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Tawdry Teacher Tapes Released

24 year-old teacher Debra Lafave was back in court this week pleading not guilty to charges that she had sex with a 14 year-old male student.

The Smoking Gun has the prosecutions evidence and Tampa Bay's CBS affiliate WTSP has transcripts and audio of the calls the boy made to the teacher that were taped by police.

Debra Lafave sounds childlike in the conversations. She says, "Ewww, you think I'm weird," when he expresses concern about having sex without a condom. When the student tells her she can come over because his mother is out she says, "Promise... pinky promise."

LaFave's attorney, John Fitzgibbons, said that she will plead insanity. He also said that LaFave has "some profound emotional issues."

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Who, pray tell, counseled t... (Below threshold)

Who, pray tell, counseled this young woman to become a teacher instead of something she was more qualified to do? Snap-On Tool calendar model, for example?

Obviously what we have here... (Below threshold)

Obviously what we have here is the equivalent to "Sweeps Week."

Kevin wants to win his own blog contest - badly.

"Bloggers acting badly." I like it!

Is it possible she has mult... (Below threshold)

Is it possible she has multiple personalities? She sounds like a candidate for a genuine mental condition. That tape was totally weird. Maybe one of her personalities is a 12 year old lolita.

Obviously what we have h... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Obviously what we have here is the equivalent to "Sweeps Week."
True that.

You know what though? I'm having an impossible time getting upset about what this young tart has done. I know for sure if it were a 24 year old man and a 14 year old girl I would be sufficiently outraged. Even if Debbie (I think we can call her that) weren't so damn attractive I still don't think I would feel the boy was taken advantage of. I'm actually thinking just the opposite. I'm thinking maybe there should be a required course in junior high where a passing grade requires you get it on with a hot young lassie like this one.

I know I'm wrong on some level, probably every level but I've talked to other men who don't appear to be upset about this either. In fact quite the contrary. So I thought I would share this side of the twisted psychology of men.

I'm thinking maybe there... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking maybe there should be a required course in junior high where a passing grade requires you get it on with a hot young lassie like this one.

You know, I'm not totally sure I passed 7th grade. Maybe I'd better go back for a do-over...

i must say...that smoking g... (Below threshold)

i must say...that smoking gun transcript...the photo above....where were these types of teachers in my HS years?

Some people don't seem to g... (Below threshold)

Some people don't seem to get it, because this was the opposite of a male teacher preying on a female student - try to put yourself in a parent's shoes; this teacher was in a position of trust, and parents need to rely on teachers when their children are under their care.

Logically you are correct P... (Below threshold)

Logically you are correct Palmateer. However, as a man who was 14 once, I know that if the opportunity to share a ride with this teacher came my way, I would definitely not have passed it up.

And the only scarring I would have would be the concern that it did not get better after 14...

For all of you preverts out... (Below threshold)

For all of you preverts out there fantasizing about this sordid episode, consider this: from previous reports, it is clear that this woman is (a) seriously messed up, emotionally and psychologically and (b) bisexual. Now, (b) is interesting because it means that she could have just as easily hit on a female student. The question is, what if you had a 14-year old daughter who was sexually used by a psychologically troubled bisexual teacher at the school you were sending her to? Would you feel
a) proud
b) happy
c) angry
d) disgusted
e) horny


f) all the above?I... (Below threshold)

f) all the above?

I want to know what moron put that babe teaching 14 year old boys in the first place. The lack of common sense in the personel department of the school system has to bear some of the responsibility.


Anyone who make the argumen... (Below threshold)
little Mikey:

Anyone who make the argument that is it the same as a man teacher taking advantage of a female student is not awhere of the differances between the sexes...besides...bisexual too? Now that is hot!

- kqowen - You need to incl... (Below threshold)

- kqowen - You need to include "jealous" on the list to cover McGehee and me, and probably more of the male bloggers than will admit to it.....

- I'll say what no one else may want to. After the usual swarm of press, prosecutors, "groupies" and media whores, the usual court/verdict/testimony et al...The decidedly bodacious "Debby" will gain her spot of fame, and the kid will be mondo popular with both sexes of his peers. Both of them will have full dance cards for a good long time after the dust settles....May seem unfair, but thats the society we live in....

- As for me, as the parent of a "all-glans" Godzillateen I can certainly show the proper concern and outrage...

- But another part of me remembers Ms. Carrol, our 8th grade math teacher, whose glorious ass and rack made getting through Calculus a sheer labor of "love" for several generations of adolescent males, especially those times when she'd sit on the edge of her desk with her beautiful legs and skirt hiked up and....Erm....sorry....kind of drifted OT there for a moment......

Oh, so there can never be a... (Below threshold)

Oh, so there can never be any such thing as a female sexual predator? Good luck trying to sell that one...

Problem here is that this i... (Below threshold)

Problem here is that this is the personification of about 80% of every males first sexual fantasy. It is terrible tough for me to feel sorry for the boy, I have a feeling the media and court attention is causing much more harm to him than she ever did.

anyone who calls a guy a pe... (Below threshold)

anyone who calls a guy a pervert for wondering where such teachers were when they were 14....isn't a guy.

Sorry but I simply can't se... (Below threshold)

Sorry but I simply can't see this as merely some kind of masturbatory fantasy a la Van Halen, nor do I subscribe to the assumption that the masturbatory fantasy depends on in order for it to work, namely, that it is perfectly healthy and natural for adults to sexually prey on minors. Healthy, normal adults simply do not do what this woman did. As previously stated, she has a history of psychological and emotional problems and all she's doing is working them out on the kid. Pardon me for not finding this erotic.

This is a simple case of an... (Below threshold)

This is a simple case of an adult taking sexual advantage of a minor, one over whom she has power and influence, yet; I hope they treat this exactly as they would if the genders were reversed.

Hey, both my math and Engli... (Below threshold)

Hey, both my math and English teachers were hotties, but other than rare fantasy material, they were not my female peers or sexual objects. It was kinda a drag to have gym right after math though...

Its a sad picture of one aspect of our society to see the circus this has turned into.

But to get back on topic, the woman is not healthy. Her problem needs to be handled in an in-patient psychiatric ward, not the courts or the media. Besides betrayal of trust and authority/privilege, violence, sexually transmitted disease and rug burn or spinters can result from teacher/student intimacies. The boy may need some out-patient counselling, but protection from the media is problably more important if you have to rank things for him. And it will be a long time before he's likely to see anything "better" (from the Cro-Mangnon male perspective touted above by others, not the mature, real intimate love all us adult males crave, right?).

Now THAT's gotta be painful and punishment enough.

Dudes. I hear you. But yo... (Below threshold)

Dudes. I hear you. But you are putting your adult selves into the 14 year-old's shoes.

As the mother of a 14 year-old son, all *I* have to say about this is: that young woman is VERY LUCKY she didn't take advantage of MY son.

Methinks I'd be the one needing an "insanity" defense.

