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Passing the buck: an exercise in open-source blogging

For the past week or so, I've had another of my "heavy" pieces preying at the back of my mind. I've started it several times, but each time it's gone nowhere. I'm tempted to just toss it on the trash heap with a couple of other pieces I've done so before (and lemme tell you, for something to be too lame for ME to publish is pretty bad), but I have this niggling feeling that this idea is too important to junk just because I can't get it to work.

One of the greatest strengths of the blogosphere is the collective nature of our intelligence. It's almost become a cliche' to say to the Mainstream Media "you might be smarter than any of us, but you're not as smart as all of us." And for me to say that I am the only person who could adequately express an idea is nothing short of the sheerest of vanity.

So with that in mind, I'm going to toss out what I have so far, in very raw form, into the extended entry of this posting and see what happens. It's going to be very disjointed, very fragmented, almost stream-of-consciousness, but it will, I hope, express the essence of what I've been wrestling with. And then I'm gonna step back and see just what everyone does with it.

So, if you're curious and so inclined, go give it a read and see if the muse that has taunted me does anything for you. Take what I've started and run with it. Kick around the idea of what I'm doing here. Or if you prefer, mock me as a lazy, egotistical lout -- that's certainly a possibility. And feel free to link to anything you come up with in the comments section. Some time Monday or so I'll post a new piece with links to the ones that I find the most interesting, entertaining, or libelous.


Catalyst: talk show host refers to Massachusetts as "the cradle of liberty."

First reactions: I've written a lot about Massachusetts -- it's not very free now.
"Freedom is the right to be responsible for one's actions" -- David Gerrold, "A Matter For Men."
"" The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -- Thomas Jefferson
"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose" -- "Me and Bobby McGee"
"The Earth is the cradle of Humanity, but Mankind will not Stay in the Cradle Forever." Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Freedom is often born in adversity and struggle, but after a while gets tired of being taken for granted and moves on. The places where freedom is most prized now is probably Afghanistan (people waiting in line for hours to vote despite very credible threats of death) and eastern Europe -- who spent decades under Communism's heel.
Other places that haven't fought and died for their freedom for generations (France, Germany, Canada, segments of the US) presume freedom is the natural state and slowly let their liberties slip away, to be taken by a willing government.
We're lucky that "those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it;" it gives us a chance to learn from our mistakes.


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Comments (15)

Didn't David Gerrold write ... (Below threshold)

Didn't David Gerrold write the classic Star Trek episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles?"

People don't even know what freedom MEANS anymore. They think that freedom of speech means that they can post garbage on other people's forums, AND that no one can take them to task for it. They think that freedom of the press means that the MSM is under no moral obligation to TRY to be impartial and nonpartisan. They think that the freedom to have "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" means that they should be able to roll through life taking whatever they can grab, no matter who they hurt along the way.

The connection between freedom and responsible behavior has VANISHED.

Well said, Jay and Omni.</p... (Below threshold)

Well said, Jay and Omni.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Some of us stay awake and keep vigil at wizbangblog. Others put their lives at risk. In honor of the maligned Marine of Falluja, here is a link to a petition to Congress which I just signed: Petition. Last I checked, it's growing at a rate of 900 signatures per hour.

I think Freedom is a lot li... (Below threshold)

I think Freedom is a lot like wealth. Those who work for it appreciate it. Their children take it for granted, and their grandchildren abuse it. Patriotism, like religion, needs persecution to thrive. It can survive in comfort and freedom, but, like the dark side of the force, it needs anger and hatred (or fear) of the enemy to kick in the nitrous. The best thing our enemies could ever do is protect us and our children from fear and threat. To do so would ensure that we would languish in our own political navel gazing and fester from within until progressive leftism took hold for real as the majority of Americans came to believe that we were truely the decadent, depraved society that the left believes we are. Unfortunately for them, but furtunately for us, they chose a frontal assault, which they sould have been able to predict would rouse a new generation of American patriots as it did in WWII to lay their own lives on the line for the opportunity to utterly destroy our attackers and leave our idea of freedom in their wake.

Dacotti, Omni: I was kinda ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dacotti, Omni: I was kinda hoping people would link back to their own sites for their pieces, not post them here. The idea was to generate traffic for other people's sites.
And Omni: you're a very difficult person to contact directly. No e-mail link here or on your page, no comments enabled... I was gonna comment on something you wrote, but couldn't figure out how.


