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2004 Weblog Awards - Voting Has Started


Voting has begun for the 2004 Weblog Awards. Voting end Dec. 12, 2004.


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Comments (11)

Kevin, could you briefly ex... (Below threshold)

Kevin, could you briefly explain how the finalists were chosen from the nominations in each category? or point me to where you have already explained this? Thanks! :)


~an xlnt read, you got my v... (Below threshold)

~an xlnt read, you got my vote, and I am a first time visitor, xlnt links as well, good luck w/ the awards~

Has Suzy designed a special... (Below threshold)

Has Suzy designed a special "finalist" logo for us finalists to put up on our finalist websites? I can't seem to find one.

Hi,What is the proce... (Below threshold)

What is the procedure for getting one's blog listed in any of the award categories?


Sean Gleeson:Not y... (Below threshold)

Sean Gleeson:

Not yet but I will later today (design logo variations with Nominees and Finalists and for the later announced Winner categories).

Thanks for the reminder -- I only hope that everyone will enjoy displaying the logos afterward. I was reading another naysaying blog entry about the logo from someone in Switzerland earlier this morning and it's interesting that the French are the most nasty about this logo.

I don't know why. One of my grandmothers is from an aged, if not ancient, French surname, civilization in the Swiss/French alpine border, I read and speak some French, never joined in the criticisms of that culture due to the recently revealed French betrayal of America's politics and economics, have just, like, never posed a problem to that culture out of deference to my ancestors.

But, apparently, this logo I designed is offending some of the French bloggers, who so far from what I've read, all are also "Mac" affiliated. Some sort of cultural clash in the logo, my Autobiography and design credits, something that's really there for them to kick around, culturally, technically. Academically, however, I've yet to read anything specifically in the critical comments about the logo that provides an insight into the design problem/s that are bugging these critical bloggers, anything beyond the emotionally hateful about it.

So, YES, I'll design some variations of the logo later today and will post them on the dedicated logo page afterward and put an announcement here and send to Kevin, also, once the logos are ready.

Thanks to all/any who enjoy the logo. It was a gift, and it's sad to read that some -- French, all, so far -- are so emotionally bent out of shape about me as a person, the logo itself, my history as a designer. I don't see, so far, either, however, that any of those being so critical about the logo: (1.) contributed to the Awards process themselves; (2.) are designers; and, or, (3.) offer anything but emotionally negativity about things in general, with no information academically about their tribulations.

So, to quote the Australians, I think that they're wankers. Ha.

I was considering designing a variatiion of the Awards logo for those who are emotionally upset by the current version, one with tiny 1 or 2 pt. type in, let's see, Verdana, yes, Verdana, with sparkly bits and pink and purple flowers and some animated dots here and there and...

Well, here's your pr... (Below threshold)

Well, here's your problem, Suzy!

"La dame en question est une pro-bush, ce qui en dit long sur ses capacités en général, intellectuelles en particulier et esthétiques visiblement."

See? You have only yourself to blame. If you weren't such une pro-bush, you'd surely have longer capacités.

- Zelda ... Does fresh, inf... (Below threshold)

- Zelda ... Does fresh, informative, articulate, imaginative posting ring a bell....

FINALIST logo versions are ... (Below threshold)

FINALIST logo versions are now available at this page.

Sean Gleeson: Yeah, I sort... (Below threshold)

Sean Gleeson: Yeah, I sorta thought, without looking too far beneath or through the negative comments, that there was a "liberal" motivation behind the criticism. Like I wrote earlier, there's nothing there but emotional invective about me as a person from persons who are not at all known to me, so, based upon the degree of emotionalism and unspecified academic reasons to explain the negative emotionalism, it's a simple deduction to conclude that the invective is rooted in the liberal dilly-dallying, just as are the trojan programs that are being sent to me, the hacking attempts, the hate mail. It's politically motivated (such a contradiction of terms, that "liberal" now means Facist, certainly inflexible didacticism, if not criminal when actions are used to define individuals).

But, they do continue to exemplify who the actual extremists in our world are today, and they aren't us conservatives. But, yeah, I knew the criticism was politically motivated, was easy to conclude based upon what I've read so far.

Don't let the bastards get ... (Below threshold)

Don't let the bastards get you down. And thanks for the finalist logos. I got mine up, and I think it's cool.

Why no category for "best l... (Below threshold)

Why no category for "best libertarian blog"? And don't try to tell me that's covered by "best conservative blog".






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