There is a huge difference ... (Below threshold)

There is a huge difference between fantasy and reality. I definitely can see where boys would fantasize about their teachers (or a sexy adult next door neighbor), and unfulfilled, look back on those fantasies with nostalgia as an adult.

I would compare it with the so-called "rape" fantasy many girls/women have ... the fantasy of this sexy mysterious stranger just overwhelming them...

But reality is very very different.

Outside of media attention, this kinda of thing happens way too often. Working in the judicial field, I've seen the ones that do come to attention of law enforcement. We had a female teacher/coach that secuded a 16 y/o female student not long ago.

And guess what. Minor male students who ARE actually seduced by a female teacher are harmed by that seduction. It is not the stuff of fantasy land.

Look at what a piece of sorry humanity Vili Fualaau has become.

Boys have just as tough a time getting through adolescence than girls...and maybe tougher because we look out for the girls while sort of brushing off what happens to boys.

Adults who prey on children (pedophilia) or adolescents (ephebophilia) have power and personal issues.

i dont think anyone is sayi... (Below threshold)

i dont think anyone is saying this teacher shouldnt go to jail.

But...most every 14 year old guy i have ever known would consider this situation a dream.

Guys at 14 are no where near innocent in their mindset, but that in no way justifies her pedophilia...but THIS situation...to almost any 14 year old guy, is a dream come true.

She should go to jail for a long time. She needs mental help. The guy probably needs a bit of counseling on how to treat women now too.

Parents dont control their kids...the neglected sons are able to use the neglected daughters...the good kids are social exiles...and thus junior high and early HS sucks all around.

To put my comment into bett... (Below threshold)

To put my comment into better perspective, there's a saying: "Youth is wasted on the young."

I'd say that teacher's libido was likewise.

Meanwhile, wisdom and experience are wasted on tubby old guys like me.

It ain't just junior high and HS that suck.

No big deal. When I was 13 ... (Below threshold)

No big deal. When I was 13 there was a gal down the street that anyone could service. She was about 35 and not nearly as easy to look at. This went on for several years, until she moved away. Nobody told on her and we all felt lucky. I still do.

I guess this is a less humi... (Below threshold)

I guess this is a less humiliating way to minor-league infamy than being judged by a retard a drunk and a gay guy on Howard Stern.

I guess.

All I can say is this. This... (Below threshold)

All I can say is this. This thread confuses men because they are having to think with both brains. The one in their head says *wrong* and the one below says *wow.* Sadly the one below usually wins the argument.

WE NEED A WARNING!!!!... (Below threshold)
Galactic Jello:


For those of us with RSS feeds that read this stuff during "work hours" (on break, of course), we need to know IN THE HEADLINE if the topic is SAFE for work viewing! This is not!

People get fired for this stuff!

Please... Spam is mandated to have "ADV:" in the subject of emails, put something in like "!WK!" (Not Work !) in your titles if it is an article we shouldn't be risking the livelyhood of our familes on (seriously!).

If you need a work warning,... (Below threshold)

If you need a work warning, then my advice is: never read Wizbang at work.

The kid set her up with the... (Below threshold)

The kid set her up with the police......what she did was wrong but she needs psychiatric help not prison.

I think the kid needs menta... (Below threshold)

I think the kid needs mental help too, unless the boy is homosexual by nature.

Look the kid got the ride o... (Below threshold)

Look the kid got the ride of his life which I'm sure he's going to tell to all his friends about for as long as he is alive and now everyone wants to wichhunt the babe to death. Its the dick that should be put into the hole not the babe. We should sentence the babe to 2 years in Amsterdam's red light district (that's Denmark for those inbreds in the bible belt who think sex is for procreation) so she can cool her legs down and put a life time gag order on the boy.

Man, she is a COW. What ar... (Below threshold)

Man, she is a COW. What are y'all talking about?!

come on you retards... ever... (Below threshold)

come on you retards... everyone here was 14 once. now anyone who says they would not have tapped that ass because they were too young is probably gay, because i just don't care, i could be 5 years old i wouldn't be a bit shy about doing a fine bitch like this one.. what y'all dont realize is that children do have dicks and pussies, therefore, they have sexual feelings and pleasure. well, maybe you do know, you just pretend not to.
seriously, it's as simple as that.

Sure, Lucas, and maybe you ... (Below threshold)

Sure, Lucas, and maybe you can do Camryn Manheim next....

Most of us agree on the poi... (Below threshold)

Most of us agree on the point that a 24 year old women sexually does not need to use a 14 year old boy. I do understand there are circumstances where a woman/man over the age of 18 could force a minor into sex.

If two 14 year olds engage in sex then even if it is consent or not no one raises a voice. I just don't understand the age of consent thing these days. Did any of you so called parents or concerned citizens ever visit a local mall or a theater on a friday. I have seens 12-16 year old teenage girls smooching their b/f's or who ever it is more passionately than any actors in a movie.

These girls walk into the theater complex normal but they walk out of the women's rest room completely changed. Those small skirts and tight T's they change into is definitely not endorsed by parents for sure. Go check your kids and their closests first before you point fingers at others.

The age of consent these days should be changed. I doubt anyone who reached puberty does not understand what is sexual inclination or not. If teenagers can sneak beer kegs for a party or get pregant, they definitely can get out of situations they don't need to be in.

I read the whole transcript on TheSmokingGun and did not find a tad bit of evidence that the teacher forced the guy. It sounds consentual. If teenagers can get hold of smokes or drugs, sex is the last of my concerns.

People get fired for this s... (Below threshold)

People get fired for this stuff!

What the Fuck are you doing reading these articles at work? Wait till you get home.

Isn't there anyone who date... (Below threshold)

Isn't there anyone who dated this chick or banged her atleast around to say what kind of person she is?

Did she make anyone of these guys wear that outfit Rob Schnider wore in that new Deuce Bigalow 2 teaser (baby diaper and hat)?

Where are the psychological profilers?

I dont think theres much to... (Below threshold)

I dont think theres much to be said except for the following:

1) she was a hot older woman, and she never forced sex onto the boy. let it slide. (no pun intended)

2) at 14, he might be to young to understand all the sexual feelings older people posess, but if you ask me. i know some 20somethings who don't know how to handle anything sexual. ohh boo hoo, your crying. she touched your pee pee, and you touched hers... and banged at hot blonde ex-model.

get over it.

3) Now if it was a male 24yr old teacher and a 14 yr old girl, the media will be slamming this even harder. but i think it should work both ways. besides, dont females mature faster than boys anyhow? so a 14yr old girl is somewhere along the 18yr old boy's mentality. thus, making it even more acceptable in this scenerio.

3) maybe this trial should be put on hold until the boy is 18 or in college, when he realizes he had the best de-virginized experience over most people.

perhaps everyone in the courts are jealous.

4) in the end, when we all realize this was prolly the best thing that'll ever happen to this boy (including his future porn career) - he did in fact tell his parents, and therefore felt bad about it. so perhaps in the end... he was too immature to handle this type of sexual encounter, and the teacher should've known better. she doesnt deserve jail time for this... she deserves a good spanking from the judge is all.

