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This Year's Model

Paris Hilton is so last week...

Paige Laurie

Paige Laurie is the new heiress-gone-wild of the moment.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just days after ABC's "20/20" aired a report involving Wal-Mart heiress Paige Laurie and allegations of cheating, the Laurie family has decided to transfer naming rights of the new University of Missouri basketball arena back to the university.

The Paige Arena is named for Paige Laurie. Her family lives in the Columbia area, but she did not go to MU.

Here's the 20/20 story - she paid another student $20,000 to do her work at USC, and graduated with a 3.5.

Paris Hilton has set the bar pretty high, but Paige Laurie just might have what it takes to make us forget Paris.

This guy has the right idea - trailer trash.

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Comments (12)

I'd think she could do bett... (Below threshold)

I'd think she could do better than a 3.5 for $20,000.

I read that 20/20 link stor... (Below threshold)

I read that 20/20 link story and all I can add here is if this payor is "trailer trash," then the payee is a prostitute.

Meaning, they are both equally guilty of academic dishonesty, among some criminal liabilities I'd think relate to fraud.

The 20/20 story shows a smiling, happy and intelligent fraudster, discussing her gain of $20,000. and from where, but I don't read anywhere that the lady displays any guilt about joining forces with Laurie in this scam.

Academic dishonesty is no small thing and indicates pretty awful character, in the deed(s) itself/themselves but also bodes terribly for the future capabilities of those who commit academic dishonesty. I really can't stand people who cheat. Nor acts of cheating. Better to try honesty and do badly than try dishonestly and do "not so badly," if you can call it that.

Laurie should have given th... (Below threshold)

Laurie should have given that $20,000. to a tutor and another equal gift to her department of major and actually gone to school...you'd be surprised how polite administration and faculty can be to a student who contributes to funding a university. Doesn't mean it's dishonest or partial, just that for someone with a lot of cash to spend, she could have spent it, invested it, far more reasonably and profitably, to benefit not only herself but others, too, and in a good way. The lady who engaged in this academic fraud with Laurie deserves the can, as does Laurie. Maybe the lady will sue Laurie and claim victim, since people like this inevitably turn on one another.

Creepy, terrible. $20,000. buys a lot of books, supplies and hours with tutors.

Very nicely put -S-I... (Below threshold)

Very nicely put -S-
I despise a cheater. Especially when there are those of us who take pride in honesty, work ethic and character. I may not always be the brightest but I strive to improve and consider my character and work ethic to be well above standard.

uh..wait...it's 4:17pm on a Thursday and I'm reading Wizbang? Uh....erm....

Ridiculous. Here in Columb... (Below threshold)

Ridiculous. Here in Columbia (I'm a student) news stories have been writing full force about it.

And it's about time. Our school's education has been prostituted out enough to those willing to be the highest bidder.


I care nothing for this bab... (Below threshold)

I care nothing for this babe's test scores.

I am not going to defend he... (Below threshold)

I am not going to defend her cheating, but she must have learned something if she was taking her own tests and getting a 3.5.

It will be interesting to see if this story actually pans out as true and what the university does about it. In the past universities have revoked degrees lets see if this one does.

BTW Paige if you are intere... (Below threshold)

BTW Paige if you are interested I will be more than happy to do your homework for $20,000 and I will destroy the evidence. Not only am I cheap I am easy.

Sorry...she's not Paris unt... (Below threshold)

Sorry...she's not Paris until she shows up at some celb's birthday and flashes her cooch because the girl before showed her breasts. See...that's real class. Obviously they don't teach that at USC.

With that kind of money, wh... (Below threshold)

With that kind of money, why bother with a degree.
She'll never be able to spend it all. Just go ahead, be honest and live the life of riley.
But maybe in a minute of honesty the school will default her degree, as well as that of the student she paid.
I bet the abettor is no where as rich, this could futuristically hurt that ones wallet.
Cheaters are cheap.

From KC, originally from Co... (Below threshold)

From KC, originally from Columbia, and following the local news:

The fact that the Lauries recently agreed to give up the naming rights to the arena pretty much guarantees that this story is true (-- for those waiting to hear "the rest of the story").

The truth of the matter is that the UM System is a 3rd-tier university that has been fighting its way downward for the past seven years.

They finally appear to be succeeding.

She went to USC not UMissou... (Below threshold)

She went to USC not UMissou. The University might of preferred to steer clear of the controversy.






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