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Raising the bar in asshattery

Here in New Hampshire, we have our share of asshats. The latest example I've found is this Driver's Education teacher down in Nashua who was arrested for drunk driving while on his way to pick up students.

But we are, at best, gifted amateurs at asshattery. The real pros are found just south of us, in Massachusetts.

The latest example I've found is in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lawrence is, to put it mildly, a pit. It's got issues with gangs, corruption, drugs, violence, poverty, illegal immigrants, and pretty much every other subcategory of "urban blight." For years it was known as the auto insurance fraud capital, until about a year ago a grandmother got herself killed in a staged auto accident. The authorities started a crackdown then, shutting down about a couple dozen or so crooked lawyers and chiropractors -- known as "an OK start."

But the latest scandal out of Lawrence has to take the cake. A couple of city employees (I can't bring myself to call them "workers," but apparently "jobs" were involved) got themselves fired and are facing criminal charges for hosting parties that involved sex, drugs, and booze. Even worse, they did this while on the clock. Even more worse, they did this in their workplace. But putting the crowning touch on their asshattery (which just might have been literal -- I wanna see the surveillance tapes), their "workplace" was the Lawrence Fire Department Dispatch Center's radio room, where emergency calls are routed and fire engines are dispatched.

It's rare that I show restraint, but I'm going to refrain from making any comments about "fire hoses" or "fire poles" here. It's too easy.

OK, Massachusetts, we give. We yield. We are not worthy. You are the undisputed champions of asshattery.



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Comments (10)

Go get one of these.... (Below threshold)

Go get one of these.

OK, Massachusetts, we gi... (Below threshold)

OK, Massachusetts, we give. We yield. We are not worthy. You are the undisputed champions of asshattery.

Considering their Senators, how could there ever have been any doubt?

Yes we are! And don't you f... (Below threshold)

Yes we are! And don't you forget it!

I cannot disagree with you ... (Below threshold)

I cannot disagree with you that the state to my south has a high contingent of asshats, but Maine has its fair share.

Read this story.
You won't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both.

In the early 80's there was... (Below threshold)

In the early 80's there was a very funny movie "Night Shift" with Henry Winkler and Michael Keeton as city morgue workers that ran a call girl service out of their office. Keeton's character insisted that they were not pimps but were "the LOVE BROKERS". Seems like the same thing to me. I also recall that Rep. Barney Frank D-MA actually had a male prostitute living at his home who was conducting a little business on the side, so this is nothing new. Way to go Asshats!

"hosting parties that invol... (Below threshold)

"hosting parties that involved sex... Even worse, they did this while on the clock. Even more worse, they did this in their workplace."

With other government employees I'm guessing? Gee, if cigars were involved, it sounds like an Oval Office gig circa mid-90's ;)

Seems that Chapiquidic Ted ... (Below threshold)

Seems that Chapiquidic Ted set the tone and pace for Taxachussetts these many years ago. Now everyone else in the state employ is trying to come up to standard. Seems appropriate to me.

These shenanigans never hap... (Below threshold)

These shenanigans never happen in Jebusland. Too bad about that...

What a fall from grace for ... (Below threshold)

What a fall from grace for a state that gave us Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John (& son Quincy) Adams, John F Kennedy and a whole host of other nation building patriots, to now have fallen into such a liberal morass so as to burden the nation with the likes of Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy & John Kerry. Mike Dukakis looks good compared to that group. I pray for the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and that it's good people might one day return to their former glory.

As for the driver's ed teac... (Below threshold)

As for the driver's ed teacher with the DWI--isn't that like a health teacher catching a disease from having unprotected sex?

And as for the fire dispachers, now we know where some of the former Clinton staffers got jobs!






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