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Mickelson: "The ball went in the hole."

The next time you think your golf game really is coming along...

Mickelson cards 59 in Grand Slam glory

PHIL MICKELSON confessed he was amazed to join the exclusive '59' club - the best score in professional stroke-play history - after winning the PGA's Grand Slam of Golf in Hawaii.

The Masters champion stormed to a five-shot victory over Vijay Singh, the PGA Championship winner, who carded a second successive 66.

Mickelson admitted: "It feels like a little fluke, because I wasn't really sharp, I didn't really feel like I was practising well.

"It just kind of all came together. The ball went in the hole. I didn't hit it great and somehow I shot 59."

Mickelson's 13-under-par round came in ideal conditions at the 7,081-yard Poipu Bay Golf Course, but he could have carded a lower score had he sunk a five-foot birdie putt on the 10th and a nine-footer on the 18th.


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And he's a a left-handed go... (Below threshold)
Bud Tugley:

And he's a a left-handed golfer too. Extremely small minority in the Pro golfing world. Much less than the general population, by percentage.

Good things happen to good ... (Below threshold)

Good things happen to good people....

PM seems like a genuinely nice guy...

Hope everyone had a happy turkey day yesterday; I'm avoiding all retail stores like the plague today!

Golf is a shining example o... (Below threshold)

Golf is a shining example of how sports should be played. Which is why its about the only sport I watch.

Little story from Q school four years ago. A local golfer only needed a par on the final hole to get his card to play on the big tour. He hit his third shot towards the green of a par five hole. It look like it landed in the middle of a bunker right in front of the green. The golfer that he still had a good chance to get up and down and get a par.

He hurried up towads the sand trap knowing that his job next year depended as how he hit the next two shots. He would have the chance to play with the big pros if he the next two shots right.

Unfortunely he rushed into the sand trap, but instead of finding his ball in the middle of the trap it just inside the trap. Still makeable, but his foot had glanced the ball and touched it, but not moved it. Still he had choice to call a two shot penalty on himself. No one show this, but him. He could have hit that ball and no one would be wiser.

That two shot penalty cost him his playing card. In four attempts to get on the tour since then he has got thru Q school. I will not draw any other sports comparisons, but thats what makes golf special.

Phil Michelson is a ass.</p... (Below threshold)

Phil Michelson is a ass.

I watch golf every weekend and I know all the players - this guy I absolutely cannot stand.







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