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Brokaw's Farewell

PunditGuy was impressed with Tom Brokaw's final sign off, and he's got the video of the segment in case you missed it.


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Comments (6)

Caught a bit of an intervie... (Below threshold)

Caught a bit of an interview of Brokaw by Chris Matthews. They both looked terribly orange. I have to say, I am so unimpressed with news anchorman.

Guess I'm missing the big p... (Below threshold)
Salt Lick:

Guess I'm missing the big picture, but I've never gotten over Brokaw fighting against airing Junanita Brodderick's allegation that Bill Clinton raped her. IIRC, Lisa Meyers and Russert insisted on running with it, but Brokaw didn't want to. Anyone got the full story on that? Did Brokaw ever explain?

Heard last week as Brokaw w... (Below threshold)

Heard last week as Brokaw was signing off a sentimental look back. Something along the lines of we need to find common ground with others who love our culture but dislike our government.

Ahhhh. Now I understand why our planes were highjacked and flown into the WTC... thanks for clearing that up Tom.

The big-three TV news opera... (Below threshold)

The big-three TV news operations complain about not having enough time each evening for REAL NEWS, then NBC spends DAYS filling each episode with snippets of Brokaw's past glories.

How can the MSMs deny that they are afflicted by The Cult of Personality?

Isn't Brokaw the numbnuts w... (Below threshold)

Isn't Brokaw the numbnuts who called Rathergate "the bloggers jihad?"

Brokaw was probably the lea... (Below threshold)

Brokaw was probably the least tainted of the MSM anchors. I may not have agreed with him, but I'm sad to see him go, if not only because it makes me feel old :/






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