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Right on Schedule

Sometimes I have to laugh...

In the post below about the crackdown in Fallujah I said:

"I'm sure a bunch of whiny liberals will go apoplectic that we are building a police state-- blind to the fact that this is a temporary measure."

Then, right on schedule comes, said whiney liberal, blind to exactly what I said he would be blind to. For some odd reason, despite my prediction, he was the first to trackback.

Liberals' ineptitude would be more humorous if not so patently predictable.

UPDATE: Let me say about about the "whiney liberal" in question. Bill is OK. (2 Updates below the fold)

Most liberals refuse to accept reality if you write it on a 2 x 4 and hit them on the head with it. Bill always starts an argument that way but sooner or later he comes around and admits when someone has a point. If I come across as harsh, well, I guess that is my way. The liberals with brains (a rarity I admit) can hold their own and defend themselves --or more accurately-- their position. Those that don't have brains really deserve the rhetorical pummeling anyway. I tire of being reasonable with the irrational.

Bill actually reminds me of a "liberal" friend of mine. And I put quotes around that because my friend is as conservative as I am, he just hates to admit it. He is a child of the 60's and thinks the word liberals is something to be proud of. Anyway, we argue a point and he starts off on the left of Hillary Clinton, spewing all the lefty talking points. By the time the conversation is over, he agrees with every word I say... but never admits I was right. The next day and the next topic the cycle repeats. He's really a conservative guy when he thinks things thru. Bill is not unlike that.

Bill will be conservative in 20 years. He has a brain.

Update 2
Well, BillK found someone to agree with him in his comments section.

And she pays me a great compliment...

Wizbang is the most fascist site on the web, really scary neo-nazi stuff. Look at this way, perhaps for the first time since the late 1940s, the deal between the Department of Defense and Halliburton unit Kellogg, Brown & Root leads our attention to a McCarthyism which threatens everything we hold dear. It is quite remarkable that the appropriation of Arab resources brings forth the slaughter of thousands of children by Air Force cluster bombs. So far, Bush's argument for war belies justifications given by the world's leading apologists for this calamity brought to us by a horrific onslaught, known as Shock and Awe. It is not heartening that the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal brings about the theocrat Ashcroft's suspension of our civil rights.

I've arrived.

A moonbat has labeled me a Neo-Nazi Fascist!

Mom will be so proud.

Comments (24)

I actually posted before yo... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I actually posted before you said anything. I was just giving my readers your point of view.

Not whining in response.

This whiny liberal also too... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

This whiny liberal also took your side on another issue if you check your trackbacks.

Pre-emptive whining? =)... (Below threshold)

Pre-emptive whining? =)

Bill,You've done a... (Below threshold)


You've done an excellent job ignoring the substance of my post.


All I did was link to your ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

All I did was link to your post - - when you wrote it after mine.

Very testy this morning Paul.

(drawing recalcitrant ch... (Below threshold)

(drawing recalcitrant children close enough to slap both into headlocks)
"Okay kids. Here's the deal. Neither one of you were first. Forward to Chapter Two."

haha, good.I don't... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

haha, good.

I don't care who wrote it first, I am just saying I can't be blind to your point, if you hadn't made it before I made mine.

Sigh:Who wrote wha... (Below threshold)


Who wrote what first is meaningless. You are using that to cloud the issue.

The issue is that you purposely ignore that this is a temporary state until they finish securing the city.

You just keep ducking that and talking about who blogged what when.

Obviously you didn't read m... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Obviously you didn't read my post.

The issue is that you pu... (Below threshold)
Keith G:

The issue is that you purposely ignore that this is a temporary state until they finish securing the city

The issue is, it seems to me, that the brain trust running this cluster-f**k have yet to get anything right the first time and they have shown an easy desire to lie rather than accept accountability.

Why should we trust anyhting they say?

We should instead trust the... (Below threshold)

We should instead trust the people who have predicted disaster at every turn, and at every turn been shown to be wrong?

Any childish petulant petty partisan MoveOn.Org dipwit can just sit on their ass and pick nits. That's easy. It doesn't take any amount of brains, character, or wit at all.

