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Only In America

From the Houston Chronicle:

They call it the GloThong.

For $49.95 you get a thong that lights up the derriere and almost everything around it for at least two hours. It's water-resistant and comes with a battery wall adapter, or you can buy a car charger similar to those used for cell phones.

...GloThong is the idea of Beau Carpenter, who works at NASA and is an MBA student at Rice University. The avid runner had wanted to create luminescent jogging apparel, but he got sidetracked after finding a slew of thongs on the Internet.

"Why not make a thong that glows in the dark?" he thought.

Why not indeed...

Carpenter is nothing if not extremly confident. In October he valued GloThong as a million dollar idea when he offered 12% equity for a $120,000 investment.


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Comments (15)

Eeewwww! If it is water re... (Below threshold)
Laura Z:

Eeewwww! If it is water resistant, how does one wash the thing...er, thong?

I can't believe people were... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I can't believe people were worried that there would be nothing left to blog about once the election was over.

I suggest sending one to Ke... (Below threshold)

I suggest sending one to Kerry - autographed by the SBVT.

No doubt, it will be a big ... (Below threshold)

No doubt, it will be a big hit on Santa Monica Blvd.

Those would go perfect with... (Below threshold)

Those would go perfect with this.

ya know, being originally f... (Below threshold)

ya know, being originally from the Houston area, I resisted the urge, the siren's call to blog about this article.

I guess some folks'll do just about anything for a headline!

[LOL! evil grin!]

The avid runner had want... (Below threshold)

The avid runner had wanted to create luminescent jogging apparel, but he got sidetracked after finding a slew of thongs on the Internet.

Man, if I had a nickel for every time that's happened to me …

SondraK will buy one.... (Below threshold)

SondraK will buy one.

I would imagine that if the... (Below threshold)

I would imagine that if the majority of women actually LOOKED like that McGehee, we wouldn't mind a glowing breast. The same can be said for the photo shoot of the GloThongs. (sigh) O don't know any women who actually LOOK that good.
Now, ask both my daughters (24 and 19) and they may just tell you they have already ordered them.
What it is with these little strappy/between the butt cheeks things that makes them so "gotta have them"
I don't get it...I'm not soliciting comments from a male perspective here so calm down boys! I get the whole "cripes but they are sexy to look at thing" I mean.... why do women like wearing them? They can't possibly be comfortable.
And no..I am not a sasquatch 250 lb behemouth (did I spell that right?) I actually am well proportioned for my age and wear a size 5 so it's not body envy at all...I just plain don't get it...

I asked my wife that same q... (Below threshold)

I asked my wife that same question... she claims they're very comfy and they don't show panty lines when wearing tight pants...
Thank God men don't wear these things, I have enough trouble keeping my regular undies outta my crack...

Laura Z: If you go to the s... (Below threshold)

Laura Z: If you go to the site, you'll see that the battery is "water-resistant", not the material.

Given how hot a cell-phone ... (Below threshold)

Given how hot a cell-phone battery can get after a 30-minute phone conversation, would a woman really want a battery burn on her booty?

There is only so much people will put up with to look sexy and interesting.

Or is there?

Well I gotta tell ya that f... (Below threshold)

Well I gotta tell ya that from a female over the age of 45 (and looking all of 30) I'd much rather opt for the Victoria look than run around in anal floss.
and SJ...tight pants are way too uncomfortable...Most women prefer a little wriggle room. That's not to say they shouldn't be worn. I gues it's just preference is all...

I'm still waiting for the t... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for the thong version of boxer shorts. (Fingers crossed)

pain relief by ... (Below threshold)






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