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One more celebrity story

I didn't mention this in my previous posting about celebrities I have met because, strictly speaking, it isn't my story to tell. But it's too good to let slide.

I live a short distance from Central High School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Its most famous alumnus is probably Adam Sandler. (It's also famous as the model for Riverdale High from the Archie comic strip, but that's another story.) Another CHS Class of 85 alumni happens to be my best friend.

My friend remembers going to school with Sandler. In fact, he claims that Sandler used him as the target for practicing his most biting wit. It took him YEARS to get over his loathing of Sandler, and he still has occasional flashes of bitterness.

I did help, however, the time I e-mailed him a still from "Bulletproof" where he was getting a pistol shoved up his butt...

And to this day I am not, out of loyalty, allowed to like an Adam Sandler movie.


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I ain't got a loyalty probl... (Below threshold)

I ain't got a loyalty problem, I jes' think the guy ain't really all the funny or talented. Can't 'member if I ever even saw any of his movies.

Do you think NH is a place ... (Below threshold)

Do you think NH is a place for artists? Thinking about moving there...

Alumnus. It's alumn... (Below threshold)

Alumnus. It's alumnus, not alumni.

OK, Elmer, I corrected alum... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, Elmer, I corrected alumni to alumnus (and had it been Andrea Sandler, I would've made it "alumna.") Now will you stop being such an anal-retentive asshole, or is that all you have to contribute?


- rectal oriface, rec'tul o... (Below threshold)

- rectal oriface, rec'tul or'a'fuss not asshole.... asshole is reserved for titweasle moonbats....


- Oh - and I think Sandler ... (Below threshold)

- Oh - and I think Sandler sux....

Ain't commenters like Elmer... (Below threshold)

Ain't commenters like Elmer grand?

Bill, I deferred from follo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Bill, I deferred from following your advice earlier. because that particular buttmunch at least had the courtesy to be semi-polite about it. Maybe if I'd made an example outta him then, this one wouldn't have torqued me off.
What really frosts me about this one, though, is I was thinking "one of the most famous alumni," which would have been both correct and inclusive of women graduates as well (Central is also the alma mater of Jane Badler, a former Miss New Hampshire who played "Diana" in "V"), but suffered an acute brain fart while typing.

Oh, well... at least I didn't let the invective go to waste.


I yet to find any of his mo... (Below threshold)

I yet to find any of his movies funny, entertaining or worth the price of the video rental. Unfortunately, family members see movie trailers that they think might be a good movie, and we end up picking it up at BlockBusters. I learned a long time ago that anything with Sandler's name in it is a waste.

Just wait until you have to... (Below threshold)

Just wait until you have to watch him pretend to be Burt Reynolds in "The Longest Yard." Should be painful.

Sandler is not funny. Unles... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Sandler is not funny. Unless of course your thirteen or whacked out on some mind altering substance. Neither of which I am or will be.

What the hell has happened to American comedy?

Would someone please point me towards something, anything funny that has been filmed in the last ten. I may even be willing to read some....gasp,,,,fiction...if I believed I might laugh out loud from time to time.

BTW elmer I realize it shou... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

BTW elmer I realize it should be you're not your.

My man servant always makes that typo. Let it be known I've corrected him, yet again and docked his pay.

Jim, if your manservant kee... (Below threshold)

Jim, if your manservant keeps making this mistake, why are you only docking his pay?

Flogging, man! Works every time!

I guess I'm in the minority... (Below threshold)
Michael Seifert:

I guess I'm in the minority here. My family has enjoyed some of Sandler's movies. But my biggest reason for liking him has to do with his behavior when filming Deed's in our town. Each night after shooting was done he sat at a table on the town green and signed autographs and posed for pictures for anyone willing to stand in the long line. His fellow stars did it for a short time on ONE night.

Hate to add to the alumni/a... (Below threshold)

Hate to add to the alumni/alumnus debate, but . . .

Anyone know the plural of Lexus? (autos)


Been wondering about this awhile . . .

And to Sandler . . . His movies hit about 20% with me, but on his comedy audio, the "beatings" series is hilarious to me. Don't know why. Probably just a sign of a sick mind.

