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Guests, like fish, start to smell after some time...

As you all know by now, Wizbang! is one of the top blogs in the blogosphere. The credit to that goes solely to Kevin, who built it up to where it is today. Paul and I are simply his guests, and do what we can to keep up with our gracious host.

And as the guy who is very much the junior partner around here, I must confess I haven't been a very good guest. Without Kevin's permission, I made posting privileges to Wizbang! the stakes in a wager. I also gave a huge number of gratuitous links to another blogger, prompting the invention of the term "Wizbanging."

I haven't learned my lesson, though. Either today or tomorrow I will post another piece that will give a bunch of people an excuse to link to their own blogs. And, afterwards, I'll most likely give some of them their own Wizbangings (tm).

Watch this space for future developments...



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Comments (13)

Yay, Kevin. I don't know h... (Below threshold)

Yay, Kevin. I don't know how he does it, but I'm sure glad that he does!

Jay Tea, you are the cream in the coffee, the mustard on the dog, the drummer in Green Day, the bow in the hair, the...

If I were still doing ATS, ... (Below threshold)

If I were still doing ATS, I'd try to steal you away from Kevin. But since I'm not, I won't

Instead, I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs, waiting for the next Caption Contest to win.

Oh crap and double crap..<b... (Below threshold)

Oh crap and double crap..
Now Hunter is going to refer to me as "talented and charming" again....
I thought "wizbanging" was being an avid reader of wizbang......I made reference in an earlier article that I ....oh, nevermind....
I really am not a ditz people...REALLY

Don't feel bad, Debra. I... (Below threshold)

Don't feel bad, Debra. I thought 'wizbanging' was something Bill O'Reilly got sued for.

Lair, half of me is flatter... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Lair, half of me is flattered at the ATS thought. Th other half of me is thinking "restraining order."

Seriously... I'm extremely happy and proud to be here at Wizbang. I ain't going NOWHERE until Kevin kicks my sorry can to the curb. And then, after I spend a considerable amount of time whining and begging and pleading for him to reconsider, THEN I'll go hat in hand for a new place.


Marry me Jay(but don... (Below threshold)

Marry me Jay
(but don't tell my husband)

Lame. Jay Tea is dragging t... (Below threshold)

Lame. Jay Tea is dragging this site down. Most of his posts are well-below the standard that Kevin sets, a standard that keeps his mature audience coming back.

I wish there was a way to edit my viewing preferences to block out Jay's posts. They clutter up my browser while I scroll around looking for the meaningful content.

Wizbang became my favored source after Allahpundit went dead, but I think I'm going to have to move on yet again. Given that Jay is content to roll around in his own filth like a pig, rejoicing in his admitted excess, it is pretty obvious that he is here to stay and he won't stop until he has destroyed whatever goodwill Kevin built up with people who came here looking for his news links and commentary. People like that don't appreciate posts on "asshattery".

I'm sorry, I was too kind. ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, I was too kind. After looking back over Jay's posts, only two words come to mind: narcissistic pabulum.

It would be appropriate for posts to Jay Tea's own personal blog (he should get one), so the half-dozen-or-so people who actually want to hear about his DVD collection could go read about it, but on a widely-read respected site like Wizbang, it is an out-of-place eyesore.

Of course the response is "if you don't like it, go elsewhere", and I'm sure I will if Jay keeps posting as he has. I'm also sure I won't be the only one.

This should be good.<... (Below threshold)

This should be good.

*pulls out the bag of popcorn, sits back and waits for the sparks to fly*

Kaltes... Man, I don't even know where to start. Jay has posted on serious things and silly things as well. It can't always be serious all the time, all work and no play makes for very droll people.

Every post I've seen Jay make, I've seen double digit responses, EVEN about DVD collections. His post on comparing the GWOT to WWII was well done. Jay was one of the first people(to my knowledge) to extend the Olive branch after the election.

Times are serious enough, a little comedy now and then doesn't hurt. I, for one, thought the posting about the Fire Station was funny as hell... Brings a whole new meaning to "Come on baby, light my fire".

I happen to notice that his posting regarding his DVD collection acquired 30 comments, and had some good movie discussion in it. Obviously, at least to me, people are drawn to such things, and if they find something in common with a poster, on ANY blog, they will come and read more of it, the serious things too.

