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Your Corespondent At The Billboard Music Awards

I've got the camera phone at the ready. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Anna Nicole Smith, and Tara Reid are all expected to be in attendance. What could go wrong (for them)?


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Comments (7)

Kevin, you need to start br... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you need to start bringing your loyal readers and fellow bloggers on these little trips with you. I'll make the sacrifice and be the first to go.

let's see... (in this order... (Below threshold)

let's see... (in this order)sex, drugs, rock and roll, alcohol and a little bare breastie.....how many rolls of film do you have?
You may actually be able to retire early on the commission from the pics!

I'm rooting for a wardrobe ... (Below threshold)

I'm rooting for a wardrobe malfunction. Or a public psychotic break.

The good news is that, with... (Below threshold)

The good news is that, with Kevin there, at least one pair of underwear will be present...

We hope.

Kevin is doing his thing.<b... (Below threshold)

Kevin is doing his thing.
Soon I bet he's gonna come out with a line of handbags.

Not to sound like a "stick ... (Below threshold)

Not to sound like a "stick in the mud", but, if I want to see brainless tarts I can just rent a porn!

I wouldn't attend an NBA ga... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't attend an NBA game or a music awards show without a helmet and body armor.






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