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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for this picture:

Toyota Motor Corp. (news - web sites)'s new concept vehicle i-unit is driven in during its unveiling performance in Tokyo Friday, Dec. 3, 2004. The one-seater i-unit that resembled a wheelchair, designed to help people get around, will be displayed at an exposition in Aichi, central Japan, next year. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.

Comments (109)

"I don't know about you, bu... (Below threshold)

"I don't know about you, but porta-potties are getting too complicated!"

Hillary Clinton introduces ... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton introduces the latest in liberal fashion; the Tinfoil Suit.

Wonkette fashions the next ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Wonkette fashions the next generation of Moonbat Gear

This is the jet pack they p... (Below threshold)

This is the jet pack they promised me???

After falling from a horse ... (Below threshold)

After falling from a horse and being paralyzed, Yoko Ono tries out her new wheelchair.

Hillary Clinton arrives dri... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton arrives driving her new 2008 election vehicle.

Hillary Clinton stars in Di... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton stars in Disney's Willy Wonka on Ice.

That's nothing...you should... (Below threshold)

That's nothing...you should see the horse that used that stirrup...

Laura Bush unveils her Seco... (Below threshold)

Laura Bush unveils her Second Inaugural dress.

Janeane Garofalo unveils he... (Below threshold)

Janeane Garofalo unveils her new Vagina Sedgeway scotter....

Ushi Nakagawa - aka the hum... (Below threshold)
King Air:

Ushi Nakagawa - aka the human sperm - prepares for launch in the latest version of Woody Allen's mythical "Orgasmitron."

Teresa Heinz-Kerry, shown i... (Below threshold)

Teresa Heinz-Kerry, shown in her new stage dress, stars in the new off-broadway hit Logan's Run Meets The Vaginal Monologues.....

Just released: the fully po... (Below threshold)

Just released: the fully portable John Kerry impersonation kit!

The winner of The Rebel Bil... (Below threshold)

The winner of The Rebel Billionaire rolls out in Virgin's newest form of transportation and declares she will "roll around the World" in a fortnight.

And you thought John Kerry'... (Below threshold)

And you thought John Kerry's bunny suit was funny-looking!

With his passing, the evide... (Below threshold)

With his passing, the evidence starts to leak out: Secret Proof that Christopher Reeves was gay.

Ruth Buzzi. The later years... (Below threshold)

Ruth Buzzi. The later years.

The latest fashion trend fo... (Below threshold)

The latest fashion trend for break-through bloggers: It's pajamas, It's a toilet, It's both! (Shown here in the lefty foil version, also available in genuine deerskin for the right-of-center set.)

Steven Hawking shows off hi... (Below threshold)

Steven Hawking shows off his new wheelchair, a gift from Elton John.

Tim McNabb

> And you thought the o... (Below threshold)

> And you thought the outside of the Clinton Library looked trashy.

>Mrs. Snow Miser is in hot pursuit of some icicle.

> Still, some environmental activists found the Prius too bulky and inefficient, leading Toyota to introduce the miniscule, underdeveloped Preemus.

Where's the mothership? Di... (Below threshold)

Where's the mothership? Did it leave me behind AGAIN?!

Hey, it's just Theresa Hein... (Below threshold)

Hey, it's just Theresa Heinz-Kerry in her latest tractor, down on the farm in Pennsylvania. She has hubby in the trunk. Which is under her seat. Hillary chose the color scheme. Which is in honor of the Presidential Library's Adult Wing. Thus, the knee pads.

Arrhggghhh, that was awful! I admit it, terrible, awful, bad.

It's the Giant Rock Cocaine... (Below threshold)

It's the Giant Rock Cocaine Chair!

Keoki Masahashi, come on do... (Below threshold)

Keoki Masahashi, come on down! You're the next contestant on Elephant Diarrhea Roulette!

Behold! The Fruits of Embr... (Below threshold)

Behold! The Fruits of Embryonic Stem Cell Research!

- Ok you wookies .... Where... (Below threshold)

- Ok you wookies .... Wheres that stud muffin Jubba the Hutt hiding....I know he's around here somewhere....(cortesy of Electric Vagina Weekly)

"We will unleash Monster Ze... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

"We will unleash Monster Zero upon your pathetic planet unless you pay us.... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!"

