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Everything you ever wanted to know about Hillary in 2008

Peggy Noonan says everything that needs to be said about Hillary 2008. Noonan gets every point right. If you have not read her today and you want to see the future in technicolor, here it is.

So when 2006 rolls around, don't act all surprised and stuff. It has been obvious since she declared for Senator. Noonan just puts it all down on paper.


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Comments (6)

Right on! P.S. Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

Right on! P.S. Thanks for introducing me to so many great blogs via the awards. Everyone's a winner. Yay!

Noonan nailed it and your d... (Below threshold)

Noonan nailed it and your description is impeccable.

How about her line here?,

"When she speaks in a large hall she shouts and it is shrill; she sounds like some boomer wife from hell who's unpacking the grocery bags and telling you that you forgot not just the mayo but the mustard."

Great blog guys!

You're to be commended for the Weblog Awards. Paticularly how you foiled the trolls.

You guys saw that picture c... (Below threshold)

You guys saw that picture circulating around with Hillary and the soldier shaking hands? Great stuff.

Noonan is right, unfortunat... (Below threshold)

Noonan is right, unfortunately. What a bore to go through Cllinton-deja-vu-all-over-again. It's like the first Terminator movie, the horrible machine monster just wouldn't stay dead. But it will be overcome in the end. (I'm not suggesting that Arnold as the "good robot" in Terminator II should run as her opponent in 2008, although he could probably win against her. Meddling with the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run for the office of president is just too dangerous and opens the door to future bids by the likes of Soros.)

I found this unbelievable chameleon-quote by Bernard Weiner, Ph.D., showing Hillary's Talking Points has already reached the operatives: here (a rabidly anti-Bush, anti-conservative site).

"…New Phase" [new strategy after the lost election of 2004]

"As authentic "conservatives," we progressives steadfastly endorse the principles enunciated in the Preamble to our Constitution…."


I don't care how she positi... (Below threshold)

I don't care how she positions herself to look. There is no way in HELL that I will vote for her, I've seen her true colors already.

Is anyone surprised that Hi... (Below threshold)

Is anyone surprised that Hillary is moving to the right in her hopes of capturing the White House? But it's a mistake, because as shown in a previous posting the MoveOn crowd practically own the party and they will not stand for a center-right candidate for president, even if it's a Clinton. The only way that b*tch will sit in the Oval Office is if the GOP run a jerk as their candidate. The White House is still the Republican Party's to lose.






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