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Want traffic on your blog? Kill your mother

OK so the head was crass... but I needed a hook.

People flock to online journal after 16-year-old's arraignment

"Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered."

This simple yet startling sentence marks the last entry Rachelle Waterman made in her Internet journal before she was arrested on charges she participated in killing her mother. And it marks the beginning of an online discussion that's as remarkable for its popularity as its content.

Waterman is the 16-year-old high school honor student from Craig jailed with two 24-year-old men who troopers say schemed for months to kill 48-year-old Lauri Waterman.

Waterman started her diary on LiveJournal.com in September of last year, and anyone with Internet access can read the 100-plus entries she's written.

She made her final entry Nov. 18, the Thursday after she spent the weekend in Anchorage playing in the state volleyball tournament. While she was at the tournament, police say, her two accomplices killed her mother.

The Nov. 18 entry includes two more sentences by Waterman explaining she won't be online for a while, because police seized her computer.

For several days, the Web site was quiet. Then came stories about Waterman's arrest and arraignment, some of which mentioned the journal. Since then, it's become a hot spot.

On Wednesday, the day of the arraignment, 11 readers had commented on Waterman's final entry. By midday Friday, the number was up to 256. Twenty-four hours later, it was over 1,600.

It is now over 5000.


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Comments (16)

This is disturbing.... (Below threshold)

This is disturbing.

"Flash Crowd". A sick one..... (Below threshold)

"Flash Crowd". A sick one...

It's just a matter of time ... (Below threshold)

It's just a matter of time before we find out that some child molester or serial killer has a blog...

Whoah... I just noted the <... (Below threshold)

Whoah... I just noted the same thing, and archived the blog for future analysis. Very acute.

We have been talking about ... (Below threshold)

We have been talking about this nonstop on IRC for the past couple of days. All of use are LJ users and we just can't stop talking about the main post and all the comments being added.

... I'm shocked. Utt... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked. Utterly shocked.
I've had to work these past two weeks straight and as such haven't had the time to read the local paper here. I generally get all my news from the interweb anyway and read several blogs including this one on a daily basis.
I can't possibly convey to you the surprise and horror I felt upon reading this post and seeing the line about this suspected murderer spending the weekend in Anchorage at a volleyball tournament. My little cousin plays H.S. V-Ball and had a tourney this past weekend also. I had to read and re-read the post a couple of times before I could click the link at the top, and sure enough, it took me to my local paper. It's is a very odd thing for me to read about events in my home town (which is relatively rather small, maybe 350K, roughly half the state's population) on a blog that I often read and that is as well read by so many others. I even happen to distantly know the reporter, Beth Bragg, who has interviewed my brother on several occasions.
Very, very eerie.

If the police "seized her c... (Below threshold)

If the police "seized her computer," how the heck was she able to write that she couldn't write any more "because the police seized (her) computer."

I mean, it'd be gone. Not like the police stood around and let her write in her LiveJournal before they "seized (her) computer."

And, another thing, LiveJournal has got to be the largest congregation of desperately insane and deranged human beings going. It's truly a place for the socially antagonistic and troubled to congregate, to perceive themselves as "making friends" and other connections of human usary, that no meat market on earth can out compete with.

The site hosts many of these sort of ghastly and awful ruses, impersonations, threatening harassment and worse. So, it wouldn't surprise me, not at all, that this was yet another LJ wherein someone wrote some fantasy piece and appeared genuine, among the crazed cat and child murderer there, many hundreds of cruel and sadistic persons who solicit victims and even worse, a lot of pro-assassination sentiments by certain antagonists of certain elected and entertainment individuals.

I perceive LJ as a law enforcement round up. As in, at least they know where to look, which I hope that they are.

If the police "seized he... (Below threshold)

If the police "seized her computer," how the heck was she able to write that she couldn't write any more "because the police seized (her) computer."

Public libraries have Internet access.

Public libraries have In... (Below threshold)

Public libraries have Internet access.

And so does the Apple store!

Not to mention friends and other intimates will sometimes let you use their machine.

My computer is on the blink, FWIW. Yet I have the freakish power to comment on Wizbang anyway.

Yeah, I know (^^), and I re... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I know (^^), and I realized that before making those remarks. However, reading the person's blog, she writes with knowledge of an arrest and yet she's still typing. So, either the police called her before showing up, or, someone else did and she took a trip elsewhere before being nabbed. Dunno, the entire journal reads like so many others in LJ that create these overtly dramatic and quite dark scenarios and troubles and worse without responsibility to the trauma that they create in others, the threatening nature of their posing, or, they are fully aware of what they exact in others as to environment, influence and pressure, and do so without regard for what they're doing.