Although millions of dollar... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Although millions of dollars had been spent on marketing studies that proved conclusively that 69% percent of males over the age of 18 would seriously consider buying a Singular Transportation Device (STD) shaped like a giant vagina, once Motor Trend Magazine coined the phrase Motor City Muff Driver sales projections plummeted. In the end the services of Mary Cheney had to be obtained to model the vehicle at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show and the CRVX 3000 turned out to be an abysmal failure.

Eventually the woman, whose... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Eventually the woman, whose name was eventually found to be Doris, from a Jerry Seinfeld episode, landed one more entertainment gig that she seemed singularly suited for.

The Vagina Travelogues</... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The Vagina Travelogues

"Wow, these winterfresh min... (Below threshold)

"Wow, these winterfresh mints really ARE cool!!"

An early sneak peek of Capt... (Below threshold)

An early sneak peek of Captain Christopher "Kris" Pike, in fabulous full costume, on the set of the long awaited Star Trek: The Rainbow Generation.

Wonkette unveils the 2005 M... (Below threshold)

Wonkette unveils the 2005 MoonBat-Mobile.

Depressed liberals can fina... (Below threshold)

Depressed liberals can finally get their spirits lifted up by entering a virtual world in which John Kerry has been elected President of the United States.

EQ's answer to catassing</p... (Below threshold)

EQ's answer to catassing

Think that sucks? <a href=... (Below threshold)

Think that sucks? This sucks worse.

<a href="http://www.news24.... (Below threshold)
Andrew Y.:

Anna Nicole Smith's third appearance at an awards ceremony in a month is finally a success at Kim Jong Il's first annual Commy Awards.

Michael Jackson reports to ... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson reports to prison in-processing at San Quentin.

Laura Bush unveils her Seco... (Below threshold)

Laura Bush unveils her Second Inaugural dress.

"Hi,my name is Norbu Kai Sc... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Hi,my name is Norbu Kai Schitz,I just swallowed an IPod and the good folks at Reynolds Aluminum took this picture!"

The French Government today... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

The French Government today unveiled their prototype lunar rover. Though problems still remain, and France currently has no lunar exploration program, the announcement was hailed as a brilliant move to counter-balance the gauche functionalism of past American and Russian products, positioning the French fashion industry to capitalize on the need for a cultured aesthetic in the 21st century space market.

Hillary Clinton reenacts th... (Below threshold)
Jim S:

Hillary Clinton reenacts the moment she became born again.

Michelle Malkin displays th... (Below threshold)

Michelle Malkin displays the new border patrol lunar rover designed to stop illegal Martians.

"Chinese lady trying to fig... (Below threshold)
Michael D:

"Chinese lady trying to fight the decepticons."
"Go Autobots!"

Living up to her reputation... (Below threshold)

Living up to her reputation as the ultimate cunt,Hillary clinton attends a lesbian Halloween party dressed as a 'frozen mobile vagina,complete with feathered clitoris.

This just in...the Tin Man'... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

This just in...the Tin Man's wife is seeking a stay of execution from the governor...

...And since it's electric,... (Below threshold)

...And since it's electric, you can register it as a motorcycle in California.

After much consternation, D... (Below threshold)

After much consternation, Democrats finally reveal the new chairman of the DNC...

Get it? chair-man?

"...and in 2148 the Democra... (Below threshold)

"...and in 2148 the Democrats finally admitted their policies alienated the country and returned to the Oval office. Shown here is standard Presidential Aid uniform, complete with nanotech enhanced kneepads..."

Whatever happend to those S... (Below threshold)

Whatever happend to those Segway things?


"Kiss"? I am confused, Capt... (Below threshold)

"Kiss"? I am confused, Captain. What is this thing you call "kiss"?

"What? There's something o... (Below threshold)

"What? There's something on my shoe?"

Like all remakes, the new T... (Below threshold)
Falco Jugger:

Like all remakes, the new The Day The Earth Stood Still sucked, especially the politically correct changing of Gort to a woman of color in an electric car

Caption: The astron... (Below threshold)

Caption: The astronaut, Ms. Nakagawa, as she exits the newly returned spacecraft from Mars; scientists are considering a two-week decontamination regime but have yet to determine where Ms. Nakagawa ends and the contaminants from Mars begin; further tests are planned.

