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We Suck At Geography

Americans suck at geography, witness our dismal showing in The Geography Olympics...

Update: As has been pointed out, the quiz seems to have quite a few countries that didn't exist until recently. I for one am partial to this map...

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And I thought I was ... (Below threshold)

And I thought I was a nerd.

I never liked rocks anyway.... (Below threshold)

I never liked rocks anyway.

ouch... i just scored two 7... (Below threshold)

ouch... i just scored two 70s and a 50... time to study up and try again tomorrow.

Note that the top 7 ... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Note that the top 7 states are red states. Also note that New Mexico is at THE TOP of the list, which is precisely the opposite of what the other (bogus) ranking indicated should be the case.

We Suck At Geography... (Below threshold)

We Suck At Geography

What you mean "we"? I got 70% twice. Of course, I only pulled the U.S. score up by 0.001%.

But considering how many of the countries in question didn't even exist ten to fifteen years ago...

At least we don't suck as b... (Below threshold)

At least we don't suck as bad as Canadians ... eh

There is one piece of advic... (Below threshold)
Fred Boness:

There is one piece of advice I would like to give the world: Don't try to teach the Americans geography. The world has paid a high price for the limited geographical knowledge it has imposed on Americans. When provoked, Americans will learn just enough geography to know the names of the places they destroy.

I was great in geography wh... (Below threshold)

I was great in geography when I was in the 6th grade in 1967, but too many countries have changed their names since then, and then there was that whole USSR disbandment thing and all of those "stans" with such weird names with a lot of Z's to remember. It's too hard!

You should watch the Nation... (Below threshold)

You should watch the National Geography Bee in the spring. Those kids will kick anybody's ass anyday.


I got 100, baby!Th... (Below threshold)

I got 100, baby!

Then I got a 70. But come on, how am I supposed to tell one S. Pacific island nation apart from another?

They have a "team" for a pa... (Below threshold)

They have a "team" for a palestine, but it isn't on the map.

In their trivia, they list Israel's capital as Jerusalem. Good job!

It would of been better if ... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

It would of been better if they'd had subtitles like in Team America telling you how far east of America everything is. They could do the same thing for guys in those other countries like Transylvania and Moscow so it wouldn't give us an unfair advantage.

An embarassing 80%. Embaras... (Below threshold)

An embarassing 80%. Embarassing because one of the questions was Tuvalu..and an Uncle used to run the place before independence.






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