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Eurotrash Forgives Us

Apologies Accepted...



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Thank you, Eurotrash, for f... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Eurotrash, for forgiving us. I will now sleep better. (/sarcasm)

I had this article pointed out to me. You heard anything about this, Kevin?

if americans were more like... (Below threshold)

if americans were more like the tolerant europeans we would be blowing up mosques and killing muslim children instead of going after Saddam.

Like typical Euroweenies th... (Below threshold)

Like typical Euroweenies they couldn't find the insides of their ... hats ... with a flashlight and a map.

Why do we care what these d... (Below threshold)

Why do we care what these dipsticks have to say as long as America is kept safe?!?

Honestly, it takes courage to do the right thing, and the right thing is not always popular.

Let em whine, they will get over it.

America's European allies: ... (Below threshold)

America's European allies: always there when they need us.

I actually agree with the g... (Below threshold)

I actually agree with the guy in the second photo. Let's go for a regime change in the Netherlands and start with him. Oh, nothing violent. Just send him to some place where people are suffering because of injustice and tyranny.

Is it just me, or does that... (Below threshold)
senator philabuster:

Is it just me, or does that goy in the second picture look way to much like Niles Crane off of "Frazier"?

(smug mode on)What gets me ... (Below threshold)

(smug mode on)What gets me is that these people actually think that what they have to say matters!(/smug mode)

Someone told these folks they were special and they bought into it.

When it comes to American S... (Below threshold)

When it comes to American Security, I'm not concerned about what the European Union thinks either. However, the EU is a rising force to be dealt with. The EU plans to challenge US authority across the globe and is doing so now.

The WTO has just approved trade sanctions against the United States. Tools like the WTO will continue to whittle the United States down to nothing unless we fall in line with the EU. The United States may have no alternative, but to fall in line.

Trade sanctions, massive influx of Central American refugees. What can we do? Your opinions please...

WTO/EU trade sanctions? Wh... (Below threshold)
John "Akatsukami" Braue:

WTO/EU trade sanctions? What vitally necessary resource or knowledge will be withheld of us by these? The sorry state of Cuba suggests that what we choose to withhold, the rest of the soi-disant civilized world cannot replace.

A move by the U.S. to a more autarkic policy would be painful, not least because of the domestic political conflict that it would entail (imagine the Republican -- or even Democratic -- Presidential candidate in 2008 saying, "'No blood for oil'? That's right, we'll have none of that...which is why we'll have a massive program of developing nuclear and space-based solar power instead!" The results would be interesting, in the Chinese-curse sense.) That policy of autarky, however, would IMO hold the greatest promise for breaking the Spenglerian cycle of cultural downfall.

The EU plans to challeng... (Below threshold)

The EU plans to challenge US authority across the globe and is doing so now.

The yappy chihuahua barking through the fence at the mastiff next door is not a chellenge.

That's funny McGehee—vision... (Below threshold)

That's funny McGehee—visions of the taco bell dog lol.

The Netherlands Parliament ... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

The Netherlands Parliament dude needs to be devoting more of his time to his own country's problems, rather than worrying about our elections.

My father-in-law is Dutch a... (Below threshold)

My father-in-law is Dutch and he's always in touch with his family still living in Holland. He tells me the folks there are terrified of the Islamofascists in their midst. There's even talk of booting out the radical Imans from Holland. Also, the Dutch are worried that there will be future attacks within their borders. Unfortunately for them, the left is so powerful there, it appears all that will happen is appeasement.






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