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Dumbasses Celebrate New Years Too

The only way the pictures below are not safe for work, is if your boss has NO sense of humor. [Ed - There is man-ass though, so consider yourself warned]

Looking at this picture, you just know this is going to get ugly....





Anyone want to guess his resolution for next year?


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Comments (28)

WTF is that contraption? ... (Below threshold)

WTF is that contraption?

That is a (bottle) rocket. ... (Below threshold)

That is a (bottle) rocket.

You don't shoot fireworks much do you?

Paul, be proud of yourself.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, be proud of yourself. You may have saved a life tonight with this posting.

You actually found someone DUMBER than my idiot (and now perforated) apartment-mate, and proved it with photographs.

How can I kill him now, knowing that your dumbass (literally) is still drawing breath?


Anyone want to guess his... (Below threshold)

Anyone want to guess his resolution for next year?

To grow a brain?

Correction: Paul, by "your ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Correction: Paul, by "your dumbass," I meant "the dumbass you found," not "your dumb ass."


OK, that was laugh-out-loud... (Below threshold)

OK, that was laugh-out-loud funny. I almost choked. Thanks!

Why would someone want to b... (Below threshold)

Why would someone want to burn both hemispheres of their brain like that?

Resolution? How about not t... (Below threshold)

Resolution? How about not to be such a dumb-ass.

Puh-dum-pum, chhhh.

Thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

His resolution will probabl... (Below threshold)

His resolution will probably be to NEVER take a dare again, lol.

Hee! Pity this wasn't poste... (Below threshold)

Hee! Pity this wasn't posted last night. My cow-orkers would have gotten a kick out of that!

ha! Hysterical! Can't...bre... (Below threshold)

ha! Hysterical! Can't...breathe...must...have...air!

okay...all better now. (whew!)

"Don't draw the short straw... (Below threshold)

"Don't draw the short straw."

Can we really blame this gu... (Below threshold)

Can we really blame this guy? I'm guessing his friend told him he'd get something long and hard between his cheeks that would ignite a fire in him. How was this guy supposed to know his friend was really talking about a bottle rocket?

THERE's a story the ER staf... (Below threshold)

THERE's a story the ER staff is gonna love... and a set of scars that will provide a lifetime's worth of entertainment, explaining to future S.O.'s...

Jeez, dude- I've done some DUMBASS stuff in my life, but THIS... there's GOTTA be some kind of medal for this. Or at least a warning sign.

Okay, after seeing those pi... (Below threshold)

Okay, after seeing those pictures, I will never again say "light a match" WRT anything happening in that region of my body.

Dumbass, indeed.Ev... (Below threshold)

Dumbass, indeed.

Everyone knows the proper way to launch a bottle rocket from your ass requires a different body angle, about a quarter cup of KY and a condom.

And the condom is to protec... (Below threshold)

And the condom is to protect against slivers.

Get your minds out of the gutter!

Actually, andre, I'm just d... (Below threshold)

Actually, andre, I'm just disturbed that you know the proper procedure for launching a bottle rocket from your butt. I'm more disturbed that there even is a procedure for it!

I'm thinking that if the bo... (Below threshold)
Kent Runge:

I'm thinking that if the bottle rocket were held at a slightly different angle it would have at least provided the public (or pubic) service of keeping this individual from procreating.

I think I may know that guy... (Below threshold)

I think I may know that guy. He doesn't go to Warwick uni, does he?

"Hey, y'all, watch THIS!"</... (Below threshold)

"Hey, y'all, watch THIS!"

Gives new meaning to the old saying, "Know what really burns my ass...?"

Yep: a flame about yea high.

Ah, another of our nation's... (Below threshold)
Scott Packard:

Ah, another of our nation's future CEOs.

Ey suckers, that's me on th... (Below threshold)
Tony Jansson:

Ey suckers, that's me on the picture. I was only drunk, so forget the pictures!

im the guy thats pissing on... (Below threshold)
Hugh Jazz:

im the guy thats pissing on his ass for pain relief

you my friend are, a pionee... (Below threshold)

you my friend are, a pioneer of this country and should be applauded on corageous effort of bravery

Judging from the guy's expr... (Below threshold)
knew it?:

Judging from the guy's expression in the background pre ass-barbeque (eyebrows raised, ready to laugh), I think he knew some degree of pain was on the way.

But, ohmygod! That is bad!


Just another stupid crack s... (Below threshold)

Just another stupid crack smoker ;)

you are so fucking stupid y... (Below threshold)

you are so fucking stupid you fucking dumbass... why the fuck would you even do that you should have known the wrongs.






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