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A Shopping Story

Just in time for the busiest shopping day of the year.

Antoinette Millard - aka Lisa Walker (Photo Andrew H. Walker/PMc)
NEW YORK -- A woman who was sued by American Express over an alleged scam where she posed as a Saudi princess to steal thousands has countersued the company, saying she was mentally incompetent when she opened her account and the company should have known it.

[Antoinette] Millard's court papers say that to "induce" her to establish a Centurion account, the account through which Amex customers get the rare and envied Centurion "black" card, the company promised she could make flexible payments.

The court papers say the promise was "false and fraudulent" and "in truth and in fact (American Express) did not allow (Millard) to make flexible payments" on the account.

Millard, her lawsuit says, "was suffering from anorexia, depression, panic attacks, head tumors and by reason of such illnesses was mentally incompetent and unable of executing or making any agreement as alleged" in Amex's complaint.

American Express "knew or should have known that (Millard) was acting impulsively and and irrationally at the time she entered into contract," her court papers say.

Vanessa Grigoriadis at New York Metro exposed the fake princess (aka Lisa Walker) earlier this year. It seems she had quite a few identities...


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Comments (6)

Kinda cute for a fruitcake.... (Below threshold)

Kinda cute for a fruitcake.

I had a girlfriend just lik... (Below threshold)
M. Murcek:

I had a girlfriend just like her. Heartbreakingly beautiful, with a soul so black you just can't believe it...

Please, no more talk of fru... (Below threshold)

Please, no more talk of fruitcakes during the holidays.

*shrug* The solution is obv... (Below threshold)

*shrug* The solution is obvious: Send her to Saudi Arabia dressed like that.

Deceitful, arrogant, delusi... (Below threshold)

Deceitful, arrogant, delusions of grandeur, AND a failure... must be a Democrat.

As always there are always ... (Below threshold)

As always there are always two sides to a relationship.
M. Murcek, I was not nearly as beautiful as you imagined, nor as black in the soul, nor were all my actions towards you filled with a turpitude of great magnitude. Lest you forget the agony of the orange ceiling and the cleaning of the rabbit guts out of your basement and on a finer note the NYC experience... Yes, I still think of you and your brain.






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