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I Missed This...

BlogPulse: Campaign Radar 2004 - Top Blogs Cited in Political Postings

Let me get this straight... I'm right behind the queen of the ass f**king jokes? And right in front of her is the "stridently anti-liberal" Michelle Malkin?


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What do you have against as... (Below threshold)

What do you have against ass f**king??

You should be proud of how ... (Below threshold)

You should be proud of how far you've come. Keep up the great work, Kevin.

I was happy to be infront o... (Below threshold)

I was happy to be infront of blog.johnkerry.com

Was that double entendre in... (Below threshold)

Was that double entendre intentional?

When will someone figure ou... (Below threshold)

When will someone figure out that Wonkette IS NOT a blog, but a "pseudo blog" that is a "Production Unit" of Gawker Media Inc? My Gawd, she has a staff of 8! Wonkette is simply a corporate consruct in the form of a Blog.

Malkin is good, but in my humble opinion, Wizbang is the #1 Blog. Thanks for all your hard work.

The only blog of those "top... (Below threshold)

The only blog of those "top-rankers" that *I* read is Wizbang. :-)

My biggest traffic tsunami ... (Below threshold)

My biggest traffic tsunami came from a trackback appearing on Wizbang's posts about N!ck Ber9 (spelling changed to avoid accusations of trying to draw another traffic spike). And as you may recall, Kevin, for a while there Wizbang was even above InstaPundit and the moonbat sites run by dTox and Atrioid.

It's not for nothing that "Wizgangbanged" is entering (no pun intended) the lexicon much like "Instalanche."

Hmmmm....is being at the to... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Hmmmm....is being at the top good or bad? Most linked media is NYT, WaPO; and MSNBC is 5th?

Doesn't this suggest the links had a negative connotation, i.e. "Look what the f-ing NYT wrote today?" MSNBC's even being on the list should be all the proof one needs for the negative connotation allegation.

Second most linked blog (assuming Drudge is a blog) is Dailykos......I mean, really, NORMAL people cannot read that site....these MUST be links to insane ravings.

What is the big deal over m... (Below threshold)

What is the big deal over michele Malkin? I read three sites religiously and hers in not one of them

Kevin, you're better than either of those.


I noticed the NY Times # 1 ... (Below threshold)

I noticed the NY Times # 1 ranking in the group below and wondered if they knew the majority of their hits come from all of us referring to their stories in the context of "Can you believe they're saying this?"

I can't figure out why the ... (Below threshold)

I can't figure out why the NYT gets any links at all. I won't link them until they dump that registration crap.

I can always find their stories elsewhere with a little Googling.

Quality is not reflected by... (Below threshold)

Quality is not reflected by quantity. So the NYT is the Walmart of MSM blog. What does that prove?

Here is what I like about w... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Here is what I like about wizbang...and I should begin by mentioning I came here via a plug by Michelle Malkin who I will honestly say grabbed my attention first and foremost because she is freakin gorgeous in my books but who followed that up by be extremely well spoken on top of being able to communicate equally as well with the written word....okay...back to wizbang....first and foremost your site design is attractive in conjunction with site design comes the ease with which an individual can comment on is paramount....this is the addictive feature of the internet.....the ability to participate.....wizbang makes it easy and appears to have a decent smattering of opposing viewpoints.....the actual blog is well written and the choice of subjects is within the mainstream of current public conversation while simultaneously adding topics that may be off the beaten track.

I enjoy instapundit as he links to a variety of sources that I may not be aware of and his viewpoint isn't as easily labeled or categorized as say .....captains quarters, powerline, lgf or something on the left like du or koz.......

wonkette is crap....pure and simple....nothing of value there.....isn't she one of those that published the exit poles?......why she gets the ink and face time is beyond my understanding ...unless it is to dilute the value of the blogs or to paint them as less than serious.

Drudge is not a blog but an internet news source that deals in the weird and unusual and now and again the breaking and yet to be confirmed story.

You guys are doing a good job here because you have well thought out opinions that you present in an accessible fashion while allowing readers to easily comment.

Maybe you should add a litt... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Maybe you should add a little "T+A" to your coverage.
Rod Stanton

-Sorry folks but this is ju... (Below threshold)

-Sorry folks but this is just another example of the moonbats trying to find SOMETHING they didn't lose in this past election....If you actually take the time to look at some of the spike details on a few of the charts you'll come to the conclusion they were produced out of the same pencil as the "exit polls"....As far as the hit rate chart, for those of us that lack visable counters how many of you that are listed got polled....if not how the hell would they know your visit totals over that long a period....The faux chart crew in the asshat caves marches on.....

What Jim Hines and Hunter w... (Below threshold)

What Jim Hines and Hunter wrote (^^).

Media is business. Lest any one, single reader or blogger misperceive that ratings and rankings and readership and all that is accidental, then just assume that the moon got there because Al Gore invented it.

Meaning, by the mere fact that Wonkette is ranked as it is, that the NYT is also, I'm just curious if either of those "sites" ever experience undefined "network outages" and such...no, they don't. Not into conspiracy theories here so much as I am disappointed and disillusioned, AHgain, at what is determined by the MSM about the MSM to be ranked and how.

I think Wizbang should take great pride in the fact that, among those positioned sites' proximinity, Wizbang is the only blog. I still don't get the attraction of Wonkette (nor KOS, nor the "more popular" left blogs), but I also don't get the attraction of TVGuide.

The message, however, about blogging by this whole rating issue is that individuals -- the original source of what a blog is -- are a thing of the past and to 'be popular' a site has to be the ongoing work of many. Which is sorta sad, because it's a populist measurement of 'popularity.'

Congratulations, Kevin, on maintaining a great website and for the content: always readable, informative and entertaining, much less the regulars who comment here.

On the other hand, I don't ... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, I don't know that it was ever carved in stone that "a weblog," in later permutation as "a blog," need be the work of one author. Just that the MSM is trying and to my perspective, quite vainly, to define what "a blog" is, and by that process, to corral individual opinion, the work by individuals, into their manageable and manipulated marketplace.

Long live the guy in pajamas, who, on his own initiative (or hers) creates, constructs and manages his (or hers) own blog for his (her) own interests.

Wizbang, from that list, however, is the only one I read and frequent, or even visit (I can understand that Wonkette would be entertaining after a few drinks or a toke or thereabouts, but since I'm a sober person, I don't enjoy Wonkette's sarcasm and flippancy...turns me off).

Wizbang is in a class by itself: still bears the presence of only a few authors, one editor and publisher (Kevin) and a great group of regular commentators, without which, any or a mix of same, the place would be nearly as interesting. But, thank God that it is (interesting!), I say! Always appreciated, too.

Amen and well spoken<... (Below threshold)

Amen and well spoken

I also come here regularly while linking to other blogs and websites only sporadically.

You're doing awesome Kevin (and Jay and Paul). Don't bother what other people think or have compiled data about you






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