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Ukraine Mystery

Sure the election in the Ukraine is in doubt - today the Parliament, in a non-binding vote, declared the election invalid - but the real mystery is what the hell happened to pro-Western opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko?

Yushchenko pictured left in July 2004
and in November, after his illness.

More at CNN.


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Comments (14)

Great hoppin' greasy aardva... (Below threshold)

Great hoppin' greasy aardvarks... massive subdermal random swelling, discolored complexion (assuming the lighting colors are the same in both) - it almost looks like something clogging his pores like crazy.

They're saying there's no signs of biological weapons - but that looks more like a bad case of chemical dermatitis to me. Wonder if someone introduced something into the vent system of his room while he was sleeping?

Poor guy. Here's wishing him all the best....


Wow, worst reaction to Boto... (Below threshold)

Wow, worst reaction to Botox injections ever visualized!

There's a form of the "herp... (Below threshold)

There's a form of the "herpes" virus that can and does disfigure facial skin -- I'd also guess a viral infection as the cause of his maladies -- but chemical dermititis is an idea, too (JLawson), or obviously, some combination of both.

I agree that he deserves our sympathy, and good wishes, what with a pretty terrible affliction and an incredible election process survived.

Interestingly to me, however, in the realm of fantasy/fiction, is that the guy's now ltered appearance looks remarkably similar to the King of Rohan's altered appearance, after he was beset by Saroman. Maybe doctors should ask the makeup artists on "The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers" what they used for visual reference as to how they altered the King of Rohan's physical appearance in the film, and then use the same references to further investigate. Obviously, the makeup work on that film created an identical facial appearance in that character, and it'd be informative to find out exactly what they read and reviewed beforehand and then look into that as to possible source of Yushchenko's ailment(s).

Pity, he was quite handsome... (Below threshold)

Pity, he was quite handsome before.

Nasty stuff, whatever it is... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

Nasty stuff, whatever it is. It changed his eye-color too.

T-2 mycotoxin or a similar ... (Below threshold)

T-2 mycotoxin or a similar toxin (the infamous Yellow Rain, which Soviets were accused of using in Afghanistan) might do this kind of damage if an attempt at aerosolization didn't get the particles small enough to be inhaled, or if the toxin in bath water or soap. Inhaled would probably have been lethal, if there was enough to do that kind of skin damage.

He also looks like a leper. Not that this is likely leprosy.

Would be very interesting to know the actual medical history, areas of skin involved and associated symptomatology.

Wow -- this totally sucks, ... (Below threshold)

Wow -- this totally sucks, and I'll tell you why.


The psychology of being attacked (if it's true) in this manner.

But also, the psychology (whether or NOT this is from an "attack") of having your self-perception of your personal appearance change so drastically in such a short time.
I think there are very few people who would be able to deal with the aftermath of such a change in personal appearance without benefit of extensive, long-term psychiatric counseling. It would take a Solomonic/Herculean/etc. character to not be affected by this.

To deal with the political situation confronting him on top of this? That, my friends, would take a History-changing personality.

Don't know enough about the man to know if he is up to it (damn few people in the world would be).

I know anthrax and small pox have been vetted as biological attack mechanisms. Anybody have info about the use of leprosy as a WMD?

A little therapy is all wel... (Below threshold)

A little therapy is all well and good, but I suggest some serious drinking.

Holy crap! This might be pa... (Below threshold)

Holy crap! This might be paranoia, but I think somebody's done a number on the guy. A couple more pics on Yahoo:



Is the skin on his hands an... (Below threshold)

Is the skin on his hands and neck as badly damaged, in the pics that show them? Maybe someone sprayed him with a corrosive agent. A modern variation on the old-fashioned acid-throwing attack. Whatever the cause, I'd bet money that it wasn't entirely natural in origin.

Chemical dermatitis?<... (Below threshold)

Chemical dermatitis?



Leprosy!(I have to choke on my laughter when I see so many people write "looks like leprosy to me..."...oh...it does?? Well let me just go down the hall and check out the LEPER ROOM in the hospital...)

Is this a liberal posting site? I mean with all the wild-eyed baseless speculation and conspirational undertones...wow...snap out of it everyone...no one uses poiison to kill anyone anymore. Did you ever see Paulie Walnuts try to poison someone? Don't be ridiculous. You SHOOT them. Or bludgeon them. Or stick an ice pick through the base of their brains...

Truth is, Viktor POISONED HIMSELF and I offer pretty compelling arguments towards that case at codeblueblog

Tom Boyle, M.D.


His ill is leprosy by 90%. ... (Below threshold)

His ill is leprosy by 90%. Only gystological analysys can make true.

Confirmed: <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Confirmed: The guy was definitely poisoned (via Druge)

Now they will have to re-sh... (Below threshold)
The truth:

Now they will have to re-shoot the movie and call it the "Fantastic Five"






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