Lucas is a misogynistic pig... (Below threshold)

Lucas is a misogynistic pig.
Gabe, you need to take a writing class.

The kid who she had sex wit... (Below threshold)

The kid who she had sex with should be going to jail. Anyone who is that stupid to turn in a teacher like that must be gay or a complete dummy.

man this must be the most d... (Below threshold)

man this must be the most dum kid i ever met whos dumm enof to tell on a !!HOT ASS TEACHER LIKE THIS!! is real dumm if i would goten that chase i would have taken it and not told dum kid

Who ever steve is you are t... (Below threshold)

Who ever steve is you are the fucking in-bred. Amesterdam is not in Denmark you fool it is in Holland a.k.a the Netherlands. I swear if all of America is as dumb as you to make fun of someone with the wrong information and act authoritative about it God help us. Please don't respond buddy cause you might say something rediculous again that you won't be able to take back.

I find it interesting (and ... (Below threshold)

I find it interesting (and I find myself even agreeing) that in our culture the sexual abuse of a teenage boy by an adult woman is winked at or even the law that stipulates such an act as a crime is questioned. In our society the law must apply to both sexes to be viable, otherwise to make adult and underage partners legal for one sex and illegal for another would imply either a fact or a perception about the fundamental differences between the sexes. As a clinician in mental health I have all to often seen the effects of sexual predation upon the young and innocent in both sexes, however and correspondingly I have known of benign and positive experiences of such sexual encounters professed by both sexes. However it is important to note that by the large and in the main, the positive and even fond memories of sexual experiences between the underage and adults is by men whose partner were adult women. While my comments are based wholly on anecdotal commentaries, it does bring up the question of whether our understanding of this issue is not complete.

i just wanted to know, wher... (Below threshold)
Joe johnson:

i just wanted to know, where were the teachers like this when i was in school.

Welcome to America. The wor... (Below threshold)
the angry american:

Welcome to America. The world is already a freak show,but in America you get a front row seat. If this was a guy that did this, they would be screaming for castration. And a guy would be doing hard time in a 8x10 jail cell for certain. She gets 3 years house arrest, 7 years probation. But if you put it in perspective (from a guys point of view,sorry ladies you just don't get it,well........ Mrs. Lafarve did) I guess it's not such a bad thing in a way. If a man does this to a younger female student, well that's just wrong, sick and disgusting and no good will come out of it. But when a female does it to younger male...well......that's just good self esteem.
Now i know some of you "self ritious" people will not argee with that, but i find most of the "self ritious's" are blow hards and full of crap anyways, who toot thier own horn for self gradification. Either that or it will be the "church go'ers". Who most of them ,I find to be small minded. Don't get me wrong here, i do believe in a "higher power" but I don't waste my time on religion. And basically to put that in easy perspective for you is.."Jack in the bean stock"....."Adam and Eve" what's the difference? If one can be true, why can't the other? I could go on and on about the "pussification" of America, but i am tired........need a beer and can't find my remote.

All this is because of mode... (Below threshold)

All this is because of modern america's twisted sense of morality. Sex is natural. biologically nature has tuned our bodies for reproduction at the age of 14. Humans have been around for some 100,000 years. It's only within the last 100 years that the concept of a minor has even evolved. Marriage at 12-14 was not uncommon not so long ago. Get over your self righteous bigotry and educate yourselves. This christian conservative movement in america disgusts me and makes me ashamed to be an american. I'm not proud to call my self an american. My passport is my scarlet letter. This sense of morality is false beacuse based on your narrow view of the world and christans bigotry.

VICTORY! Only house arrest!... (Below threshold)

VICTORY! Only house arrest! We can still hope for that SMUT Magazine spread soon! I would cream all over the pages if I saw her on them!


In as much as we all think ... (Below threshold)
Cleveland Ohio:

In as much as we all think that this was truly inappropiate from a preverted sense how could you not truly agrue that this is any male fantasy out there seeing a woman as hot-looking as Debra Lafave is, that you would want to ruin a great thing going with her. She may be nuts or insane, but baby if I had a girl that is as hot as this wanting to have sex with me with the drive that she appears to have...YOU WOULD GET NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME NOR WOULD I WANT TO TURN HER IN. I know she is a teacher and should be responsible for her actions but come on a 14 year old who has hormones going as high as kite be not turned onto to this. Any guy out there who can not honestly not have any images or thoughts running through his mind that would not want to get it on with Miss Debra Lafave is is either quear, or needs to be hit upside the head. Why didn't these types of things not happen when I was this young? I know when I was 14 years old every guy in my locker room all talked about everything sexual with girls when we we first moving into adolesence. In most notable news events that relate to sexual encounters do you ever even see especially a female as attractive and sexy as she is. If she does have a sexual problem, it sure is going to be hard for her not to tame herself to the levels the courts have imposed on her. I bet there is a zillion guys out there wonding how they could meet a "Nimpho-maniac" like this considering most woman never even show an appetite like she has. What I would give to have even an encounter with her..she is a total fox even the motorcycle pic they show truly comfirms it. Any hetrosexual guy out there that truly does not agree with this then your on a different planet! This kid was not taken advantage of and his parents know it! Not wanting to push the prosecution into a trial confirms it. I know this kid is under age, but at the same time he is of the age that he knows what he was doing. Why would he have dome this this many times and even have someone drive him around while they were doing this. He was provoked, she had wanted to do it and it was the true male hormones kicking into gear. Plain an simple....

What is this world coming t... (Below threshold)

What is this world coming to? Here we are in the most 'civilized' society...America, and we waste our time prosecuting people for having sex...consexual no less, did they kill anyone, murder anyone, sell drugs to children or adults? No...people who do these crimes they hardly even hit the newspapers if that, their crimes affect the lives and families forever, their victims are forever affected, and what do they get? Suspended sentences, no publicity, plea bargains, turn into states evidence and case dropped, rat another dealer out---case dropped, no names on websites like sex offenders, no mandatory psychiatric treatment. This countrys legal system is a joke you guys prosecute and brand the wrong people as criminals your justice system is unfair, unjust and inequitable, you get around your own laws by sending suspected criminals to other countries to be tortured and incarcerated. and the american public turns a blind eye. What a crock...its no wonder that you all spawn hate from nations around the world. But to all the people who are going to jump up and be patriotic after reading this...hey if you are that patriotic, show some guts and go join the marines and volunteer to go to Iraq or Afghanistan and put your life on the line like I am. Lastly....the kid who turned her in is a pussy. PERIOD.

Hey, I'm a young college gu... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'm a young college guy! I'd love to get a hold of a woman like that when I was in high school, i think any kid would! The parents are just mad their kid isn't innocent anymore.