Freedom is the most expensi... (Below threshold)

Freedom is the most expensive drug in the universe, and the only way to assure your suppy is to give freedom to others.

Metaphorically, Mass. is th... (Below threshold)

Metaphorically, Mass. is the cradle of liberty, in that, in the beginning of the American experience, Liberty is associated with alot of thing Mass. ( Boston tea party, The first shot, Paul Revere......). However, as a native Virginian, I would claim rights to that cradle.
As a baby I would be in the cradle. When I grow up I get a job, move out (maybe out of the country) and exist in other places. Just like Liberty, don't expect that it can stay in just one spot.
Despite what you may think about Mass. it is still free. The people there voted for the representation they wanted. I look at it like buying a house with a Home Owneres Assoc. covenent. If you don't like it, don't move there.

Here is an interesting exce... (Below threshold)

Here is an interesting excerpt from David Limbaugh's book "Persecution" about how Plymouth Rock, Mass. has been turned into a shrine of political correctness. Thanksgiving is represented as a "day of mourning."

hmm... couldn't get HTML link to work. Go to my website or check trackbacks.

Thanks for the opportunity,... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the opportunity, looking forward to reading more from this awesome site...

My comment is posted on Peakah's Provocations...
Hope you all take a second and read it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't worry, Jay, I AM gett... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Jay, I AM getting hits from the comment I posted here; it's not the sort of thing that I post on my blog, which is dedicated to long, LONG essays on oddball topics.

I'm flattered that you came and read some of my stuff; I'd like to have gotten your input, the only way I can block the trolls from having their say is to block EVERYONE... an imperfect solution for an imperfect world.

- This Thanksgiving brought... (Below threshold)

- This Thanksgiving brought to mind the suffering and sacrifice, past and present, for the legions of people who have payed the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy. I will be blogging a post on the subject of "freedom" in the future, but as one of the kernal idea's I offer this:

- "The Pilgrams, almost 400 years before the modern liberals of the present day left of the Democratic party, very quickly discovered the impracticality of the Marxist creedo. To wit:

"From each according to their gullibility.... Too each according to their slouth"....

...as a practical matter they soon replaced that thinking with the only approach that works in human enterprise for more than five minutes with:

"From each according to their charity....Too each according to their industry...."....

- People need reminding every day that we do not live in a Democracy, but rather a constitutional Republic....Ruled and governed by the Majority with tolerance to the extent that the majority see's fit...

- America was founded on the principles of self determination, self responsibility, and opportunity and not on the premise of anonymity, responsibility aversion, and entitlements....

- As never before in our history I see socialism in all its perverted forms as the twin to fundementalism as the true enemies of human freedoms....

Jay,Apologies, as th... (Below threshold)

Apologies, as this wasn‘t written with your post in mind, more a commentary on events in the UK. I‘ve long thought that freedom is in reality based in the Common Law, that relic of the UK legal system that has spread across the Anglosphere. You could anchor it in the old Anglo-Saxon days, if you wish....while they were a monarchy it was one where the king was selected by the leaders of the various clans. Or you could argue (as some do) in a rather racist manner that said A-S‘s simply don‘t like poeple telling them what they can do. Or Magna Carta, the first time it was really codified what the rulers may not do to the ruled. Or the Bill of Rights (the English one, predating yours by a century or so) or....well, there‘s a huge number of candidates for the starting point but I am convinced that it really lies in what we call the Common Law. Trial by jury, burden of proof, right to silence, everything is legal except that which is stated as illegal.....these ideas all started in England somewhere between 700 AD and 1700 AD.



This might be grist for the... (Below threshold)

This might be grist for the mill. If it fits, use it.

I'm not a blogger - just a guy with a vanity website.

John Harper

I failed to include the URL... (Below threshold)

I failed to include the URL in the post thinking it would automatically be added from the personal info. It is my first time to comment so please excuse my ignorance.

http://jcharper.net/politics/freeResp.htm might be grist for the mill.

I'm not a blogger - just a guy with a vanity website normally devoted to the stock market.

John Harper

I think I'll run away from ... (Below threshold)

I think I'll run away from this one.


To quote an old militaty ph... (Below threshold)

To quote an old militaty phrase:
Freedom has a distinctive taste, the protected will never know.






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