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Ukrainian Election News

  • AP (KIEV, Ukraine) - Facing a relentless tide of opposition protests, embattled President Leonid Kuchma said Monday that a new election might be the only way out of a spiraling crisis that threatens to split this former Soviet republic into a pro-Russian east and a pro-Western rest of Ukraine.

  • Kyiv Post - The Russian daily Kommersant published a report on Nov. 29 stating that up to 800 Russian special forces, or spetsnaz, began arriving in Kyiv early on the morning of Nov. 23 and changed into Ukrainian uniforms at a Ukrainian military base just outside the capital.

  • The Economist - As Ukraine's supreme court begins hearing the opposition's accusations of widespread fraud in the presidential election, pressure is growing for a new vote to be held - this time, a clean one.

  • Kyiv Post. General - Many observers believe that group voting with absentee ballots, organized by state-owned and private companies, was one of the major violations that significantly altered the results of the Nov. 21 presidential vote.

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So now we know the perfect ... (Below threshold)

So now we know the perfect place to send all the liberals to, lol.

Can I be the first to sugge... (Below threshold)

Can I be the first to suggest that Soros moves on.org to Kiev?

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