OK, let's all take a moment... (Below threshold)

OK, let's all take a moment to reflect on just how retarded "the angry american" is. I'm going to go out on a limb and say "She" is just a little bit bored with her own life. First of all, did she forget the age old lesson, " i before e, except after c, or when sounding like a, as in neighbor and weigh"? This is the "real" dilemma in America, the freak show as she so poorly calls it. Again, that's dilemma, not enima. Most of them cannot spell! And let's remember, "anyways" is also an abortion of the english language. As for her quoting literature, it's not Jack "in" the "beanstock", it's Jack "and" the "beanstalk." And I have not a fucking clue as to what "ritious" is? I think she meant, "righteous" and what the hell is "pussification?"
Listen, this chick Lafave is a bona fide babe. In America today, we've got to take more control ourselves. If this would have been me, more than likely my parents would have whipped my ass, had a nice long sit down with her and settled this accordingly. All to often, we expect everyone else in society to cover our asses. When I was in eighth grade, I had the hottest teacher for a year. She was this knock out blonde bombshell who drove a little yellow MGB convertible. If I'd of had the opportunity I would have banged the living snot out of her! I used to fantasize about her every single day. The next year, she was gone. It seems the Nuns in the convent didn't approve of her wearing the low cut button down fuzzy sweaters that were causing us to ooze premature ejaculate in our BVD's. Debra Lafave is receiving what she deserves, if she does have a problem then I would say she was set up. She had just as insatiable desire to bone him as he did her. As for "the angry american", I would advise she pick up a "DICK-SHUN-AIRY", and look up the word "retarded", and remember, when you write something, someday, someone is bound to read it.
Viva La Debra!

In 1977, when I was 14 I ha... (Below threshold)

In 1977, when I was 14 I had similar experience and to this day thank my lucky stars for the event. I believe that it opened the door to an open and healthy sex life. I didn't turn her into the police, I only wish she hadn't moved away.

Anyone else think this pict... (Below threshold)

Anyone else think this picture looks photoshopped?

I'm a conservative, an Amer... (Below threshold)

I'm a conservative, an American, and a Republican. Most of you guys are sick. Sex is for procreation only, and is not at all meant for anyone under 21. Look at our administration if you want some examples to look up to. You think any of them ever have sex, much less have sex with teenagers? Think about it. And read your Bibles.

I think the main reason peo... (Below threshold)

I think the main reason people are feeling outrage is the fact that this older woman was in a position of power and influence, not just over this young boy, but over a whole school. This relationship would probably not have garnered such a media circus had she been a neighbor.

Looking at it from an emotionless, purely intellectual standpoint, she not only jeopardized the welfare of this child, but also endagered the education of the rest of the school. By favoring this one boy above all others in the most intimate way, she alientated the rest of the school and possibly disrupted the teaching process that brought them together in the first place.

A person of power and influence should not have intimate relations with their subordinates. It's not only morally wrong, but puts the entire structure in danger of corruption. It's not just the classroom that this applies to, either. Such relations would be frowned upon in any orginization where a powerful person has relations with thier underlings.

We tend not to call foul in many of these adult situation, because each participant is a consenting adult, with mature emotions (we hope) and capable reasoning facilities to judge their situation. A horny 14 year old boy has no such experience and maturity, and should not have to deal with this sort of sexual conduct in such emotionally formative years.

The child can't be trusted to know that his relationship with this teacher is harmful to him, her and his classmates. His emotions took over, and without a healthy dose of experience in such matters, he was unable to reasonably judge the situation. It was up to the teacher to bring reason and maturity to the plate, and she failed.

She failed to control her emotions, she failed to educate and nurture her class in a healthy environment, and she failed the school and the community by betraying their trust in her. I say she got off way too easy. Prison time should have been considered more heavily, and not dismissed because of her looks. Being raped and abused by much more powerful women in prison would have been real justice.

I am happy that she is restrained from profiting from this affair. At least someone had some sense.

Would I have banged her in this boy's shoes? You're damn skippy I would, but that's not the real issue here. It doesn't matter how the boy felt about it. The fact remains that the situation caused a lot of harm, confusion and possibly emotional injury.

What's this boy going to look forward to when everyone else is ready for intamacy? No one can really know but him when he reaches that point. Without the ability to see the future, we have to assume the worst, and do everything in out power to prevent his life, and the lives of his classmates, from being perverted by such people.

Those of you who say this is no big deal don't know jack squat about life, maturity or sexual experience. You look at this through the eyes of an adult with sexual experience, not the eyes of a child with no such tools. Forget her looks, imagine her as an old maid, and ask yourselves if this is a healthy relationship. Of course it's not.

Oh, and that thing about people reaching sexual maturity around 14. That genrally applies to girls, and only in the purely physical sense of menstration. It doesn't consider the emotional maturity of the person, which is the real reason why we have laws in place to protect minors.

Just because two people can procreate doesn't mean they should. Indeed, a 14 year old girl would have one hell of a time raising a child. You think a 14 year old is ready to be a parent? No? That's what sex is, the act of becoming a parent. I dare say the majority here aren't even ready....


Hey, Does anybody else here... (Below threshold)

Hey, Does anybody else here wonder why Mr. Red American goodie two shoes, who thinks sex is dirty, is on here looking at Debra's photo? Yeah, I'll look up to W! Yeah right! When was the last time you saw any wealthy blue blooded sons or daughters in the news for loosing a life or limb in Iraq? Answer, never. Except when he decided to quit his football team and go and serve. My advice to the Bible toteing, homophobic, Red NECK!, go "F" your wives, not the system. He's right about one thing though, I can't picture "W" having sex, but then again, his daughters are smoking hot! Hey, where's this guy when it comes to repremanding the Bush twins? They're party animals!

Please leave the Bible and ... (Below threshold)

Please leave the Bible and Christian fundamentals at the door. That book promotes and glorifies child abuse, rape and murder of children. Don't for a second think it's a moral standard that can save the youth of America, you're only fooling yourself.


BlachJoe said:"I fin... (Below threshold)

BlachJoe said:
"I find it interesting (and I find myself even agreeing) that in our culture the sexual abuse of a teenage boy by an adult woman is winked at or even the law that stipulates such an act as a crime is questioned. In our society the law must apply to both sexes to be viable, otherwise to make adult and underage partners legal for one sex and illegal for another would imply either a fact or a perception about the fundamental differences between the sexes. As a clinician in mental health I have all to often seen the effects of sexual predation upon the young and innocent in both sexes, however and correspondingly I have known of benign and positive experiences of such sexual encounters professed by both sexes. However it is important to note that by the large and in the main, the positive and even fond memories of sexual experiences between the underage and adults is by men whose partner were adult women. While my comments are based wholly on anecdotal commentaries, it does bring up the question of whether our understanding of this issue is not complete."

The real truth here, is that THE SEXES ARE DIFFERENT, so its unlogical to apply the same laws to both. Differences in sexes must be taken in consideration.

1) Every 14 yr old boy I know would be more than happy, would be a school hero, and would live without ANY TRAUME if he got laid with such a hot older woman.

2)At least 50% of the 14 yr old boys around lose their virginity at that age... whats the difference of losing their virginity with a 13 yrd old girl, a 15 yr old girl or a 25 yr old woman? For info, there are plenty of 25 yr old people who are less mature than 15 yr old people. The rigid distinction between MINOR and ADULT at 18 years is just plain stupid.

