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Election Math II

After winning the election by 261 votes (out of nearly three million votes cast), and a recount by 42 votes, Republican Governor-elect Dino Rossi may face a 3rd (or even 4th) recount depending on what Democrat Christine Gregoire decides to do.

It's hardly surprising that the largest paper in the state says, "Count 'em again."

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Count 'em again, its not ri... (Below threshold)

Count 'em again, its not right until we win!

It sure is funny that Rossi... (Below threshold)

It sure is funny that Rossi had a 261 count lead going into the second recount. With only King county left to recount (Seattle ultra libs) he had gained another 55 votes from the rest of the state. After King was counted he only had a 42 count lead. Sounds like the cheaters in King county did not count on Rossi gaining those 55 votes so they only cheated out 274 thinking that would be enough. Tough luck. Its funny how only the big cities are blue, over population must lead to insanity.

Just how much of the taxpay... (Below threshold)

Just how much of the taxpayers' $ is going to be wasted before all this fruitless recounting is finished? grrrrrrrrrrrr

In fairness, the paper is c... (Below threshold)

In fairness, the paper is calling for a statewide recount and insisting that the Democrats pay for it. This isn't an opportunity for the Dems to recount only those parts of the state where they think they could pick up 43 votes.

more fairness. If after the... (Below threshold)

more fairness. If after the dems cherry pick counties to recount change the results, then there would be a hand count of the entire state. Which would be paid fpr by the tax payers. Itss amazing kerry won our state but rossi might win the gov. That is the worst for gregriaw

Democrats are traitors.... (Below threshold)

Democrats are traitors.

Considering that the elctio... (Below threshold)

Considering that the elction is so close and they ARE going to count again in this Democrat-controlled state, maybe the Republican should offer a coin toss. In a new recount, they'll probably make him lose, so his odds are pretty good with a coin toss. Done right, he can come off, win or lose, as the adult in the piece. And make the Democrat look like a schmuck in the bargain.

As a denizen of the great s... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

As a denizen of the great state of Washington, this is nothing more than what should be expected.

In the rest of the state, the count didn't change all that much (net 55 votes to Rossi). But when you get to King County, all of a sudden there are enough new votes for Christine Gregoire to cut the lead to 42. I think one of the commentors above was correct. They didn't consider that Rossi might pick-up more votes in the rest of the state and only "added" enough to give a narrow victory. They undoubtedly believed that a hugh new pile of votes would look suspicious, so just fabricate....oops, I mean "find" enough to overcome the lead. Big Oopsie -- Dino picked up more votes and we came up short!!! I wouldn't trust a vote figure that comes out of King County. (Lst you think I am a biased resident of some other part of the state, no. I have lived in King county for the past 15 years. I've earned the tee-shirt.)

The good thing about this is that either of them will make a good governor. I like Dino because of how he handled the state budget last year. He showed real leadership. Christine has been a good Attorney General. Some mistakes, but overall a good performance. I voted for her several times in that position, but my vote went to Dino for Governor. This state needs a change in Olympia!!!

Its funny how only the b... (Below threshold)

Its funny how only the big cities are blue, over population must lead to insanity.

Not insanity. The big cities vote blue because that's where the population is denser.

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