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Site Upgrade (Phase I) Complete

Since there aren't many days as quiet as Thanksgiving evening, it seemed like a good time to pull the trigger and upgrade to Movable Type 3.121. So far I haven't found any errors. Of course I haven't implemented many of the new features yet either...

Phase II is in the books - monthly and category archive pages are now dynamic and overall page load and comment speed should be improved. After I'm comfortable with the performance of the dynamic pages I might switch the individual entry pages which would improve comment speed even further.

Comments (12)

Kevin, I think you and I ar... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I think you and I are the only ones around tonight... everyone else is in a turkey coma. Here's something I thought would make you laugh:


Everything seems to be work... (Below threshold)

Everything seems to be working for me. If I find anything broken, I'll let you know.

What's up with the "questio... (Below threshold)

What's up with the "question mark in a diamond" caret at the end of the "comments right here" line?

That question mark means th... (Below threshold)

That question mark means there's a character in the source that the browser doesn't know how to render. I see it too, in Mozilla, and just a question mark in IE.

Kevin, I think you need to remove the left angle quotes and right angle quotes from the template source and instead use the HTML character codes, « and » which translate as « and ».

No problems for me, either ... (Below threshold)

No problems for me, either (I'll see how the commenting goes after I finish writing this, however). So far, alright. I was wondering about an upgrade to MT and if it was possible...now I see that it is.

But, I think I'm already us... (Below threshold)

But, I think I'm already using this same MT format. 3.1.1 maybe.

Thanks Russ - it took me a ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Russ - it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about, but now I get it.

I think that MT should incl... (Below threshold)

I think that MT should include an automatic Catblog feature. Just put your cat on the scanner, and it posts a catblogging post.

- Nothing like diving into ... (Below threshold)

- Nothing like diving into the "byte pool" upgrade going into the holidays. Best to change the sheets when the Regiment is in a good mood as they say....

- Works for me (so far)....

Maybe it's me but I'm not s... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's me but I'm not seeing more than the title in the RSS feed:

i.e., no entry detail just title.

Ubi, I just fixed that. I ... (Below threshold)

Ubi, I just fixed that. I had cleaned out my plugins, and forgotten that the fullfeed.xml relied on that plugin.

Other than some weirdness w... (Below threshold)

Other than some weirdness with the dynamic pages, thing seem fine now that I've added back in the plug-ins I was using on 2.661.






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