Yoko Ono in "Paraplegic Sno... (Below threshold)

Yoko Ono in "Paraplegic Snow Fairies On Ice"

Things go horribly wrong at... (Below threshold)

Things go horribly wrong at Toyota when the Special Assistant to the CEO mistranslates instructions to, "Get me an IPOD."

"The royal penis is clean y... (Below threshold)

"The royal penis is clean your highness!"

John Kerry's third wife rea... (Below threshold)

John Kerry's third wife readies for 2008 Presedential race.

iNSCRuTaBLe SYMBiAN CoNTRoL... (Below threshold)


to be featured in the upcoming

ReVeNGe oF MeCHaGoDZiLLa 2005

I guess I just don't unders... (Below threshold)

I guess I just don't understand French automobiles.

- Ms Libby Moonbat makes he... (Below threshold)

- Ms Libby Moonbat makes her public debute as the first woman born with her overies and vagina on the outside of her body......(curtesy of Medical Marvels Annual)

WOW, they were right the ne... (Below threshold)
Cheryl Doubinin:

WOW, they were right the new diet pill really works not only am i lighter i can sit in the palm of the hand of this new air diet-namic vehicle of the future.

OK, many previous entries e... (Below threshold)

OK, many previous entries embolden me to attempt this: "Can you dig it? It's like a sex machine!?..."

Sneak peak of the final "Th... (Below threshold)

Sneak peak of the final "The Apprentice" episode where candidates are faced with creating a new car for Toyota Motors.

"Take me to your peter...uh... (Below threshold)

"Take me to your peter...uh...leader."

I'm sure to impress Burt Ru... (Below threshold)

I'm sure to impress Burt Rutan by driving THIS!!!

Monica on her way to Little... (Below threshold)

Monica on her way to Little Rock for permanent display in the Adult wing of the Presidential Library

June Jetson arrives in her ... (Below threshold)

June Jetson arrives in her new top-o-the-line Chevrolet "Stooly".

Show me your peter. I’ll se... (Below threshold)

Show me your peter. I’ll see your leader later.

Finally! Someone invented s... (Below threshold)

Finally! Someone invented something that looks dumber than a Segway.

Jane Fonda AKA Barbarella ... (Below threshold)
Steel Turman:

Jane Fonda AKA Barbarella tries out her new

...Known only as "Toyo",the... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

...Known only as "Toyo",the former Blanket Jackson is seen returning to Neverland for the 2022 holidays.

Desperate to counter the id... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Desperate to counter the idea that a car is a phallic symbol, Toyota unveils the "Rolling Yoni," billed as the first "womb with a view."


"Shojiro, do you have that ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"Shojiro, do you have that list of names for the new concept model we've been working on?"

(reading list) "4Player... CervMatrix... Hymenlander... Vulvo..."

Shojiro, it's been a very long time since you got laid, hasn't it?"


Paula Zahn's make-up chair.... (Below threshold)
Ginger Guy:

Paula Zahn's make-up chair.

"I said 'Gay Marriage' not ... (Below threshold)

"I said 'Gay Marriage' not 'Gay Carriage!'"

Takeshita, Inc. (OTCBB: GON... (Below threshold)

Takeshita, Inc. (OTCBB: GONOW) today unveiled its newest concept design, the Freeway Bidet, a new personal highway convenience for those who have to go while on the go.

Edna decides to project her... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Edna decides to project herself far into the future to see who won the Weekend Caption Contest™ - Bush Edition from October 29, 2004.

In the tradition of the Hum... (Below threshold)

In the tradition of the Hummer H2, which is twice as big and ugly and feature-cluttered as the H1, the makers of the Segway introduce the Segway S2.

New in 2015: The Oldsmobile... (Below threshold)

New in 2015: The Oldsmobile Orgasmatron!

Not pictured: the lion and ... (Below threshold)

Not pictured: the lion and the wardrobe.

And the world is asking: wh... (Below threshold)

And the world is asking: what kind of poison could have done this to Viktor Yushchenko?

Kevin gets lazy and steals ... (Below threshold)

Kevin gets lazy and steals a pic from Sondra K's Haute Couture WTF.

You mean I'm too overdresse... (Below threshold)

You mean I'm too overdressed to be the next Bond girl?

Is it any wonder that we ca... (Below threshold)

Is it any wonder that we can't control Medicaid spending?

