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2004 Weblog Awards Update


Nominations are closed in all categories except: Best Middle East or Africa Blog - Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog*** - Best Military Blog, which are all staying open through today as we try to solicit a few more entries in those categories. Help us out and visit them and make nominations now!

Voting starts Dec. 1, 2004.

PS - I'd like to apologize in advance to all those nominated blogs that don't make the finalist cut. With thousands of nominations and hundreds of e-mail nominations, it's just not possible for everyone to make the 10-15 sites in each category that you'll be able to vote on.

*** This category was renamed from Best Mexican or Central/South American Blog to better reflect the region and content of interest.


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How and where do we vote?</... (Below threshold)
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How and where do we vote?

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