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What Are We Finding In Falluhah?

All sorts of nasty stuff. This afternoon it was reported that a chemical weapons production lab, complete with instructions on how to make anthrax, was found.

Yesterday - John Donovan writes about a Powerpoint presentation from the 1st MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force) Effects Exploitation Team.

Update: Rusty Shackelford has more on the slideshow, and today CNN reports on the 1st MEF's findings at the Saad Abi Bin Waqas Mosque


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Comments (4)

Just watch, the liberals wi... (Below threshold)

Just watch, the liberals will claim that WE planted all that stuff, lol.

wow, cool link and impressi... (Below threshold)

wow, cool link and impressive pictures. especially telling i think was the photo in which huge bags of sand were soaked with blood that had been cleaned off the floors and walls. blood in amounts like that...well, it wasnt one or two people and they definitely were not enjoying themselves. here's to hoping that some of the thousands of rebels killed in the fallujah assault were the ones responsible for whatever horror took place there.

I agree, it's interesting s... (Below threshold)

I agree, it's interesting stuff.

Better'n most intel briefs ... (Below threshold)

Better'n most intel briefs where you have to leave your beeper and phone outside the room. I used to get my intel from CNN, but now the blogshpere is definitely the place to go.

Sad to see what we knew was indeed there, hope the Syrian waypoints have already been fed into a smart bomb or too.






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