There are many, many people who use LJ under just such pretense -- note that the user there is a "free" user as almost all the posers are (I term them "posers" but more accurately, what LJ is often used for is a sort of competition among users to see who can create the most notice, get the most hits to their Journal, fool/mislead enough people into actually sympathizing, believing in some horrible trauma or problem only to reveal or be revealed later by others to have fictionalized the entire thing, and so the game continues because they form another journal ("free" version), create other user accounts and then create another scenario and the thing continues.

It's a very sick group of people with a smattering of really intelligent and unusually great people here and there but the overall personality of the place is that there are several millions of users in LJ all of whom are psychotic or otherwise involved in very awful social gamesman/womanship, usery. With the frequent threatening harassment thrown in among those. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the author of that journal was yet another person writing for purposes of creating "the most comments" in any one LJ.

On the other hand, the author could be writing quite seriously but be lost amidst a large amount of similarly disturbed and disturbing journalers. Like people who relish child abuse, write about their penchant for killing and torturing animals, and worse. No kidding.

There's also a community th... (Below threshold)

There's also a community there for people who promote anorexia and want to congregate to do so, who pride themselves in their death inducing behaviors. The LJ official response about that after some people complained was that it was a form of 'therapy' and that they allowed it to continue because of that, their perception of those involved in that community.

Seems like a squeaky way of rationalizing a dreadful social group that exacts a greater influence over unstable and easily influenced troubled personalities, and thus, their group is made 'secure' by encouragement in disturbed behavior. I guess, however, that there just may be an element of 'therapy' in that process -- the site's official response about that one particular community -- but, you know, don't let your friends drive drunk and all that. Don't host a pajama party for people who are prone to psychosis and tell them all night long that they're 'too fat' and 'ugly women' and such. There are boundaries wherein someone is not responsible for another and where the line is crossed into comingling in culpability.

I truly wish I had never heard of the site. It traumatized me, and quite sincerely, after what I read and experienced in relationship to the site. I sincerely wish I could forget what I'd read there, the ugly emails I received, the wretched hackers, taunters, hideous stalkers.

So, I read that journal of note there/here with a large grain of salt. If that author's writing sincerely about real events, not like she's an innocent party to taking another person's life. But, it is what I would consider to be "normal" fare in LJ by an "average" user of that site -- since they pride themselves in the "millions" of users that they have, I'd say it's a very sad statement.

S, I tried the LJ thing for... (Below threshold)

S, I tried the LJ thing for a while, as an outlet for posting essays that I didn't feel fit into my blog. But I found it very difficult to meet anyone on there who wasn't a complete idiot, other than my real-life friends. I quickly figured out that there were very, very few people on there who I'd actually like to talk to.

LJ does have its uses, though. Massive numbers of idiots congregate there under a delusion of privacy, but yet they can be easily spotted, which makes for an amusing read. The police are going to have a fine time with Rachelle's diary, I'm sure. And once, when I was stiffed by an eBay seller, I found her LJ page - where she had posted her cell phone number! Needless to say, I got my money refunded posthaste.

What and incredibly disturb... (Below threshold)

What and incredibly disturbed child she is.
I can't imagine how this type of mindset goes undetected. Could her home life be so sad and baren of love of support that no one saw? And what of the 2 accomplices? What mindset would there be for them to even try to rationalize that this was acceptable behavior?
This is just plain sad to me...Just plain sad.

"It's just a matter of time... (Below threshold)

"It's just a matter of time before we find out that some child molester or serial killer has a blog..."

Michelle Malkin and Wonkette have had their computers seized. DUN DUN...DDDUNNN!!

Omni wrote: "It's just a ma... (Below threshold)

Omni wrote: "It's just a matter of time before we find out that some child molester or serial killer has a blog..."

There is a serial killer who has a LiveJournal.
(links via MeFi)

He even posts how he got away with working in a morgue again, all summer, because the employer didn't check his history, and talks about how much fun he had there.

Omni wrote: "It's just a ma... (Below threshold)

Omni wrote: "It's just a matter of time before we find out that some child molester or serial killer has a blog..."

Well, we can rest assured that whoever it is won't choose Moveable Type for his blog. Moveable Type is clearly the preserve of rational, superior beings.

Oh btw, just to keep things in perspective: according to LJ's stats page, the vast majority of LJ users are in the USA and aged 16 to 19.

DTG xxoo






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