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Ukraine Court Orders New Run-Off Election

Another Supreme court has effectively delivered a victory to a presidential candidate.

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - The Supreme Court declared the results of Ukraine's disputed presidential run-off election invalid on Friday and ruled that the run-off should be repeated on Dec. 26, bringing cheers and fireworks from tens of thousands of opposition supporters massed in Kiev's main square.

The ruling, made after five days of hearings by the court's 18 justices, was a major victory for opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, who had rejected the government's demands that an entirely new election be held.

The opposition had pinned its hopes on the court's ruling in its bid to overturn the results of the Nov. 21 run-off vote in which Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych was declared the winner. The opposition said the vote was rigged to cheat Yushchenko of victory.

The cheating was mostly done via absentee ballots, which should worry the crap out of you if you are an American, since early, unsupervised absentee voting is one of the fastest growing election trends here.


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Comments (5)

Do you suppose they'll heed... (Below threshold)

Do you suppose they'll heed any recommendations made recently by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) regarding the last election? We here in Florida did and things were much better.

- Recently after an extensi... (Below threshold)

- Recently after an extensive independent investigation, the Miami Herald declared the vote in Dade and Hambolt counties to have been fair and acceptably accurate, and so informed the proper officials of the local and national DNC leadership....

- The world awaits with baited breath the asshat moonbats to call next for investigations into vote reporting irregularities at the Miami Herald....

Let's gather up all the lib... (Below threshold)

Let's gather up all the liberal crybabies, put them on a plane, and let them enlighten the Ukraine about how they think elections should work.

Or, we could just crash the plane... oh no, did I say that out loud, lol? ;-)

I'm sure to impress Burt Ru... (Below threshold)

I'm sure to impress Burt Rutan by driving THIS!!!

<a href="http://windowglass... (Below threshold)






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