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2004 Weblog Awards - Rage Against The Machine


Thanks to the dimwitterey of a few, the last day of voting at the 2004 Weblog Awards was locked down by IP address. Thanks to the help of Pete Holiday (who really earned his site programming credit on this) and others who sent helpful suggestions, we were able to implement a more secure system of access to prevent machine generated fraud, while allowing AOL users and those behind proxy servers (most corporate environments) to regain access.

The whole bot voting attack was a minor setback, since eradicated and overcome. Remember it's supposed to be fun - maybe not for me - but for the rest of the blogosphere anyway.

Let the merriment proceed...

Update: If you're listed in any of the polls, official logo creator Suzy Rice has a collection of Finalist logos for your use.


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Comments (13)

Messrs. Aylward and Holiday... (Below threshold)

Messrs. Aylward and Holiday are giants among men and women. How the blogosphere has grown. New, different, wonderful plants in the future landscape, lush and green. Just as Toffler predicted.

I haven't been around the blosph much the last few months. Glad November 2, is behind us. The national election was waged on many fronts. In the pea sized craniums of some fifth column media types. And upon the wagging tongues of some pretty ugly little Yurrupeon toads. But the attack on the American polling booth was buttressed by thousands of blogs. And millions of readers.

Your ability to maintain a sense of humor, a fabulous present to the blosph's denizens. Thank You. To you and your's Mr. Aylward, a Merry Christmas. G*d bless America. G*d Bless Us All. Elmo.

Can't you at least dump Kos... (Below threshold)

Can't you at least dump Kos and crew from the list?

Kevin, Thanks for ... (Below threshold)


Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it right, and also for showing the class and dignity of allowing the offending blogs to remain. It is a lesson that those that tried to break the rules may hopefully learn from.

You are a good man, Charlie Brown...

Many thanks.... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Many thanks.

Thank you, Kevin.N... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kevin.

No rest for you, yet! Get ready for an all-nighter on Friday - Firestorm Friday! The long-awaited internal cBS investigation [whitewash]report to the public. (MSM thinks Friday is a good day to hide scandals because no one will read it or pay attention over the weekend - but in this new era, that's the time more people read the net!)

- The report must be pretty... (Below threshold)

- The report must be pretty scathing, or cBS wouldn't have jettisened Rather so quickly. Insiders say that Mapes has written a 100 page rebutal and defense. She's toast, and most think Hayward will get the boot as well.....

Hi, Hunter! Nightowl gang ... (Below threshold)

Hi, Hunter! Nightowl gang on duty, I see! Things are hotting up at scyllacharybdis.blogspot.com and rathergate.com. Wouldn't it be fun if the in-house version of the CBS report would get leaked to wizbangblog! On Thursday!

I'm ready for a BIG (WIZ)BANG!

No need to dump Kos. Better... (Below threshold)

No need to dump Kos. Better to see him soundly spanked in a fair poll.

Thanks to Suzy, I can now p... (Below threshold)

Thanks to Suzy, I can now proudly post a graphic saying that I was "Not even close to being a Finalist, 2004 Weblogs awards.

Mom is so proud.

Great job guys...M... (Below threshold)

Great job guys...

My only complaint is I cannot tell your "Ohs" from your "Zeros" when trying to enter...

A minor issue, I know.

Ha, Confederate Yankee, tha... (Below threshold)

Ha, Confederate Yankee, that gives me some additional ideas as to what I'll do early Friday...gotta work up something that includes "Cheater" in a few things, too, I am thinking (that last part has nothing to do with you, just that the permutation you created on your site has now sparked some additional ideas for some logo versions, and I thankya').

Glad to know my meager offe... (Below threshold)

Glad to know my meager offerings are inspiring. ;)

CBSnews.com deserves the aw... (Below threshold)

CBSnews.com deserves the award for "Best Fake but Accurate Blog". Friday the 10th has come and gone, and still no Report. "Invisible but Accurate", eh!






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