I'm not a fan of Sandler's ... (Below threshold)

I'm not a fan of Sandler's movies, but I *do* like the Hanukkah Song.

Jim Hines--I feel ... (Below threshold)

Jim Hines--

I feel your pain. I know it doesn't fit into the last ten years category, but if you're into reading and haven't perused Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces, you're missing out. Tragically, this was a posthumous discovery after the author took his own life, so there won't be any new material from this fellow, but as a fan of Wodehouse, I found this book absolutely delightful. And even though it was written in the early 60s, it actually revives my hopes that American Humor is not dead. It is, for better or for worse, also being made into a movie.

I'm also a big Carlin fan, and he's probably one of the most unappreciated comics in history. Everyone remembers his list of "dirty words," but they are ignorant of his incredible intelligence and insight.

They'll turn "Opera Man" in... (Below threshold)

They'll turn "Opera Man" into a movie when pot smoking in theaters is made legal. And not a second sooner.

Adam Sandler has done a lot... (Below threshold)

Adam Sandler has done a lot of stupid films. But 50 First Dates was enjoyable, as was Happy Gilmore.

My friend Jennifer's family is friends with Sandler's family, and she told me that one year his family visited hers for Thanksgiving or Passover, I don't remember which. She doesn't have fond memories of him.

Maybe some people are just naturally asshats. I don't know. I've never met the guy.

J:I spent about 10... (Below threshold)
Greg Birrer:


I spent about 10 years in Southern NH in the 1980's (while attending Graduate school at UNH). I was told and always thought that it was the Haverhill Massachusetts High school that was the "model" for the Archies comic strip. I had never heard about manchester High? Can you straighten me out on this? Sorry if this is off topic, but you started it!

Greg the Birdgeek

Sort of On Topic: I'm inte... (Below threshold)

Sort of On Topic: I'm interested to know what you visitors (or J) think about bullying in general.

My girls, when they were in school, were not teased nor bullied - nor did they do such things.

However, I was the subject teasing, as was my husband (although not severely). Our 4 year old son is somewhat behind in his social skills (but he is VERY book smart). I am petrified (yes, petrified) that he is going to be a throbbing target for children once in school. Some kids his own age will turn on him even now - because he does not react quick enough to their play all the time, and sometimes mis-interprets their intentions. Although he's happy, he's unusually serious.

Many make the case that you must learn to live through bullying and teasing, because it teaches you how to deal with life's diffiuclties and gives you "tougher skin".

However, like J said about his friend holding YEARS of bad feelings about this guy razzing him, it seems to me that being the subject of teasing and bullying teaches you NOTHING ... and it leaves a permanent hurt that benefits you in no way that I can think of.

Any thoughts on this?

Hope this is not too off to... (Below threshold)
Greg Birrer:

Hope this is not too off topic...But, to Notthisgirl:
Your son sounds like he would fit comfortably into a group of homeschooled kids. They rarely display the negative behavioral aspects of publicly schooled children and his bookishness would be encouraged and admired.


When the Sandler marathons ... (Below threshold)

When the Sandler marathons start again all three, my husband and both daughters, will be on the couch laughing their asses off at seeing them yet agin for the umpteenth time.. I don't get it. I don't watch it and I don't like it.
Nothing he does stikes me as funny and i like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor.
Water Boy seems to provoke the most laughter and I can't for the life of me figure out why.
I guess that;s why I choose a good book instead..
If I see a film I want to be entertained not bored to death.

Greg thanks. I've seriousl... (Below threshold)

Greg thanks. I've seriously considered homeschooling. Last year he was in a Montessori school, and the older kids leapt on him verbally. This year I put him in my church's preschool and he's doing much better - but we don't have a Christian elementary school nearby. The closest one is 1/2 hour away - on a good traffic day.

Now J, if you're going to g... (Below threshold)

Now J, if you're going to get some real good shots in at Elmer you might consider using "he has cranial rectinitis" or "he has something lodged in his anal cleft." As sar as Adasm Sandler goes, some of his stuff is funny and some is quite sad. As with many comedians, he can't always be funny even if he tries. Regardless, Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison have some of my favorite quotable lines in them.






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