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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ showed that while the passions of the elections may have died down, a good gag never goes out of style.

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Sen., John Kerry of Massachusetts leaves a toy store at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, N.H., Friday, Nov., 28, 2003. Kerry bought and donated toys to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots program. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

1) (Norm) - "Where is customer service? I need to return some biking shorts, a wet suit and a camouflage jacket and hat..."

2) (Sean) - "I'm sorry, Senator, but Mr. Soros has closed your account."

3) (tony) - "Has anyone seen my wife? Short little woman, hair like a bird's nest? She's two aisles over? Good. Here's $100. You never saw me here."

Honorable Mention

4) (Aaron's Rantblog) - "
Attention K-Mart Shoppers - We Have A Blue State Special on Aisle 9.

5) (-S-) - "Hey, fella, that orange barn coat is for YOU. I don't need it anymore."

6) (Laurence Simon) - "While John is out shopping for gifts, Teresa shops for a candidate-husband for 2008 and a good divorce attorney."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (3)

I can't believe I made the ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe I made the list.

I accessed the comments panel with plans to write, "I never win these caption contests but I agree this week with the winning selections" and then I noticed my name on the runners-up area (thanks!)...

I still can't believe it (thanks, again!). So many contests never conquered, I now just enter the things just because they're there, and wow, thanks. I sure needed the encouragement this morning.

I agree with the top three winners, but No. 02 by Sean is the best, to my read.

All good selections, I thou... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

All good selections, I though Aaron's would do better, but Norm's is pretty good.

My. Worst. Ever.... (Below threshold)

My. Worst. Ever.






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