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Hope Springs Eternal

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

In the online portion of my world it's been a crappy weekend, but in real life it was a lovely weekend. I got to play with the kids, attend an office holiday party, and today I got to watch my San Diego Chargers win a nail-bitter against the Denver Broncos via DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket. Yes I am a long suffering Chargers fan, and watching this team, and reading about their successes is a real pick me up.

That man in the Charger uniform (Jamal Williams) had his season ended two years ago by a cheap shot below the knees (and from behind) by a Denver Bronco offensive lineman. You don't think he got just a little bit of pleasure introducing Jake Plummer to the soggy turf in San Diego today, do you? Redemption in a sack, but even more so in a victory that gives the Chargers a two game lead over the Bronco's in the AFC West with four games to play.


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- Dare I say "Go Chargers".... (Below threshold)

- Dare I say "Go Chargers"....As a long tine suffering Chargers fan, wistfully remembering the says of Don Fouts, Kellen Winslow and Air Coreal, and the drubbing we took in the SB from San Fran we tend to be a little gunshy like a cubs fan.... Well maybe not that bad.....

As a Chiefs fan, I've long ... (Below threshold)

As a Chiefs fan, I've long been disgusted by Shanahan's chop-blockers. That guy is dirty...

Kevin, you're in San Diego?... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you're in San Diego? We're neigbors!! :-)

Ahhh, back to being a typic... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, back to being a typical broncos fan - high expectations only to let down by reality.

My first memory was 5 years... (Below threshold)
Robert S. in Boston:

My first memory was 5 years old sitting next to my Grandfather watching the Charger's at San Diego statium. Almost 30 years later, still suffering along...

First of all, you gotta lov... (Below threshold)

First of all, you gotta love the irony of Eli's situation with the pitiful NY Giants (LOL). I just wonder who the dummy was at Chargers HQ that wanted to use the number one pick to draft a QB? I'm from Austin, TX, the place where Drew Breese played highschool football. I kept up with his career when he went to Purdue - after all of the big Texas schools foolishly overlooked him (I'll take a Drew Breese over a Chris Simms any day). The bottomline is, Breese may not have the physical ability of a Phillip Rivers or Eli Manning, but he has something more rare and valuable. Breese has a the ability to make the right play in a split second with everything hanging in the balance. He's a winner, through and through, and that attitude infects and inspires his teammates. What did the Chargers do with that rare talent? They surrounded him with crappy players, gave him three years to figure out the most difficult position in pro sports, and then gave up on him when he couldn't perform a miracle. Someone should have reminded the Chargers of Steve Young's days with the Bucs, or Brett Favre's days with the Falcons. I'm a San Diego fan but I really wonder how far they can go with people in charge who can't tell a good QB when they see one. Thanks for letting me rant. Go Chargers!

I've said it before and I'l... (Below threshold)

I've said it before and I'll say it it again. There's nothing like AFC West football.
Can't seem to get in the groove here on the east coast..
San Diego being home town to me, I am particularly fond of Chargers football. Even when they were in the crapper. Back in the "day" Dan Fouts..Joyner..Jefferson...OMG..how they played football.
Any win against Denver is a good win for SD...My husband and I can be at odds since he is such a fan of Denver. (forgive him...he knows not right from wrong)
THis is why he watches alone...

- Deb - I grow more your ad... (Below threshold)

- Deb - I grow more your admiring fan with each passing day....Hi hi from "home"....Remember the "Thrillah in Maimi"...it still comes up in conversations.....and I'm not easy to please...Ex Buckeye....Woody "Patton" Hayes....three yards and a cloud of dust....Jim Brown going 98 yards through 14 broken tackles... the Browns/Packers ....Browns/Steelers..... Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, Bears, Redskins, Giants..... where has all that spirit gone....

Drew Breese is too small an... (Below threshold)

Drew Breese is too small and slow, even though he is brave and accurate. Fans groan in SD when he always goes underneath with safety valve passes. How many games did Breese win this year? In the Super Bowl a small QB (who can't run well) will always lose. The D is too good. Drew is great pound for pound. Lionhearted, yes, but a stud field mouse never beats the Tomcat. The Vikings lost 4 superbowls with an undersized QB who could scramble. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers. We want Rivers!






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