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Margi said:
"Dudes. I hear you. But you are putting your adult selves into the 14 year-old's shoes.

As the mother of a 14 year-old son, all *I* have to say about this is: that young woman is VERY LUCKY she didn't take advantage of MY son.

Methinks I'd be the one needing an "insanity" defense."

I bet my right hand that while you would be pissed at this, your husband would really ENJOY knowing his 14 yr old MALE SON got laid with a 25 yr old woman. He would tell all his friends. Of course he wouldnt admit it to you. Men never admit most things to their wifes, under risk of divorce or a slap in the face.

Now... in fact, most mothers think THE SAME THING about their adult sons!! Other women are "always taking advantage over their poor sons", and mommy must be there to protect them.

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the prince of tiujana:

Damn, she can school me anytime. The 14 y/o complained? He must be gay.

Okay...you're right dandrum... (Below threshold)

Okay...you're right dandrums. I am a retard. Sorry I am not as "perfect" as you must be. I don't have spell check as you must ,either that or since you decided to pick my artical apart ,I am sure you reread yours over and over and over again (tell me you didn't)to make sure everything was correct to show your "SUPERIOR BEING"....Another self righteous asshole i suspect.....(that's 'as 'hol ;
1)The anus.
2)A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
3)The most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.
dictionary boy)
Obviously i am obtuse. (big word there,makes me feel better about myself...not)
Me ? Bored with my life ? I didn't reread someones artical and pick it apart. Now that's called bored with your own life my narrow minded friend. You seem like you already know everything. So i am just trying to figure out why you are wasting your time here. (bored with ones life maybe?)
And being of your "SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE" I would have figured you would have known women are more intelligent than men. If a woman wrote this, wouldn't it have better spelling then maybe? Ignorance on your part again I guess.
And I did as you suggested,picked up a "DICK-SHUN-AIRY" and looked up the word "retarded".....it said....... "see Dandrums"
Now i could reread this, make sure everything is perfectly correct, but i am not just that bored with my life yet.

Ok so yes she is very prett... (Below threshold)

Ok so yes she is very pretty but she still should not have taken advantage of the 14 year old boy...... Hey if it were me I would not have told anyone and just enjoyed every minute of it, but thats me. As for the religious republican lunatic.... WAKE UP you think Bush doesn't cheat on his wife with celebrity prostitutes!!! Comeon man 95% of congress and the senate are alcoholics, wife beaters and wife cheaters and that is a fact! we are not living in 1920 anymore, anyone who takes the bible literaly is NUTS!
Bottom line, adults should not take advantage of children since they are not old enough to make decisions like SEX since they have no clue what Love is... and People like Dandrums are the kind of people driving this country into the gutter.

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Dear A A, and I'm beginning to think that stands for more than just Angry American? It's nice to see that you still have the fortitude to read and pick up a dictionary. Now, if you could just work on your punctuation. Learn when to use an uppercase I and not a lowercase i. Incidentally, spellcheck does not work when your typing on one of these "blogs", it's called practice and again, the act of "proof reading" is another way of dotting your eye's, that's ( i ), and crossing your Tee's. Correct grammer and punctuation is strongly lacking in this country and my guess, in you're neck of the woods as well. Did you graduate on a sports scholorship? I'm glad to have assisted you in your lesson of the day. Now take it and use it every day. Practice makes perfect, come on man, you can do it, I just know you can! I'm not bored at all. I revel in the fact that you're actually disturbed by these little black letters in cyber world, ah yes, the power of the pen. And lastly, if your going to pay me a compliment, get the name right, it's DanDrums, with two Capital "D's". And ps, this second letter was a bit of an improvement over your first one. You get a Blue Star!

Now then, Roger, or Blach Joe, makes a very profound point and I agree very much with his remarks. Let's not forget something very important. We've become consumed on this page with the fact that two human beings were boning! Why is this such a big deal? There is so much other nasty shit going on in this world to worry about. Next thing you know, were going to loose a presidential election because someone will convince us that the depravity of a particular party is going to endorse gay marriage, and abort all of our unborn. Oh wait, did that already happen? I'll check back another day, I'm gonna go curl up in my gutter and scratch my ass! Welcome to the jungle baby, you're gonna die.

PS, Yes I'd be glad ... (Below threshold)

Yes I'd be glad to drive into the gutter, but someone else is paying for the gas! It's freakin' expensive. Thanks and a big shout out to RedAmerican! I'm sure that doesn't bother him in the least!

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Thank you Pete,another person who can read between the lines,not take things too seriously, and figure out what is fact and what is fiction simply by using common sense. Someone who can think outside the box without having to believe something because "that's the way it was taught."
I applaude you on your perception of Bush. But i cannot blame America's problems all on Mr. Bush. Bush doesn't entirely run this country. This country is "owned" by big business and huge corporations. The rich run this country for the rich. As for the "government", I think i'de be safe to say ,more than half of these people could give a shit less about the "average" american. They're in it for themselves, to line thier pockets and take from the "less fortunate".
Don't get me wrong, i think this country is one of the greatest in the world. But the way it's being run is appalling.
Recently here,pennsylvania legislators gave themselves a nice 16% pay raise. These "fat suits" are now making around $80,000 a year, great medical benefits for a part time job.I know alot of people , hard working people, who struggle to get by working 2 full time jobs not even making a fraction of that.
One of the legislators even had the lack of common sense to actaully come out and say ,"well with what we were making before, we were only making as much money as a dairy farmer."
First of all my uncle is a dairy farmer and doesn't make anything close to what they were making originally.
Is there something wrong with being a dairy farmer? Are they a "lower class" of person for being a dairy farmer? No, i think not.
P.S.And DanDrums...i'de rather just to refer to you as DumbAss.

It's, Do Moss! Ca... (Below threshold)

It's, Do Moss!

Capital i, tisk tisk tisk.

PS, Use Google and search " The illuminati conspiracy "

I think what most people ar... (Below threshold)

I think what most people are doing is trying to
mix different subjects. From a legal perspective
what this woman did is illegal. Sex with a minor
should result in jail. What women seem to forget
is that from the male perspective, there simply
isn't an instance where a woman of this beauty
could ever 'take advantage' of us. This is exactly
what young men want, and falls into the subject
of male sexual fantasies-that-if-possible-would-be-made-into-reality-in-an-instance
Because women need to feel connected, or loved,
and are not visual creatures, this seems crazy.
On the other hand, the men on this board have been
very PC about how they are phrasing what they
simply want to say; and that is: Way to go 14 year old! I'm not sure I'd be that upset with my son
if he were to be in a similar situation... but,
if my daughters were, I'd kill the teacher. Yes,
I admit up front that this is a double standard,
and to put it bluntly, I don't care what you
think of it. The only thing I would have done
differently if I were in the kids shoes, would
have been to keep it more quiet...

