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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ produced a variety of interesting entries. In choosing winners I went with those who followed the caption road less traveled, so to speak. Due to a weekend emergency, discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere, I was unable to get this posted until now.

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

Toyota Motor Corp. (news - web sites)'s new concept vehicle i-unit is driven in during its unveiling performance in Tokyo Friday, Dec. 3, 2004. The one-seater i-unit that resembled a wheelchair, designed to help people get around, will be displayed at an exposition in Aichi, central Japan, next year. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

1) (Rodney Dill) - "The Vagina Travelogues"

2) (spacemonkey) - "Moments later the prototype v-car was front-ended by the oscar mayer weiner mobile, repeatedly."

3) (Eric) - "Chelsea Clinton: Maybe this will finally get daddy's attention."

Honorable Mention

4) (Uncle Mikey) - "Keoki Masahashi, come on down! You're the next contestant on Elephant Diarrhea Roulette!"

5) (Amicus Curiae) - "The royal penis is clean your highness!"

6) (J.P.) - "Not pictured: the lion and the wardrobe."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (4)

Thank you, thank you.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Thank you, thank you.

To quote A Chirstmas Story
It's a major award!

(Which should've been a caption entry as well)

Rodney, do I get a percenta... (Below threshold)

Rodney, do I get a percentage of the prize? I knew I should've copyrighted that train of thought.... Congrats!

Actually, I laughed harder at Doris and the Elephant Diarrhea.....

I laughed at that too.... (Below threshold)

I laughed at that too.

And I sort of like Spacemon... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

And I sort of like Spacemonkey's, I hadn't really seen it until the winners were posted.

OneDrummer, you can have 10% of what I won, nyuck, nyuck.






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