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Begging for a Wizbanging

Just over 24 hours ago I made the following statement:

"And for future reference... Anyone using a Venn Diagram to make a political point gets an automatic link from me. (I always loved those things.)"

So it came as little surprise that I witnessed the phenomenon for only the second time today. --Conveniently tracked back to one of my posts.-- I know when I'm being played. (grin) I bet he was not even going to post today but for the assured Wizbanging.

The post, however, was bangworthy in its own right, check it out.

Comments (3)

Wowee. That was GOOD!... (Below threshold)
Michelle M.:

Wowee. That was GOOD!

You'll probably never belie... (Below threshold)

You'll probably never believe me, but I didn't even see your philo-Venn post. I just plain love the things, because they do such a great job of condensing my blather.

Not that I'll ever complain about a Wizbanging ("Thank you sir ... may I have another?")

Oh I believe you, I just th... (Below threshold)

Oh I believe you, I just thought the timing was funny... Apparently I'm the only one.







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