Sigh... on the other hand, I can't get past the
fact that this is a grown woman and a 14 year old
boy. So it comes down to what would I have done
in that situation? Sorry ladies out there, but
I would have bagged the teacher.

The real question is, did the boy feel violated?
And in this case, if/since he complained, then
apparently he did, in which case the teacher
should go to jail. Unless his complaint was
more directed to her inability to completely
gratify, in which case, I suggest he send her
to me to test.

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Working Stiff:

Debra should be punished for leading the child to have unrealistic expectations of male-female relationships, not for the sex itself. Now the kid expects a hot woman will cater to his every wish, providing him with wild sex on demand and buying him whatever he desires.

Wait until he gets married!! He’ll have to live with a demanding harpy who morphs into his mother-in-law. And he’ll be the one working double shifts to pay ever-escalating mortgage and credit card bills while wifey lunches with the girls, services the tennis pro, or sits at home watching soap operas and Oprah nurturing an ever-expanding sense of entitlement.

As for sex, he’ll have to be satisfied with a boring quickie once a month. If he complains, then it’s off to divorce court. Everything is split evenly. He gets the debts, and she gets the assets.

Poor misguided child!

It's amazing how close-mind... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how close-minded some people are. It's 2005, get your head out of your ass. How can you expect to apply the same moral codes of 50 years ago ("sex is for procreation only" or whatever other nonsense) to life today, when virtually NOTHING in our everyday lives is still the same today as it was 50 years ago??

I feel bad for the woman. Her husband obviously wasn't any good in bed, which is a shame because clearly she has a higher than normal sexual appetite and he should have picked up on that. Sure she probably didn't use the best of judgement, and yes she probably has some mental issues. She should have known people would throw a fit if anyone found out she was screwing the 14-year old kid. I really can't believe that kid ratted her out though, it doesn't even make sense. The only explanation I can think of is that he must have gotten pushed into a corner when confronted by his parents, and I guess he's just a really bad liar, or they're really good at making him feel bad. Most boys would have easily come up with some reasonable excuse for their behavior in this situation, no one would have found out what really happened. He'd continue to get his snarlins from the hot teacher, and would probably turn out to be no different later in life than if it hadn't ever happened.

Every boy his age has that same fantasy, don't try and deny it. It's all about hormones and physiology--there's nothin you can do to change that. So considering that, I still don't quite understand what harm this has done to the kid. If anyone should be yelled at it's the media for hyping this up like a mofo. That's about the only abuse he has taken throughout all of this. To the people who claim "this woman sexually abused this boy", good lord get your head out of your ass. The kid loved it!

I don't think the woman should get any kind of prison sentence. In fact, she just needs some mental counseling--a lot of it, but don't throw her in jail. SHE DID NOT FORCE THE BOY TO HAVE SEX WITH HER. She didn't "trick" him into doing anything he didn't want to do. She didn't lead him on with fancy gifts or promises of good grades. If you read the police report, you would see that he knew enough about sex and pregnancy to have expressed concerns to her about the fact that they were not using a condom. That right there proves the kid was totally aware of what he was doing. He new darn well going into this that he was gonna get the lay of his life, so what's the harm here with what she did?

To the people who will counter with "if it were a male teacher and a 14-year old girl you wouldn't feel the same way", save your breath. Of course I wouldn't feel the same way, BECAUSE IT'S NOT THE SAME THING. Women/girls/females are the ones who ultimately have to pay the price for having sex, not men. I'm not saying that's "right" or "the way it should be", or that men don't have responsibilities if they choose to have sex, but you cannot argue against the fact that females get pregnant, not males. In case you hadn't noticed, there's a lot less at stake for a 14-year old boy that has sex than for a 14-year old girl that has sex.

Last year a high school tea... (Below threshold)

Last year a high school teacher in NJ named Dale Runge was convicted of sex charges for having sex with a 17 year old female student. The sex happened 4 years ago. The student confided in a friend long after she graduated that she had an affair with a teacher and that friend decided to tell the police.

The teacher pleaded guilty. He had letters from everyone that he was really a standup guy who made a terrible mistake. His wife supported him. He had two small kids. He got 10-15 years in state prison.

The same day, on the same page of the newspaper was an article about a priest convicted of molesting 10 year old boys. He got 2-4 years in a "treatment facility."

So, male teacher with 17 yo girl- 10-15 year prison term.

Female teacher with 14 yo boy- 2 years house arrest.

Priest who is molesting your children- 2-4 years treatment.

Am I missing something here?

First off, that's pretty ri... (Below threshold)

First off, that's pretty ridiculous that the friend went and told everyone, ESPECIALLY the police. I guarantee you the girl did NOT want the media and all their paparrazzi involved in stirring up unwanted attention, but that's exactly what her friend's big mouth caused. Some friend!

As I said before, there are some fundamental physiological differences between males and females and because of these, men and women will always look at sex differently.

I suppose maybe the argument with that NJ teacher incident could have been that the girl wasn't old enough to make the "right" decisions, and that he risked getting her pregnant and putting her through all the things that a teenage pregnancy would bring. Although in my opinion it's no different from having sex with another 17-year old (as long as it was consensual in both instances), I can definitely see how they might use that pregnancy risk angle against the teacher.

If the "victim" is male, there's not that risk, so it's a totally different outlook on the situation. Which is why that hot Florida teacher only got 2 years of house arrest. Assuming the teacher was "clean", there was hardly any risk to that 14-year old boy in my opinion. All he was going to get out of it was some great snarlins.

Was there more to that NJ teacher story? 10-15 years sound like an awfully harsh penalty for something that, according to your statements, seems like it was completely consensual. I feel like there has to be some more details to the incident.

The molesting priest should get the 10-15 years for sure. That kind of stuff is just ridiculous. Totally unwanted, not consensual, and with 10-year old boys! In fact, 10-15 years for that is probably not enough of a penalty, considering it was more than one child.

After spending way too much... (Below threshold)

After spending way too much time reading this thread, and not enough time looking at the picture, I've noticed something that I believe people have been mistaken on. The boy didn't complain to his parents about what happened, nor did he confide to anyone else that he felt violated by the incident. If I'm not mistaken, it was either his aunt or uncle, or perhaps a parent of a friend of his, who overheard him bragging about 'banging the hot teacher,' (or something along those lines), and told his parents. His parents then cornered him and made him tell them what happened. So for anyone who said that he must have been disturbed by his encounters with Ms. Lefave, I think you're probably wrong. Try to find one of the articles on this story that gives more background, and you'll find these facts laid out (no pun intended).

I think instead of regretting what happened, more than anything, he's probably regretting blabbing his mouth about it and thus turning it into the production it has become.

For me personally, as a 31 year old, well adjusted heterosexual male who has had a good balance of intimate relationships in his life (in other words, I'm not a twisted pervert who has never gotten laid, never been in a meaningful relationship, and who doesn't do anything all day but look at porn and blog sites), I can honestly say that if something like this had happened to me at that age, I would have been thrilled with it. I would not have been 'scarred for life' later on like some of the people here suggest might happen with this kid. He will most likely look back on this as a ridiculously awesome fulfillment of a boyhood fantasy that only became bad once everyone in this country became aware of it and the press started following him around.

