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Be Careful What You Ask For

College's Decision to Allow Men Irks Women

NEW YORK -- A decision by Wells College (search), which has been all-women since 1868, to begin admitting male students in order to boost enrollment has riled female students.

Many students are threatening to leave the upstate New York college, but two have moved beyond threats and filed a lawsuit that says the decision to enroll men constitutes a breach of contract and fraud.

Note to the women involved... TSBFY

After decades of "liberated" women suing every men's only organization for inclusion (including the Boy Scouts) you now want to whine when men enter a female university? Get over it.


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Comments (16)

You have an " at the end of... (Below threshold)

You have an " at the end of the link... makes it dead.

Well there go all those col... (Below threshold)

Well there go all those collaborative courses where everyone helps everyone else and everyone gets an A.

Dang if boys don't just ruin everything!

TSBFY? I thought I knew ev... (Below threshold)

TSBFY? I thought I knew everything, but I don't know this one. Google doesn't help either. Anyone care to enlighten me? If it's obscene, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks.

I'm guessing TS = Tough Sh*... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing TS = Tough Sh*t

Google search for BFY = Boo F*ing Ya, an extension of Booya

That last part doesn't make a lot if sense, so it must be something else. I think I'm on the right track however.

How about Tough Sh*t, Bad for You?

Tough S**t But F**k You... (Below threshold)

Tough S**t But F**k You

WOW- I guess it was popular... (Below threshold)

WOW- I guess it was popular pre-google. (Ok I'm old.)

Chad was close.

The B can stand for "Buddy" if it is a guy and well... you an extrapolate.

Why would anyone expect any... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone expect anything other than hypocrisy from the left?

Gentlemen:It will ... (Below threshold)


It will be over when Gloria Allred represents us in a suit to allow us to join a women-only gym.

But I'm not holding my breath.

"Equal" means equal. Get over it, girls.

Oh, but didn't you know, be... (Below threshold)

Oh, but didn't you know, because men "oppressed" women for so long, we should let them join all of our clubs and never even THINK about wanting in theirs. YEAH RIGHT! The title says it all, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!

A local woman recently forc... (Below threshold)

A local woman recently forced her way into the Elks club. I don't think she involved lawyers, but did go straight to the papers. Since she was already allowed in the club and they do have a women's auxiliary, I don't really see the point. She managed to alienate every member of the club she wanted to be a part of.

It did make me think about going down to the Lady of America gym... but it's a small town and for some reason people think men seeking equality are just assholes. I learned that after asking the clerk in a City office to remove a sexist cartoon. I explained in a professional manner that if it was a joke about a female, she would feel differently. I addded that it was not on display in HER office, but in a public reception area where people conduct official business. Oh well, I suppose they CAN have their cake and eat it too. (In the case of the school, maybe its pie..)

" . . . two have moved beyo... (Below threshold)

" . . . two have moved beyond threats and filed a lawsuit that says the decision to enroll men constitutes a breach of contract and fraud."

Settle out of court. Offer 'em a free year at VMI.

HA! Exactly what we needed.... (Below threshold)

HA! Exactly what we needed. Oh, let me into your all-boys college because I diserve equal rights. THey can file a lawsuit all they want, they have no leg to stand on.

Hey, lots of chicks have be... (Below threshold)

Hey, lots of chicks have been objecting to the "sue your way into every male institution" all along, for just this kind of reason. Let the boys have their clubs, the girls can keep theirs -- just keep it out of the job marketplace and we're all happy!!!

Damned feminist bitches ruin everything, don't they?

Jennifer:I figured... (Below threshold)


I figured *that* out in the early 70's, when I discovered that feminists didn't generally seem to have a sense of humor about the human condition (or anything else, for that matter).

This stuff is far too important to be taken seriously.

I guess the main difference... (Below threshold)

I guess the main difference between feminists suing their way into men's only organizations and this is that the college administration *wants* males.

So some feminists are getti... (Below threshold)

So some feminists are getting up in arms because people are actually making them do what they say. What else is new?






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