Chelsea Clinton: "Maybe thi... (Below threshold)

Chelsea Clinton: "Maybe this will finally get daddy's attention."

....Sorry to interupt you m... (Below threshold)

....Sorry to interupt you my Queen....Theres a giant Dildo on wheels outside the front gates....The UPS guy says you ordered it from "Uncle Bob's Adult toy world"....Should I let him in?......

At last week's Super-hero b... (Below threshold)

At last week's Super-hero bash, Cold Hearted Bitch allowed all a first look upon her new Vagina-mobile.

Has knee-pads because the f... (Below threshold)
Oval Office:

Has knee-pads because the face is the only accessible part.

A vision of the future reje... (Below threshold)

A vision of the future rejeced as too weird.

New from RONCO! The P.E.S.T... (Below threshold)
D Carter:

New from RONCO! The P.E.S.T.mobile! This high-tech vehicle enables you to maneuver through life without ever having to come into physical contact with Bush supporters. Order now, and get this special TV bonus: "Shades-o-Blue"! Unique, partisan eyewear that forever preserves the illusion of a Kerry victory.

You'd expect to pay over $1000 for this product at DNC headquarters, your local union hall, or at the CBS gift shop, but we're making it available at the amazingly low price of $19.95!! Oder now!! Operators are standing by.

Attributing John Kerry's lo... (Below threshold)

Attributing John Kerry's loss to its inability to mobilize its base, the Democratic Party fires the donkey and adopts the moonbat as its new mascot.

FCC approved Barbarella cut... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist:

FCC approved Barbarella cut.

"In the future, women will ... (Below threshold)

"In the future, women will be genetically engineered with knee pads to make kitchen floor scrubbing that much easier."

Studio execs were far from ... (Below threshold)

Studio execs were far from convinced that Oliver Stone's pitch to combine the story of partial birth abortion and the Sonja Henje Story would play well in Jesusland.......

The security patrol at the ... (Below threshold)
T. Lung:

The security patrol at the Ellen DeGeneres estate has recently been equipped with the latest Ichifani Quick Response 69 scooter.

A night of frivolity turned... (Below threshold)

A night of frivolity turned anxious and then ugly for John Kerry ... wife Teresa (pictured here in this newl-released photo) modeled her inaugural dress at Kerry's headquarters in Massachusetts shortly after receiving the first batch of exit polls.

John Kerry eat your heart o... (Below threshold)

John Kerry eat your heart out

This is much better than that sperm suit.

Moments later the prototype... (Below threshold)

Moments later the prototype v-car was front-ended by the oscar mayer weiner mobile, repeatedly.

It was probably at this par... (Below threshold)

It was probably at this particular point that Annette Bening realised her mistake in consenting to a cameo role in "Austin Powers IV - A View To A Clit".

In a grand gala for the pre... (Below threshold)
Doug McGie:

In a grand gala for the press, the newest offering by the joint venture between Toyota and Volvo is unveiled.The new car is named the VULVA, a clever combination of the two carmakers names.Unfortunately the engineers who named the car did not realize that the word VULVA in Japanese, Swedish, and English, universally and loosely translated means "no go, or don't go there."

The latest in electronic vo... (Below threshold)

The latest in electronic voting machines, this one acutally reads your mind and calculates who would be the best candidate for your needs. it was developed at the Clinton Library by Al Gore. The model shown here was not harmed by Mr. Clinton. (it was consentual)

Shown above: spy photo o... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Shown above: spy photo of Angie, the brave handicapped dancer, from "Starlight Express II: Electric Bugaloo."


Check out those knee pads..... (Below threshold)
Larry K.:

Check out those knee pads...and only glitzy, white automated cigars for this girl.

After winning every award i... (Below threshold)

After winning every award in the 2004 Weblog Awards, Daily Kos released a picture of its protoype Vote-O-Matic.

2 entries:-"And th... (Below threshold)

2 entries:

-"And they said the 'John Kerry NASA Jumpsuit" look would never catch on!"

-"Segway unveils another P.O.S. that no one will ever buy."

Just the latest blue state ... (Below threshold)

Just the latest blue state vehicle.

While obtuse pudits claim t... (Below threshold)

While obtuse pudits claim that she is too darn liberal for 2008, Hillary continues to redefine herself.

Japan FINALLY improves upon... (Below threshold)

Japan FINALLY improves upon the birth control pill.






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