What it sounds like to me is you are simply too intense and serious. You need to sit back, relax, and chill out a bit, learn to appreciate Jay's sense of humor, grasp of Irony, and his flair for the Melodramatic on mundane things.

If you are so hide bound to not read Jay's postings, that's fine. It'll be your loss when he writes about something important.

Now, I've already given you far more attention than I should have, which I feel is the whole entire point of your flaming comment.



Further more...... (Below threshold)

Further more...

Lame. Jay Tea is dragging this site down. Most of his posts are well-below the standard that Kevin sets, a standard that keeps his mature audience coming back.

Jim(The Police Officer), Suzy, McGehee, Paul, Omni, David Anderson, Laurence Simon, Kevin, Hunter, Debra, Jay Tea, and every other "Mature Audience" reader should be highly offended at this statement.

Want to talk about lowering the standards?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself how you have contributed to the Blogosphere in a positive manner today?

Ask yourself, How can I make an impact on the political landscape?

People like Kevin, Paul, and Jay bring to the Blogosphere a very truth orientated, conservitive perspective of the world.

When USA Today starts calling you for interviews regarding National Politics, the MSM, and Internet Journalism you can critique the quality of whatever Blog you choose. Untill then, you have neither the right, nor the authority to demean these hard working people who do this.

(Please note that those who I listed above, are folks that continually post well thought-out idea's and comments and, if needed back them up with evidence. I think thesefolks can be considered a "Mature Audience". I am sure that I am missing some people in that list, but those are the ones that sprung to my mind at the moment of this writing.)


That's odd. I just changed ... (Below threshold)

That's odd. I just changed the Wizbang filter to "Asshats," and I find the oldest posting in that category was this one by Kevin himself, about a year before he brought the guest posters on board.

What else might you be wrong about, Kaltes?

As part of the "Mature Audi... (Below threshold)

As part of the "Mature Audience" I would like to state that I am offended by that post.

Politics can be too prevalent in our discussions and sometimes we do need to talk about something else just to clear our minds.
(e.g. Paul's post and his outrageous number of comments and later-posts on the same subject of Mac vs PC)

This is a well-read, well-respected blog because it represents a free discussion of ideas, a forum for discussion, which doesn't always include politics.

I would like to extend a hearty thanks to Kevin for allowing Paul and Jay to guest-post on his blog in hopes that someday, I, too can have my own corner of cyberspace that I can present my own ideas (I don't have the time to create or maintain my own blog right now, it will also take a tremendous amount of time to build up the readership and respect that wizbang has as well).

Without Paul and Jay, there wouldn't be as many posts, as many "food for thought" type posts as there are. I got hooked on wizbang recently during the election coverage (just about mid-september), and so far I've been entertained, entranced, thought-provoked, etc.. by just about every post made here by Kevin and his guests, Jay and Paul. Congratulations and a well done are in order to all three of you.

-Henry Scharf, 1st class (senior) engineering student, California Maritime Academy

After having been out of to... (Below threshold)

After having been out of touch for several days I took time to go back amd view what I had missed on Wiz.
I can't beleive that this ill opinionated idiot (Kaltes) had the nerve to strike out at Jay.
After all the serious posts regarding the elections as well as other world issues I thought it was refreshing to have something else to read that was a bit more lighthearted and fun. I look forward to reading whatever Jay (and everyone else as well)writes. I may not always comment but...I do read them.
Who makes you (Kaltes) the deciding individual on what is a "good read" and what is not. If you don't like it then go somewhere else. I doubt you'll be missed...I bid you a fond farewell sweetie..Go in peace.
Darby...dead on dear...Dead on.
Henry...Love ya! You hit the mark for me as well.

The election coverage on Wizbang was superb and I went nowhere else for insight. Wizbang became my sole source for facts and opinions early on in September. I found other sites that were comparable but Wizbang stood out for it's blend of facts and humor in a time our nation was in upheaval over the divisive Red and Blue election process. The individuals that post here shared a goal of distributing truth. I did not have to filter out garbage in order to determine fact from fiction. I for one was grateful for that.
There seems to always be one ot two who are so full of bitter feelings in life that they need to focus on others and try to tear them down so that they are not alone while wallowing in the self pity pool. You swim alone here Kaltes and you know what they say about swimming alone on a full stomach.






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