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Nos Morituri, Salutamus!

I just heard that President Bush is attending the Army-Navy game today. When asked who he hopes will win, he answered "The United States Of America."

Putting politics aside for the moment... did anyone else immediately combine the ideas of "The Imperial Presidency" and how athletes -- in particular, football players -- are called "modern gladiators" and instantly think of President Bush as a modern-day Roman Emperor, attending death matches in the Colosseum?

I can just see the referees turning to him for the final thumbs-up/thumbs down on penalties, and the half-time show being Lions Versus Cheerleaders...

Hell, it'd do wonders for the ratings. Even I'd watch that.


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I'd tune in to see cheerlea... (Below threshold)

I'd tune in to see cheerleaders v. cheerleaders, or maybe lions v. Debra Lafave.

I think Jay Tea is of his m... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I think Jay Tea is of his meds again.

- As if the asshats didn't ... (Below threshold)

- As if the asshats didn't have enough spurious, torured logic, and unfounded analogies already....

...."...and did you see Bushitler presiding over that colosseum of hate-filled, Christain red staters brutilizing each other...Who can doubt a maniac like that isn't gleefully cackling at the murderous exploits and war crimes the US military commit every day against the brave Islamic freedom fighters...."

- There.... for all you libtard braindead titweasles I saved you the trouble .... "We now return you to our regularly sceduled program of factual thinking and conservative sanity".....

- In some ways it would be poetic justice and retribution.....Instead of the Lions vs the Christians this time around it could be the Lions vs the Moonbats......

Cheerleaders v. cheerleader... (Below threshold)

Cheerleaders v. cheerleaders? What channel is that on again?

I'd love to see Bush mosey ... (Below threshold)

I'd love to see Bush mosey about the Army-Navy game like a modern day Roman emperor clad in a toga and tiara. Red-staters would eat it up.

I thought I heard that he u... (Below threshold)

I thought I heard that he used a coin from Falluja - so we can mix in the idea of displaying treasure looted from vanquished provinces.






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