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"Get on with it!"

Today marks the 4th week since President Bush was re-elected, and tomorrow 4 weeks since Senator Kerry conceded the campaign.

Today on the front page of moveon.org, the lead item is titled "Investigate the vote."

At what point could they be sued for violating the laws regarding false advertising or truth in labeling?


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[Sorry for the anon Name. c... (Below threshold)

[Sorry for the anon Name. checking out your site from work (tho, still five minutes left to lunch)]

Funny you should post this. Woke up early today, and spent a good hour or so trolling the Democratic Underground. Liked the way Michelle at ASV used to pick out the loons. BLUF: There's a thread over there about "I Believe" John Kerry will be president in 2005. Along the lines of "I believe I can make reality, if I just tap my heels together, three times."

Makes you wish Den Beste was still blogging about P-Idealists v. Empiricists. It's a P-Idealist loony bin over there, withuot the patina of a Presidential Campaign to hide under.

Good blog. Regards.

We all watched as the Al Go... (Below threshold)

We all watched as the Al Gore/Florida Supreme Court debacle unfolded. Well, here in Cuyahoga County Ohio we are being asked by the GOP to volunteer to monitor the "recount". It might not make the front pages but something fishy is going on in Ohio!

I'm guessing that Moveon on... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing that Moveon only wants to "check" the vote in states won closely by Bush. No since in investigating Pennsylvania, is there?

They should rename the site... (Below threshold)

They should rename the site "sorelosers.org," lol.

How about getoverit.org... (Below threshold)

How about getoverit.org


~my mommy buys everything i... (Below threshold)

~my mommy buys everything i need so i whine incessantly.org~

Norman, you're so right. T... (Below threshold)

Norman, you're so right. The margin was closer in Penn. And upon perusing the MoveOn site (which believe me, hurts my eyes) I see they're very concerned about Fox News. How can they be so blatantly selective? They're fine with CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, LAT, and every other acronym out there. They're fine with Penn but not Ohio. They're fine with partisanship that leans to THEIR SIDE. I'm getting angry. I gotta go.

Does ANYone here actually p... (Below threshold)

Does ANYone here actually perceive moveon.org as a bearer of solutions? A source of workable resolutions? A bridge building editorial effort?

moveon is a fomentor/er and that's about where their illustrious grandiosity begins and ends: rile things up, foment, foment, throw it up and foment some more, swish it all around and let it go rank, foment, foment, and then cry out: "look, it's SPOILED!"

They would not recognize a workable plan if it arrived in an envelope with another ten thousand dollar 'donation'. The entire purpose to moveon is to foment, foment, spoil and yell out about it. But watch them run when someone suggests that they clean up afterward. I'm curious, actually curious, if the moveon crew has housekeeping because I sorta think that they aren't doing their own dishes, laundry, making their own beds...tedious but a necessary process unless you're privileged and you get to avoid doing all those necessary chores. Like finding solutions and then implementing them.

I was never so turned off by petulent stupidity and the appearance of utter self indulgence as I was this past year when reading several of their intensely offensive "news"letters. They literally drove me to return to the Republican Party and quite early on in their "news"letter effort.

I'd say that The Moveon.Org... (Below threshold)

I'd say that The Moveon.Org people follow the following Despair.com poster as their guide:


I can't remember where I sa... (Below threshold)

I can't remember where I saw the joke made, but somebody recently was overheard to say that the FTC should require "Move On" to change their name to something less obviously deceptive. The suggestion proposed was, "Remain Fixated."

Cracked me up. Wish I could remember who said it.

ObsessedToThePointOfCataton... (Below threshold)


Yeah, the gas showers...</p... (Below threshold)
I am right. Deal.:

Yeah, the gas showers...






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