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Bush Wins, Again...

LGF points to this Miami Herald article (registration required) where reporters went to three Florida counties that fit the profile of the conspiracy theorists and manually counted ballots. Their results?

No conspiracy.

The newspaper's count of optical scan ballots in Suwannee, Lafayette and Union counties showed Bush whipping Sen. John Kerry in a swath of Florida where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.

The newspaper found minor differences with the official results in each county, most involving a smattering of ballots that had been discarded as unreadable by optical scan machines but in which reporters felt the voter intent was clear.

Someone notify Keith Olbermann...


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Comments (6)

This kind of information wi... (Below threshold)

This kind of information will NEVER see light of day with the MSM.

Likely not - it doesn't fit... (Below threshold)

Likely not - it doesn't fit the script.

I mean, seriously, what is this world coming to when even the Old Florida Democrats can tell Kerry was a bullshit candidate?

The thing is - a lot of those Old Florida Democrats fought in WW2 and Korea - they know evil, they know a threat to the US when they see it - and I'll bet the waffling of Kerry wasn't anything they wanted to see. Sure, he'd give them more bennies, but in the end they knew it was the country that mattered, not their wallets and not the Democratic Party being in control and they voted accordingly.

My hat's off to the folks who put the good of the country before the good of the Democratic Party.


Don't let that ex espn spor... (Below threshold)

Don't let that ex espn sportscaster see the article. He will have to come up with some other "theory".

Keith who now?... (Below threshold)

Keith who now?

Olbermann turned me off a l... (Below threshold)

Olbermann turned me off a long time ago, way before his quite public display of nonsense during this past Election (and which nonsense is still underway, which captures Olbermann in increased nonsense), but Olbermann turned me off a while ago with his "too much unswallowed saliva" in his mouth when he's on air. The guy needs to stop talking often and long enough to take a gulp because his "too much saliva" in his mouth problem is repulsive. Morie Shaefer (sp?) on 60 Minutes has the same problem.

Olbermann...I don't see how or why anyone could ever take the guy seriously.

In the case of these person... (Below threshold)

In the case of these personalities on air, seems the need is to look past them to the producers involved in whatever respective segments/productions because, those heads don't stay on the air without someone propping them up there, at least, signing and then producing them. Can't blame the lawyers for all that.






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