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Small Town Blues

I grew up in a very small town -- total population of less than 5,000. The high school had about 300 students, and my senior class was barely 60.

When your school is that small, and that rural, you miss out on a lot. There aren't a lot of sports, and consequently, not a lot of cheerleaders. And of that very small pool, the chances of having several hot cheerleaders is pretty slim.

Especially hot, drunken cheerleaders. Hot, drunken cheerleaders that show up tanked to a game. Hot, drunken cheerleaders who show up to a game and pick a fight with cops.

Sometimes I think of my poor, deprived youth and weep.


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What, no pictures?... (Below threshold)

What, no pictures?

You know Jay, a hot drunken... (Below threshold)

You know Jay, a hot drunken cheerleader is not all you dream of it being. There tends to be alot of throwup and smeared mascara involved. Not pretty. Plus they tend to cry about old boyfriends in between puking sessions.

Yes, I was a cheerleader, never drunk though I saw plenty of it.

Hmm, we didn't even have a ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, we didn't even have a town and only 42 graduated the year I did.

Nathan read my mind....... (Below threshold)

Nathan read my mind....

What, no pictures?

so.....yall WANT to see dru... (Below threshold)

so.....yall WANT to see drunken puking in a cheer outfit?.....

Yes. We like photographs n... (Below threshold)

Yes. We like photographs nudge- nudge-wink-wink.

Pictures....give us pictures!!!!!

Well, you could always post... (Below threshold)

Well, you could always post a link to this version of the article:

In classic newspaper style, it is entitled "Sis boom booze". And there is a picture. :)

i did have a town. not muc... (Below threshold)

i did have a town. not much of a town, though... usually around 1,000 people. 23 students at my graduation... 21 if you take out myself and a friend, who decided to go golfing instead.






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