And it doesn't take any especial skill to keep doing it even though every prior attempt at prediction has come up voided. All it takes is a complete lack of shame and a talent for bold-faced ignoring of the past.

Hmm insults veiled in compl... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Hmm insults veiled in compliments - - you are stealing my MO now. :-)

Thanks for the debate.

"Obviously you didn't re... (Below threshold)

"Obviously you didn't read my post"

WTF? You wrote about 5 words???? For the sake of my sanity, please clip whatever you said in your post... what I am missing?

I read it 10 times and I am missing your big solution.

Please feel free to share.

We should instead trust ... (Below threshold)
Keith G:

We should instead trust the people who have predicted disaster at every turn, and at every turn been shown to be wrong?

A great turn at a strawman fallacy!! I am rather certain one would be hard pressed to find a group from either side's mainstream "who predicted disaster at every turn".

More to the point, here we go at yet another ad hoc program to get control of a situation that we never should have never lost control of in the first place.

I am rather certain one ... (Below threshold)

I am rather certain one would be hard pressed to find a group from either side's mainstream "who predicted disaster at every turn".

Keith G, where exactly have you been?

Perhaps you forget they cal... (Below threshold)

Perhaps you forget they call Afghanistan a quagmire before we even went in????

Perhaps you forget they ... (Below threshold)
Keith G:

Perhaps you forget they call Afghanistan a quagmire before we even went in????

Some did. Some of us were cheerleading the 82nd and 101st to unloose some major whoop-ass. Many of us, including me, had tears in our eyes as stories of devotion to duty and comrades drifted back to the states from the old silk road

That, my strawman-flinging friend was an apple.

Now as far as the orange:

The war of chice known as the Invasion of Iraq, 1003, is a mismanaged, resouce chugging wank-fest.

sorry, I neglected to edit... (Below threshold)
Keith G:

sorry, I neglected to edit before posting. arrrrg!

Well, I don't agree with my... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Well, I don't agree with my own commentor. I actually like and praise your site, and don't think you are anything evil - - just Republican. Which, I guess some would argue is evil, but not me. Misguided would be more appropriate :-).

Paul, I have been here in ... (Below threshold)
Keith G:

Paul, I have been here in the reality-based world.

In that world we are taught to be suspicious of superlative-based arguments as in: “All repugs are/always (fill in the blank).”

Then there is first hand experience. The liberal to moderate crowd I know 1) strongly supported Afghanistan 2) many were a bit skeptical about Iraq but chose to give GWB the benefit of the doubt. 3) now they have strong reactions to being mislead, and even flat out lied to, by our so-called moral leadership.

If your life makes more sense with an “us against them” construct, than so be it. Believe me when I state that none of my cohorts take any pleasure at noticing how screwed this pooch is.

Read the compliment from th... (Below threshold)

Read the compliment from the liberal commenter again. It looks suspiciously like something generated by one of those moonbat argument generators that made the rounds a month or so ago.

This really is the most fas... (Below threshold)

This really is the most fascist site on the Web. Even the fonts used by its contributors are fascist!


Paul, you are SUCH a poseur... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, you are SUCH a poseur.

You've been called a Neo-Nazi Fascist? Big deal. If you look at it more carefully, he was calling all of us (you, me, and Kevin) the Neo-Nazi Fascists. You weren't even singled out by name.

I, on the other hand, have been called a Nazi (that's the original hardcore Nazi, sonny boy, not the lame modern-day wannabe) AND accused of being Jewish (not that there's anything wrong with that) by the same lout. Top THAT, Mr. Big Man!

So you can keep your hard-earned scoops and your Instalanches and your other triumphs over me. At least I got THAT honor hung on my wall, and you don't. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, colleague o' mine.


(Hmm... does this brown shirt really go with these jackboots and the Star of David cape?)

I'm also pretty sure that c... (Below threshold)

I'm also pretty sure that comment was the product of the Lefterator: http://www.spinline.net/cy/lefterator.pl






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