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A completely unjustified line of speculation

1) Daily Kos was losing to Instapundit in the Weblog Awards.
2) Kos' readers were furious at this.
3) They immediately came up with a way to "rig" the numbers with the intention of winning.

A parallel springs to mind.
1) Daily Kos is perennially behind Instapundit in links in the Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem Rankings based on linkage.
2) Kos' readers are furious about this.
3) ?

The cynic in me wonders just how well Kos' numbers that show he has roughly twice the daily visitors, but only around 60% of the daily links, as Instapundit would stand up to serious scrutiny -- the kind I am woefully inadequate to perform.

And I wonder just which numbers Kos' ad revenues are based upon...

But I'm just talking out of my butt here.



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Comments (13)

1) Collect Underpants.<br /... (Below threshold)

1) Collect Underpants.
2) ?
3) Profit!

Hmm... 2) Have Jap... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:


2) Have Japanese schoolgirls wear them briefly, then sell them in vending machines.

2) Have someone write a best-selling series of books about "Captain Underpants," then sell them as "Authentic 'Captain Underpants' Underpants."

2) List them on E-Bay as "Paris Hilton's Unwanted Christmas Presents."

2) Ransom them back to their rightful owners.

2) Same as the "Captain Underpants" one above, but sell them all to Michael Jackson.

2) Put on underpants and rest of clothing, go out and get a real job.

2) Trade underpants to neighborhood pervert for lottery tickets.

OK, I think that's enough...


Francis... mega kudos on th... (Below threshold)

Francis... mega kudos on the South Park reference. I was taking Managerial Economics at the time I first saw that episode... good times, man.

And for the record:
2) sell them to Bill Clinton for his use as tax credit

2) Hang on boundary fence i... (Below threshold)

2) Hang on boundary fence in the middle of nowhere in South Island New Zealand. (I've seen one with bras and one with shoes. Hundreds of them.)

No-- It was justified... (Below threshold)

No-- It was justified

So... are we suggesting mor... (Below threshold)

So... are we suggesting more fraudulent circulation numbers from a member of the liberal media?

Surely they have too much moral fiber!

Kos uses Blogads, so the ca... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Kos uses Blogads, so the calculation for number of users is the same you use. He also uses Sitemeter - - the same thing you use.

You can question some of the practices of his members, but I don't think you can say he doesn't have visitors. He has a community that puts up hundreds of diaries a day, and his main site posts routinely get over 200 comments.

It is as "popular" as the numbers state.

If I was popular for the ki... (Below threshold)

If I was popular for the kind of trash he posts, I'd have to jump off the nearest building.

In my underpants.

I thought only Republicans ... (Below threshold)

I thought only Republicans manipulate polls? Hmmm...

If he has so many readers t... (Below threshold)

If he has so many readers then why did they have to manipulate the polls. Doesn't add up.

- If you're willing to beli... (Below threshold)

- If you're willing to believe site counters and odometers on used cars you're ready to believe Hillery is a "moderate".....

I guess we could just run w... (Below threshold)

I guess we could just run with speculation here, consider some possibilities...such as:

BillK writes that threads on KOS receive "200 comments" or thereabouts, of which I'm assuming there are several by the same individuals...such that, say, perhaps, reasonably, there may be 10, 20, maybe 50 people writing several comments each, each thread...

Then, considering that, then there are 50 people who frequent KOS and comment there, who are irritated that KOS isn't "winning" and want to tip the voting process so that a site with 50 regulars want to rule the web. Or, something like that.

Just saying...the possibilities include the fact that a handful (50 - to - 100 daily visitors/commentors on threads there represents "a handful" to me) of regulars on KOS' site are driven by the need to be noticed and are intolerant of anyone else's preferences. It's a thought.

Sorry, off topic, I realize... (Below threshold)

Sorry, off topic, I realize, (^^).






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