As for the double standard bit, yes, if I had a daughter and I found out she slept with one of her teachers, I would want to rip that teacher's head off, but for this, I can't help but think that if this were my son in this incident, while I would act upset to appease my wife (gotta keep things balanced there), deep down inside I would feel a twinge of pride that my son had pulled off nailing the hot teacher in school; that's one hell of a story a guy can carry into his adult years. I might even feel a little jealous. It may not seem right or fair for me to feel that way, but I imagine that most guys who still remember those hormone crazed teenage years feel the same. This kid had it good. He only messed it up by telling people about it. Way to go dude.

I for one think that what h... (Below threshold)
Father of 2:

I for one think that what happened might be more acceptable in this day and age considering the way that kids are maturing at a faster rate. People used to say "look how fast they grow" now it's the matter of how fast they mature based on the tv they watch and the games they play. In my younger days we never discussed sex unless it was in sex ed and "playboy" was off limits. Now a days kids know about sex before the parents have a chance to discuss the good and bad. I was going to discuss it with my 7 year old but he was able to tell me more than I was going to tell him. I understand that some people think that the 14 year old boy may have been taken advantage of but in this day and age he is much more mature than most people think.

He was a BLACK kid. At 14 h... (Below threshold)

He was a BLACK kid. At 14 he's probably hung like a mule already and she loved it. She took advantage of an opportunity that she thought was quick and easy. Go kid!

I look at it this way. Coul... (Below threshold)

I look at it this way. Could a 14 year old girl not have the hots for her teacher? All the males, because they are as clueless and dumb as fuck about the opposite sex, haven't even mentioned that point.
So here we might have a 14 year old girl, who fucks a 24 year old guy. The guy gets caught. He's in a world of shit, and she's being told it's his fault and he's a freak. She's hounded the point that most girls will (like the kids they are) blame someone else. Anyone ever have a brother or done that? Blame someone else. So here the 14 year old starts to cry and say "yes it's his fault, he....forced me". So here the girl gets away with WANTING to have sex with this guy and the act. And the guy gets the shaft. So .....I say burn this fucking freak ass bitch. She should be in prison for 15 farking years. If i can't sleep with 14 year olds, then why the fuck should debra be allowed. Since a 14 year old boy and a 14 year old girl basically want the same thing when it comes to a physical relationship. So in an educated manner, there is no difference. But womens libbers should all be shot anyways. WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL...they NEVER WILL BE. YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING A MAN CAN DO, AND A MAN CAN"T DO EVERYTHING YOU DO. MEN ACCEPT IT

Listen... i'm only 22 so i'... (Below threshold)

Listen... i'm only 22 so i'm kind of a "young buck". However, how rediculously great would it have been if you could have banged your teacher when you were 14? I think the kid who sold this teacher out should go to jail for insanity. If i was his father, i would personally scold him for passing up such a sweet deal. Ugh, America. It's not just iraq anymore, it's our own children.

despite the fact that this ... (Below threshold)

despite the fact that this situation isnt the same as if the genders were reversed, that shouldnt really be a factor... she knew what she was doing, mental problems or not, she obviously was of a sound enough mindset to know that it was wrong, illegal, etc ... now being a male of approximately the same age as this woman i really have little sympathy for her.. if she was just lookin to get laid god knows how many guys were down at any of her local bars/hangouts/gas stations that WERE of legal age that would have JUMPED at the chance to have sex with her.. she obviously, knowingly, willingly had sex with someone underage, and signifigantly underaged at that, and should be held accountable.. im sure there are plenty of 'good' people in prison, or victims of seemingly 'unfair' laws, but, well, thats just the way it is...

now that being said, of course, i would have given my right nut to have banged my hot teacher when i was 14, and firmly believe i would only be the better for it.. but i didnt get to, and daggone it, i dont want anyone else to get to either, so either change the laws so we can get this party started, or keep the punishment firm accross the board.

Wow -- a year-old post stil... (Below threshold)

Wow -- a year-old post still a focus of argument.

Some really interesting stu... (Below threshold)

Some really interesting stuff here, but I remember when I was 14 and had 2 lengthy sexual experiences with much older women, and both not nearly as HOT as Debbie, but I wasn`t stupid enough to let everyone know at the time how lucky I was to have experienced this..I`ve grown up to be a healthy male, very open-minded, totally hetro, and have a total respect for women, and a very healthy sex life, married to the same woman for 27yrs. I have absolutely NO regrets at my sexual endeavors at such an early age..Thanks to those perverted older women...

It's true, of course, that ... (Below threshold)

It's true, of course, that males and females are not the same when taken as groups. (As someone once said, "Praise God for the differences!") However, when viewed as individuals within the groups, they often are very much alike; in other words, there are sexually bold young girls and sexually shy males in their 20's--or older.

That means that this case (and all other such cases) must be taken on its own terms. Here, it seems that the boy was ready for the experience and enjoyed it; the woman found something that she was looking for, also.

It is difficult for men to view this as a sort of abstract problem. I believe that most of us were blazingly horny at the age of 14, and many of us probably had at least one teacher in junior high or high school about whom we fantasized endlessly (mixed in with the hours of fantasizing about movie stars, classmates, and perhaps mothers--c'mon guys, give it up: Freud knew what he was talking about!

As a result, we cannot be very objective about this at all until we try to see it from a parent's perspective. Now that my own children are past the teenage years, I also can be somewhat more broad-minded.

In short, this seems to be another tempest in a teapot that has found media attention, and that attention expanded once the "hottie" photos emerged, so now even the more staid TV networks run those photos every time the case is mentioned.

In the end, every case has to be taken on its own merits, and once again this is one that falls into the category of "no one else's business," except for the principals themselves. Remember, though, that at a time not too many generations ago, it was considered highly appropriate for a young man to be deflowered by a more experienced older woman.

Now, don't we all have something better to think about?

I really don't think this i... (Below threshold)

I really don't think this is all about the kid being taken advantage of. It's about the fact that she was a teacher, and as some above have said, and the parents have a right to not have their children's instructors in a public school system learning them the ways of sex. To me, if she were not his teacher, this would not be an issue whatsoever. I don't believe she should go to prison, but I do believe she should not be allowed to teach anymore!!!

And as for the reverse situations (i.e. male teacher, female student) neither can one assume that the girl was "taken advantage of". Consenting sex whether regretted or not is still consenting sex, regardless of whether you are 14 or 24. Unless mentally stunted or totally sheltered and naive, a fourteen year old girl knows what sex is, and unless it's forced, the male is no worse for doing what he does that what Debra was. Even a hundred years ago, it was commonplace for girls that age to marry and have children of their own!!!

