one minute of all 60 million people that voted for Bush tell him he was the main reason! (then released , i don't wish death by terrorists for anyone except actual terrorists)

The holiday season will be ... (Below threshold)

The holiday season will be hard-pressed to beat the events of November!! :-)

Yes, it's been a month for ... (Below threshold)

Yes, it's been a month for immense gratitude. I was just thinking this tonight...wonderful to feel so grateful, great that we have so much to be grateful for. Top o' that list is the Bush is President -- I am among those also experiencing election sumthinerrother, not trauma, just plain old gratitude. At least let this sense of contentment last through the weekend.

And right before the holida... (Below threshold)

And right before the holidays, too. It's a wonderful life, baby . . .

How can you be glad that pr... (Below threshold)

How can you be glad that president bush won?

Katharine, resumably you're... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Katharine, resumably you're not a regular reader of Wizbang...

But I'll ask the obvious question in response: How can you NOT be glad that President Bush won?







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