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Local boy makes good, does good

One of the more successful families around the Lakes Region of New Hampshire (for those unfamiliar with the state, it's the area around that great big lake, which is roughly center to center-east) is that Tallaricos. They own a chain of highly successful car dealerships that encompass most of the major makes.

One member of the family, Steve, wasn't that interested in the car biz. He got a bunch of his buddies together and tried to make it in the music biz. They did all right for a while, had their ups and downs, but fell on hard times for a while. Drugs took a hold of Steve, and his career went right down the toilet. His addiction got so bad that the woman who bore his child refused to tell the girl who her father really was, telling her it was another man.

But Steve eventually cleaned up, and got back to the music biz. He and his buddies soon recaptured their earlier successes and rose even higher. He even reconciled with his daughter, who proudly changed her name to bear his.

But Steve never forgot what it was like at his worst. That's why yesterday, while most people were celebrating with family, friends, and other loved ones, Steve went to Dorchester, Massachusetts, tied on an apron, and served dinner to about 20 women recovering from their own drug addictions.

There is one thing Steve did in his youth that he hasn't undone, however -- one decision that he lives with to this day. "Tallarico" was a bit too ethnic for a the hard rocker image he and his buddies wanted to project. He chopped it down and reworked it into the much more acceptable "Steven Tyler."


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that story just kept gettin... (Below threshold)

that story just kept getting better and better and be... hey, wait a minute!!!

(okay, actually that really... (Below threshold)

(okay, actually that really WAS a good story!)

always good to hear about local boys doing good.

Awesome story. Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

Awesome story. Thanks for that post, Jay.

And I heard in my head the ... (Below threshold)

And I heard in my head the voice of Paul Harvey saying, "And now you know... the REST... of the story."

SO??? What's the big dea... (Below threshold)

SO??? What's the big deal? Lots of us do that everyday and he does it one fucking day and you're giving that ugly rich man something to be proud of? Give me a break, Jay.


Um, Cindy--I must ... (Below threshold)

Um, Cindy--

I must have underestimated the Wizbang! readership--I didn't know so many of us set aside incredible amounts of wealth and fame to help people who suffer from substance abuse problems on a daily basis.

Furthermore, this is newsworthy, if for no other reason than the the fact that vast numbers of film and music celebrities' life stories are nothing but chronicles of vulgar excess.

Of course, in the realm of "success & wealth=evil" public opinion, your comments shouldn't surprise me at all.

BoDiddly,First tim... (Below threshold)


First time I've ever seen your name - so it's pretty obvious you have no idea who I am, where I'm from and how I feel - so shut up.







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