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Chicago Mayor's Son Enlists In Army

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's son, Patrick Daley, prompted by a lifelong desire to serve in the military, will soon report to active duty as an enlisted soldier in the Army's regular airborne infantry.

Daley, 29, graduated with honors in June from the University of Chicago with a master's degree in business and could have pursued lucrative job offers from investment banking or private equity firms. But instead, he decided to join the Army -- and as an enlisted man.

Good for him...

More coverage - Chicago Sun-Times, NBC5

Semi-related - Last week Chicago Bull legend Michael Jordan's older brother, Sgt. Maj. James R. Jordan asked to stay in the Army for a year beyond his mandatory retirement date so he could complete a deployment to Iraq with the 35th Signal Brigade. The elder Jordan is profiled in The Fayetteville TImes & Democrat.


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Comments (17)

Methinks Private Daley will... (Below threshold)

Methinks Private Daley will bear watching after his hitch is up.

Ya know McGehee...I felt ba... (Below threshold)

Ya know McGehee...I felt bad about having that thought too but now that you've said it I have to say hhhmmmm...
Unless of course his true sense of patriotism is shining??? Could it be that there is not ulterior motive other than the love of country?

Michael Sneed had to retrac... (Below threshold)

Michael Sneed had to retract an article earlier this year saying that Patrick was a Kerry supporter. In fact exactly the opposite was true.

As I would say for anyone s... (Below threshold)

As I would say for anyone serving, bless him and his family. Appreciate his decision.

Godspeed Patrick, and to al... (Below threshold)

Godspeed Patrick, and to all the others who made this choice today, albeit without the hoopla.

I'm grateful to you all.

"And to all others who made... (Below threshold)

"And to all others who made this choice":

Worth reading: The stories you don't hear... (a first-hand report of the Falluja incident by LCPL Schmidt, USMC).

As one that has served in o... (Below threshold)

As one that has served in our military, I can say that I wish we had more like this young man.

Sgt. Maj. James R. Jordan =... (Below threshold)

Sgt. Maj. James R. Jordan = real man

Not to nitpick, but it's <s... (Below threshold)

Not to nitpick, but it's Command Sgt. Maj, not Sgt. Maj. He's the most senior enlisted man in his Battallion. Just calling him a Sgt. Maj. would be like calling God an Archangel...

That someone "will bear wat... (Below threshold)

That someone "will bear watching" isn't necessarily a bad thing in my book, Debra. ;-)

I do believe this is a patriotism thing, otherwise he'd have gone right into OCS, I'm sure. But given his political heritage, regardless of his reason for making this decision, it's perfectly reasonable to think that a subsequent decision to go into politics is not to be ruled out.

Patrick Daley could one day be what the Democratic Party needs to reclaim major-party status. And partisan Republican that I am, I'm not going to say refexively that's a bad thing either.

-Sky-huh????????????... (Below threshold)

Try that again would you? Not sure the lack of puctuation or proofreading did your statement justice..

McGehee....true that.
Anyone who enlists deserves a pat on the back in these times regardless of motive. I felt badly for having the thought like I said but still, the thought is there.

Exactly Debra, MecGehee.</p... (Below threshold)

Exactly Debra, MecGehee.

My own little sister enlisted navy, but she's going nuke program, and she's going to end up as an ELT.
Which means she does more of the chemistry than the "wrench-turning" of the machinist mate job (for the nuclear plant on an aircraft carrier). I'm really proud of her and everyone else who has joined the military, either enlisting or through Officer training programs.

awww...Henry, you must be g... (Below threshold)

awww...Henry, you must be gushing with pride!
She is certainly writing her own ticket if and when she opts out of service that's for sure. She couldn't have chosen a more secure field.

For the first time in my li... (Below threshold)

For the first time in my life as a Chicagoland native, I am proud of a Daley.

Some days I still wish I had joined the Marines right after high school. I probably wouldn't have the six-figure income and great job I do now, but I would be MAKING A DIFFERENCE. My co-workers think I'm crazy, but those guys are out there risking their asses, doing a shit job no sane person would want to do but which is absolutely necessary to have someone do, and changing the course of history in the name of liberty and democracy. They are true modern-day heroes.

I had just about made up my mind to join, when I was offered a generous scholarship and decided to go to college instead. Also, with the Cold War over and Clinton having just been elected and promising to gut the military, it didn't look like I would be given the opportunity to do anything worthwhile in the military.

It's not all that rare for ... (Below threshold)

It's not all that rare for some one who is nearing 30 years old, with a college degree, to ENLIST in the military. When I did it, I would have to say it was a combination of love of country, always wanting to do it, and a good woman to do right by.

Once he's in, the pressure will be on from his chain of command to go to OCS. He will cretainly excel by his own merit, and be recognized by the higher ups. Not for his lineage, but his performance (although some may try to go there). He will probably take MORE heat in boot camp for going in SPC-04.

Kerry would have gone straight down the officer route, where he would have more access to film crews to document his actions for future political propaganda...

I may have been <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

I may have been wrong about Pvt. Daley possibly being the salvation of the Democratic Party.

Apparently I wasn't alone in that (erroneous) sentiment. FWIW, just because Patrick Daley voted for Bush wouldn't necessarily have made him a Republican.

And I am sure in 20 years w... (Below threshold)

And I am sure in 20 years when he runs for a high public office his service to the military will be torn apart by some group calling themselves Iraq Vets for Truth claiming that his purple hearts and metals were somehow undeserving.

I hope I am wrong, because it makes me sad.

Dave (the other one)






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