IF it was a he.. he would h... (Below threshold)

IF it was a he.. he would have gone to prison.. so she should too.. or we need to re-think all of this sex stuff.. I belive i that in michigan the legal consenting age is 16... so whats up with that.. in california its 18.. who cares.. anyways if there's hair on the field play ball.. maybe their should be a peice of paper we can make.. that allows anyone to have sex with anyone as long as they sign the paper.. who watched over this stuff when we had no police.. did it matter then.. no.. we have sex cuz it feels good.. were animals.. to some extent.. then.. if you take someone over the border into another country and have sex with them there where the rules are different does that make it ok? SEX IS SEX>> DO IT OR DON"T>> KNOW YOURSELF>> BE OK>> THATS HOW YOU BECAME ALIVE>> FROM A GUY WHO HAS SEX AT HIS BECK AND CALL FROM MEN OR WOMEN>> ITS A NASTY WORLD>> GET GOOD PARENTS OR GOOD LUCK

The one thing most of these... (Below threshold)

The one thing most of these comments are overlooking is the woman had just gotten married. Imagine how her new husband must have felt. If it were me, I couldn't divorce her fast enough. And I keep the gifts, too.

I have to agree with Maxwel... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Maxwell completely on this one. I am divorced and the father of a beautiful 11 year old daughter who would do serious damage to a male teacher if that had happpened to her. In addition, she has a step-brother who is 21 and if would have happened to him I would have hi-fived him for the next six months after. Of course the ex would have never been told and that would have been something that me and my boy could share forever. Lastly, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about the legalities and all I am a lawyer, so there. Peace Folks!!

I'd have to say that the ki... (Below threshold)

I'd have to say that the kid is seriously lucky. He wasn't FORCED into anything, after all. Let's face it, the woman is gorgeous - she wants a piece of her fourteen year old student - who's going to say no?
But, if the genders were reversed - I'd be pretty disgusted.
I, personally, think that it should be classified as concentual sex. She didn't do anything wrong, in my opinion. Maybe by law, but.. come on..

I am 15. I wish i had a sex... (Below threshold)

I am 15. I wish i had a sexy teacher like Debra Lafave. I mean, she is like the most prettiest person in the world.she is such a hot teacher. I wish i had sex with her right. And Guess What....i wouldnt be bragging about it either if i had sex with her.

I agree with some of the pr... (Below threshold)

I agree with some of the previous postings, had this case involved a MAN of 24 and a young girl of 14 the outcome would have been swift and ugly.
Further, are we to accept the sad fact that BEAUTY trumps justice? If a criminal is beautiful, wealthy or famous are they (as it seems)exempt from the established legal standards...or do they warrent special standards as in Debra Lafaves case?
Pathetic and unjust.

My name is Jimmy and I am a... (Below threshold)

My name is Jimmy and I am a student at South Park elementry. I would like to tell Debra that my hot penus awaits. I will take her to a nice Italian resturant like "Pizzaria Uno" and then we will do the monkey shuffle. I want to spank her and make her call me the gooch.


The teacher did not get off... (Below threshold)

The teacher did not get off easy. Think of what she lost in life -- 1. Her Marriage (though apparently not a major concern to her) 2. Her teaching career, and most any job involving supervising people or trust 3. Lifetime liability for pormotion- (due to criminal record or people hating/ remembering what she did due to the intense media coverage. 4. Loss of family support/ friends (would you go to bat for a friend who did something like this? 5. Embarrassment(of getting caught, going to therapy, having everyone know what you did. --
Ok, as a "Flash Pan" celebrity she might write a book or get a magazineto make her an offer to pose nude- but that's good for a few $1,000- and no modeling agency would probably sign more then a one-time contract with her- Where will she be 3 years from now? Probably with some bar/ trailer trash man happy to have found some hot babe down on her luck-- ph, and no one will bother to google her to see what's become of her...

The majority of all who hav... (Below threshold)

The majority of all who have posted on this site (Lucas, BeenThere, George, Pat, Ramon, etc., etc.) are going straight to hell. Have a nice trip....

She's pretty hot. My kid w... (Below threshold)

She's pretty hot. My kid would get a pat on the back for banging someone like that. I'd buy him some sweet gifts too if he brought her back home for a little chat with me (and by chat i mean sexual intercourse).

Again if you hav... (Below threshold)

Again if you have the looks and a little bit of power in this country you walk free,There is truth to the phrase "above the law"....

Shes hot, I'm 15 years old ... (Below threshold)

Shes hot, I'm 15 years old and a freshman. I would love to have sex with her.

For crying out loud....the ... (Below threshold)

For crying out loud....the idea that this young man was traumatized is absurd for one thing.
I was 13,14 once....and seduced by women in their 20's, 30's and 40's,...I had a paper route ( yeah I know, that sounds so cliche') at that age I was already 6 feet tall, built like a locomotive with a sex drive to match....trust me....I was never "molested" or "raped" or "prematurely sexualized" by these wonderful housewives. And the sexual expereinces were the most wonderful I have ever had pretty much. I have nothing but positive fond memories not trauma and dark negative psycological residuals that all the pop psycologists swear you'll end up with.
Thats the perceptive angle from wich I acertain these female sex cases Smantix....so you know....its hard for me to feel threatened in any capacity by their hype and hysteria I'm simply not burdened with the obvious vulnerabilities of the general public. I see everyones reactions to these female teacher male student cases as humerous and rediculous but maybe,just maybe I need to have more respect for the feelings of others.....not everyone can be me right? Cocky, obnoxious, strong, fearless to a fault, adventurous, free thinker, I have to learn to respect those who are weak and narrow minded. I'll work on it.
.....as far as the authority figure thing is concerned.....I had teachers totaly mind fuck me in a non sexual fashion that DID traumatize me to the point of suicide practicaly....a few times....but no one noticed, or cared, or put them in jail over it....why?....because it was non sexual. So therefore I guess it was more ok for a teacher to mind rape a student like I was by several of my sick-fuck elementary school teachers. But when sex enters the picture....oh hell.....Katie bar the door....everyones colloquial insecurities come into play and suddenly....its now wrong for a teacher to "abuse" her position of authority. Hey.....if our society is going to protect kids....then go all the way with it for fuck sake.....don't just focus in on what offends you most.....and let the rest just slide....see my fucking point here?....the irony is so thick you could choke godzilla....The ONLY reason that these female teacher male student sex cases are getting such hype and attention is because of our male dominated societies fascination with the mysterious, unpredictable nature of female sexuality. If our society was really interested in protecting its young instead of eating them, we'd do and we'd do it right....but as a general rule....we are failing miserably.
Pardon my spelling, have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening,.

I think the fact that so ma... (Below threshold)
Dan Christopher:

I think the fact that so many feel "we should be so lucky" is a comment on the moral decline we are all in. Some of the respondents above probably need as much help as this young man. I personally was very naive at age 14 and DO regret premarital indiscretions that came later.... As the father of 10 children, 7 of which are boys, these incidences underscore why we home school and would never consider another option.

Its not fair! All guys shou... (Below threshold)
Van Halen:

Its not fair! All guys should get a hot teacher at least once! How would you feel if you missed out on a hottie like Debbie? You would be hating life and school would suck.Does anyone know if she liked it?






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