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Bill O'Reilly Defends Rather

Bill O'Reilly says Dan Rather was slimed by the Internet in this New York Daily News editorial. Given his recent sex scandal troubles, the only thing I could think of to say to O'Reilly is, "project much?"

The underlying subtext in O'Reilly's lame defense of Rather (which conveniently ignores every fact of the story) is the drubbing O'Reilly's took on the Internet as the result of Loofahgate.

It's not the mistake that did Rather in - though it was a doozy; it was the cover-up and incredulous stonewalling...

Update: RatherBiased reports that the Rather resignation came after an in-progress of the independent report on Rathergate was delivered to CBS management.


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Comments (20)

What the hell is it with O'... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

What the hell is it with O'Reilly? Success has gone to his head, it seems.


Tsk O'Reilly has fallen int... (Below threshold)

Tsk O'Reilly has fallen into the trap of the other talk-show hosts. FoxNEWS is slowly becoming one of the other MSM's with just a slightly different viewpoint (that's all).

O'Reilly doesn't impress me... (Below threshold)

O'Reilly doesn't impress me much. He's a bit too narcisistic for me...

- Deb... the one nice thing... (Below threshold)

- Deb... the one nice thing about Narcissists is they seldom talk about others....

- I'll go out on a limb here and wonder aloud if a certain harrasment case might have had some tiny effect on King O'Reilly's attitudes, vis aviv TV personalities.....

Re: He's a bit too narci... (Below threshold)

Re: He's a bit too narcisistic for me...

Yes, and I was considering building my home on the sun, but it was a bit too hot for my tastes...

Just a bit...

well maybe my comment shoul... (Below threshold)

well maybe my comment should have been about Rush...(snicker)
Still, O'Reilly is all about O'Reilly..He only talks about what he's proven or what he has taken on as his agenda.
Rather has no defense for what he did. Ethics fell by the wayside and they bit him square in the ass.
Can't a narcissist thrive on self annointment? Isn't that what BO does? Annoints himself?

What is this mistake everyo... (Below threshold)
Jim Hall:

What is this mistake everyone keeps talking about in regard to Dan Rather? There was no mistake. It was an intentional hit piece aimed at the President. To call it a mistake minimizes what was done.

Re: Isn't that what BO d... (Below threshold)

Re: Isn't that what BO does? Annoints himself?

If he annoints himself the BO problem should go away...

Bill O'Reilly has been out ... (Below threshold)

Bill O'Reilly has been out of touch with the Internet for a while. This just confirms it once again.

The only piece of internet ... (Below threshold)

The only piece of internet Bill O'Reilly knows about are the emails that his staff gathers for him every day for his show.

O'Reilly is a former CBS gu... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

O'Reilly is a former CBS guy. Could he be angling for the Evening News job? I would think not, but you never know.

Steve L.,It would ... (Below threshold)

Steve L.,

It would be great theater to have O'Reilly reading the news. He could expand his popular "Reading Aloud Points" segment by reading the entire program while allowing the viewer to read along on their own teleprompters.

It would revolutionize the reading of news on television!

I'm thinking of launching a... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking of launching a new cable news network. I'll call it the PNN (Pajama News Network).

I'll hire folks very much like Bill O'Reilly to read the assorted works of such pajamahadeen members as Jay Tea, Kevin Aylward, Paul and many more. Or I could just get the above to read their stuff for scale.

And to make it all the more entertaining, the audience could see what they were reading while they read it! Talk about 24/7/365 gold!

I know Andrew Sullivan is entertaining to read and also entertaining to see speaking extemporaneously, but has anyone actually had the divine pleasure of seeing Andrew Sullivan read his own written words out loud next to a teleprompter displaying those words? No, I think not.

This idea is in the seminal phase (we're still pre-fertilization and weeks from implantation) so if you don't want to see it aborted, contact me at my e-mail address and I'll let you know where to send your disposable/investable cash.

What was I thinking?! We'v... (Below threshold)

What was I thinking?! We've got a real live professional performer who posts comments here regularly.

Maha, call me. Or have your people call my people's people.

- andre3000 - you never cea... (Below threshold)

- andre3000 - you never cease to amaze....

"extemporaneously" .... damn I like the way that rolls off the tongue....I've just got to remember that word the next time I post and use it in place of "out his ass"....

Well, yes, "extemporaneousl... (Below threshold)

Well, yes, "extemporaneously" and "out his ass" can be used interchangeably (or if you prefer "six of one, half dozen of the other"). But I was writing to impress a girl.

She knows who she is, too, dontcha Ann?

well not that it matters A... (Below threshold)

well not that it matters Andre but..."I'm impressed"
I'm more impressed with you than I have been with BO in a long time.

O'Reilly _was_ the new medi... (Below threshold)

O'Reilly _was_ the new media. Now he's feeling the same kind of heat at his backside the big three had been getting from Fox News.

He's afraid of the blogosphere, and is afraid of what it could do to somebody like him.

It's a stormy sea out there all of a sudden, so he's lashing himself to the wheel of a sinking ship.

Yes, but please don't forge... (Below threshold)

Yes, but please don't forget to check out the Factor store and buy all the Factor-Crap for sale there.......I just can't take O'Reilley seriously any more.

I happen to like the Radio ... (Below threshold)

I happen to like the Radio Factor. Personally I can't believe O'Riley defended Rather because his whole show is supposedly based on "fair and impartial discussion" of given topics. There was obviously some kind of bias introduced for some reason. Admittedly, I will continue to listen to the Factor on my way to school because, damn it, it's pretty freakin' entertaining!






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